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Chaos At Work

Hehe, thought I'd give this guy another try! c:
Definitely not the best, but I'm pleasure with result!

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D3pressedR4inbow's avatar
Look at those massive ears! AWESOME! 
theyoungestbrony's avatar
Ha! He looks like the cutest thing trying to be terrifying!
Redheart80's avatar
i adore your art!! Keep up your amazing work!I am a dummy! Heart 
dracon2002's avatar
"Oh look, a penny!" :D
Lionroo's avatar
All of your Discord(s) are amazingly awesome.
Clandestein's avatar
I think this would make a fabulous t-shirt design!
DrunkenDragonDirge's avatar
I'm not sure if this is how you walk like an egyptian, but he certainly knows how to yoga... Lovely image though.
NekonaHisaki's avatar
Haha, this made me giggle! Great Discord!
ArthurCrane's avatar
Reminds me of Runt from Animaniacs
Angwilwileth's avatar
I like your style. Reminds me of the old Loony Toons. :D
SamCyberCat's avatar
Really liking the pose! :D
Digoraccoon's avatar
Ouch, that looks a bit painful, even for chaos. :D
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Not pain!

Mr-Scarlet-Nokitsune's avatar
Can't wait for the new episode with him in it. :eager:
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Gaaah, I'm all the sudden hearin' now there's gonna be a new episode with him, soooo excited mahself, haha! <3
Skunk-Spunk's avatar
Freaking awesome X3
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Hehe, thank yoouu Skuuuunk! <3
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