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Yet another case of I had NO idea what I was trying to go for. 
... At least, I think I was simply playing around with bright colors while finishing this up.
(And I suddenly remembered Spike had his own pet for a while, so I suppose inspiration struck. <3)
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Spike's never looked cuter! Same with Pewee! Wish they kept him around!
Generalobiwankenobi7's avatar
I know. I've seen the episode. I just wish he was in more with Spike.
LivingOnLaughs's avatar
Same. Maybe in Season 9
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Cute anda dorebale work
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
Everybrony say "aww" :aww:
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I still wish Peewee is still around.
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Pee Wee was the only good thign about Dragon Quest, and Just For Sidekicks completely undeed that.  Removing a cool idea aside, it bothers me immensely that the yset up something like that yet do absolutely nothing with it!
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D'aaaww!!! Adorable!!! :la: :la: :la:
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Awww.... I think we miss that baby pheonix.

Well, the beginning of "Just for Sidekicks" (season 3) show us he is with his family now. I hope Spike will get another pet someday.

Wonderful work
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So adorable ! <3
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too bad Peewee apparently died between seasons 1 and 2
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So adorable~ I just love the lighting <3
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Wow, this is a weird shipping. :O
TheDoggyGal's avatar
Isn't intended to be a ship picture, haha! More so a nice moment between owner and pet. :)
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Oh! Now I see!
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These two are adorable!
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Hmmm... this looks like a nice spot to start my drug dealing career *starts selling insulin packages*
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Obligatory HNNNNNNNNG.
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