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Published: September 23, 2018
i want to draw so bad but when i do, i lose motivation immediately so i stop drawing or trudge through it even when I dont want to.
honestly i just dont have enough motivation to do anything and thats been going on for about a year. ive barely been able to finish everything i start no matter how badly i may want to do it. most things are just sitting somewhere unfinished. its not just with art but kinda with everything else too? like oh boy i want to get this homework done and all my chores but i have 0 motivation so oh well. then it piles up until im forced to do it all so i die from stress if the pile gets too big.

on top of all of this i actually hate my art style. im never satisfied with the finished outcome and i just view all my art as finished projects. my art style is not fun but i dont have some sort of backup style i can lean on right now. the only thing i can do is continue with my style and let it slowly change. it sucks because art is the only thing that keeps me occupied so almost every day for a whole year ive just been trying to draw

art is not fun anymore. i want to feel that satisfaction again, but i havent for a long time. i dont know what to do. ill just go watch tv all day i guess. i dont know how much ill be posting here anymore but probably not regularly until i get this situation fixed. yup. oof. the most art i do nowadays is attempted school sketches i end up hating and probably scribbling over in intense frustration and hatred.

this was meant to just inform i wont be posting much but i got so carried away hahA :,)
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Ah, I went into a hate-my-art slump lately... It's not fun! :(

I've got some tips on getting stuff done:
- Focusing on one thing at a time really helps with getting stuff done. Work out what you need/want to get done today, put it in a (realistic) schedule, and keep to it.
- I found this vid on motivation pretty helpful (though I don't do morning runs): www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvesT1…
- On art motivation specifically: Emptying out your WIP folder* will help things feel like progress.

With my recent hate-my-art bout, I took a month or so off art so that I could get other chores done, and that helped a lot. I think I'd been spending too much time and mental energy on art, and the payoff (especially as a hobby artist who can't sell commissions) was not worth that much of my time, and that turned into resentment. So I stopped for a while and got more DIY done, and found out that I only needed to lift weights a little bit every few days to see a big change in weeks**, and I'm feeling better about approaching art stuff now! :)

I like your art. If you want to get your style feeling better, one way to speed that up is to find other pics you like and copy/trace or do fanart (you don't need to post the practice stuff, it's just to help on proportions and such). I think you're leaning towards a Disney-esque style, and that one's always a good cartoon style to refer to since it's so popular and extensive, but you could try a bunch just to get a feel for different styles. Eventually what you like will click together! :)

Hope some of that helps, good luck!

* Compile stuff you'll never finish into a sketch dump or just put it straight in your done-with folder/delete it, then make yourself focus on finishing pics before you start new stuff at least half the time. Otherwise everything will clog up the WIP folder of your PC and of your mind and it'll feel like you're going nowhere!
** It's cool how quick the human body improves from a tiny bit of input, but you don't need to think about exercise-related stuff if you don't want to! It was just on my personal to-do list.
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TheDixieTrailHobbyist Digital Artist
oh wow, thank you for all this information and it makes me really happy you like my art!!
ill take this information into consideration and hope ill see some improvement ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
I believe in you! :) Best of luck beating this bump in the road!