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Bouncin' Buds

By TheDoggyGal
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'Bout time I went ahead and did the next one of these. :)

Tigger and Pinkie Pie for this one! For... probably obvious reasons. ^^

Roo and Dash:…
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This reminds me of Pooh's Adventures!
WLGVP's avatar
A.A. Milne never saw this coming…
Swarley180's avatar
the best bouncing buddies.  
Shabb3r's avatar
Match made in Disney/Hasbro crossover heaven.
101boy's avatar
nice cross over dream team,cute too^^
FlutterDash5553's avatar
Two(or three) words about these two: Fluffy/Bouncy Tails! This is why I also think these two make a great pair.
Gemmygod's avatar
They make a great team!
BulbaFriend's avatar
Pooh Bear would be a good friend to Pinkie, both like their sweets!
KrazyKari's avatar
I can imagine these two making amazing friends! Heart 
Mystery30579's avatar
My dreams came true!!!!! :D
Quillamore's avatar
Seeing Pinkie doing the Tigger bounce with her tail would be so cute!
Vorefan0077's avatar
The Multi-verse is doomed.
MLPGIRL10910's avatar
Keen-Blade's avatar
Those two would get along great!
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theMarzhan's avatar
i cant favorite this enough! too cute~
SketchAPony's avatar
Tigger and Pinkiepie? I think my brain just exploded.Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
alex674's avatar
Soooooo goddamn adorable!!!!! :iconhappytearsplz:
BENART12's avatar
omg just thought of this Rabbit and Apple jack
Twilight and Owl
Fluttershy and piglet
Kanga and Rarity
Pooh and spike???
bloatenator's avatar
Tigger! I love that bouncing master!
another5naffan's avatar
my childhood is complete *squeaky toy sound* Mangle icon f2u 
Pinkster7's avatar
ovma's avatar
tigger is right in the childhood
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