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here is the Husscarl, a new unit for the Godleif Clan from the boardgame Clash of Rage (Euphoria Games). A huge guardian, a "you shall not pass" guy :)
Hope you'll like it !
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Very Cool......And I don't say that just because my name is Carl.
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Fantastic! I love how you've treated all the materials here. The colours are wonderful, too. Do you do a few colour comps before you start painting the final?
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Thanks a lot !
Well, I usually draw one quick color sketch before starting the final.
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There's an iPad app for this game called Lost Empire: Clash of Rage.  Never played the board game, but the app's fun.
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Well, actually, that's not the same game and the same company...
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Fabulous character!! :clap:
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Looks a bit Bugbearish (D&D/Pathfinder/Etc). I'm not familiar with Clash of Rage, but its a pretty awesome image. 
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Thank you !
Well, Clash of Rage is an upcoming boardgame ; probably soon available on Kickstarter.
You can see more here :…
Bye !
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Neat! I'll be keeping an eye out for that Kickstarter. I like the art-style and broad, stompy creatures in general.
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wow!!!!  te salió increíble!!!!
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