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Chaotic Temptation

Random sketch that turned into this! Loving the chance to draw Derpy more often (but I really need to learn to draw Discord again. :'D)
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This was clearly going to end in madness even before Justice3442 got his hands on it.
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Outcasts like us stick together, Derpy. 
That's why we're the best...
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She bites into it and realizes it's a cupcake in disguise.
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:icondawwwwplz:-I forgive Dizzy for siding with Tirek after being so nice to Derpy.
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i think he looks good to me
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I can´t know if he is being good or bad. I love intrigue :la:
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Heh, very good one.
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Discord if anything happens to her, i'm gonna do stuff to ya man, and you wont like it.
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can't tell if sincere or if cupcake is poisoned
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BEautiful work.
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Oh my gosh Orla! <3
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The expressions on these characters are absolutely amazing~ I especially love the way he uses his tail, it looks so natural.
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Dawwwwwww!! That's so adorable and sweet of Discord! ^^
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That looks so adorable :D
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