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This is the longest essay on Marilyn I have EVER written. I should have said this earlier, but every comment in this journal will be featured as I encourage critiques and compliments. With that in mind, let's start this. 

Marilyn: Hebrew name, variant of Mary; star of the sea, wished-for child, rebellion.

I've had many stories written long before I joined deviantART. They were incredibly crappy stories, but they were stories nonetheless. Some of them had preschool characters in dark situations, some had plots that made no sense, some had Cirque du Soleil in the title and yet they barely had any circus acts. Overtime I got better at coming up with stories from watching really good films and studying them instead of normally crappy ones. Since throughout 2015, I was able to start coming up with better stories and write decently.

As you know, I've been drafting the story for "The Last Celt" since 2014, only having started the screenplay (Still writing.) mid 2015, and I've been trying to incorporate as many elements from the Marilyn lore as I could find because I didn't want to stray away. When I first found Marilyn in late 2013, I was still creating a good style and learning to write better stories. At first sight, I knew that I wanted to make a film of the character, so as soon as possible, I started to come up with a story involving her being a Celt... and pardon the pun, but it sucked. Hard. So, naturally, I kept drafting for a long time. Some of the drafts involved Keenu Hale ( :iconexkhale: )'s Lizbeth and Animated Amateurs and the Tomm Moore films, some some involved a remake of Edward Scissorhands (Which at that point I realized it should never never EVER happen.), some involved self proclaimed cursing and hexing, and some involved Marilyn immediately starting with the crime fighting business. They were starting to get better story-wise, but it still didn't have enough of the Marilyn lore.

See, back when my screen story was new, I saw that the story was like Dracula and decided to make it based in part on/a continuation of that. But overtime, I had understood more of the world of Marilyn through Ken's artwork, so in late 2015, I set myself on the main goal: the story/screenplay had to be close to the Marilyn story as much as humanly possible while blending with the mythos of Dracula. That and I wanted adults and kids to be able to watch it together. So, I decided to heavily consult my friend, Marilyn creator Kenneth Anderson ( :iconnerdsman567: ) about "The Last Celt" with a few pieces of info about what's going into it and what else would be good to put in. I started digging into the Marilyn archives to find as many elements I could, and anything from it that I wanted to put in, I asked Ken about it. Turns out, I was able to combine Ken's original ideas with mine while using motifs and themes from Dracula and hopefully someday, the final story might be the closest to the Marilyn mythos.

Up until today, I've been doing it all through notes because I just didn't really want anyone but Ken and I to know the story/plot. Yet. Welp, today's the day I tell you all. 

Lo and behold, the most comprehensive and detailed screen story I have ever written!

Current Plot (Not the Final Plot) 

The film opens with the following text: 

The film you are about to see is an adaptation of Kenneth Anderson’s Marilyn lore and a continuation of the Dracula story. 

While several historic and artistic licenses have been taken, we have worked for years to ensure that this film is true to the spirit and the essence of the original Marilyn lore as much as possible. 

The original drawings with their descriptions can be found on Kenneth Anderson's official deviantART page.


July 1981 - February 1983 

In the early 1980’s, Clarissa (Emily Watson) and Aaron Shine (Tom Kenny), and their 4-year-old daughter Marilyn (Tara Strong), immigrate from Ireland to the United States along with 100 others. They find a home in Urbington (A city in Transylvania County, North Carolina.), and Marilyn laments her old life in Ireland. Soon, Marilyn starts preschool, where she meets Nathan Nomad (Atticus Schaffer) and gets a deja-vu. She also meets her grandfather and town loved scientist Oliver Glaze (Gary Oldman) for the first time. They become best friends, but Oliver dies before Marilyn is 7. A jerkish minister from one of the churches her parents used to go to tells them that Oliver had been damned as they believe he commited suicide. Distraught and fed up with him and his prickness, Marilyn and her parents leave and she is soon sent into a sort of depression. Clarissa receives a package in the mail from her aunt Darlauc "Dana" (Eva Green) and uncle Nosferatus "Nick" (John Ratenzberger), containing a “drink mix.” Minutes after finishing her punch, Marilyn turns into a vampire, leaving her in intrigue, confusion and joy. What happens next is left ambiguous. All of this is accompanied by a 6-minute opening song in Loxian, sung by Phil Collins (“The Ballad of Marilyn Shine*.”). 

Act I 

January 31, 1985 - Wednesday 

Marilyn is bummed about being a ballerina in Urbington Elementary School’s upcoming ballet, since she doesn’t know anything about ballet. While on her way to her first class, Marilyn and her friends Tuesday van Dour (Whom she refers to as “big sister (Melissa Fahn).”), Emma Bore (Elan Garfias) and Susie Feeble (Daveigh Chase) are all unenthusiastic about the upcoming production (“Kids These Days*.”). Meanwhile, Dana and Nick send themselves, Gerald (Keanu Reeves) and Scarlet Glaze (Eva Green) to Urbington for a year and a half, to study the American lifestyle. They also must bring their daughter Madilyn (Ruby Barnhill) because, obviously, she can't stay home alone in London for a whole year. 

On the ballet’s opening night, Marilyn and the other dancers give clumsy performances, but she is blamed for the ballet becoming a wreck, notably by Malinda Doe (Jackie Buscarino). Marilyn’s parents come back stage to pick her up, culminating in the exposure of her vampiric abilities in an emotional outburst. Still in a fit of rage, she runs off into The Yearning Woods, where she weeps alone (“Marilyn’s Lament*.”). Eventually, her companions Shadow (Eddie Murphy) and Razor (Tom Waits), whom she both turned in ’84, meet up with her (Shadow always stuffs Razor in his mouth so he can travel. He once found it bothersome, but he’s used to it now.). 

They find a wisp that leads them into caverns under a waterfall, where they stumble across a giant named Meek (Alan Oppenheimer or David Ogden Steirs), who was a friend of Oliver for many years. Meek introduces himself to Marilyn, who is told that she is 1. The last of the Celts and 2. Dracula. Marilyn finds it hard to believe and Shadow and Razor question Meek, but he tells Marilyn he can teach her how to control her powers in an afterworld named Golothia, to which she agrees. They enter Golothia though a skull shaped door and tour on an airship (“Golothian Anthem*.”). 

Back in the real world, the events of the ballet cause Nathan to turn sour towards Malinda and break up with her. That night, Marilyn comes home and her parents comfort her as they reflect on what happened. 

February 1, 1985 - Thursday 

Malinda and her mother, Leann (Sadie Frost), are holding a birthday party for the latter. There, Malinda is introduced to her mom’s high school friends, Edward Seward (A doctor for the Transylvania County Hospital (Richard E. Grant).), Gary Holmwood (Arthur Holmwood’s grandson (Cary Elwes).) and Campbell Morris (A former Texas ranger (Billy Campbell).) (“High School Sweethearts*.”). Meanwhile, Marilyn explains to her parents what Golothia was like while Dana and the Glazes are packing their suitcases, imagining what America will be like (“World Unlike Ours*.”). 

February 7, 1985 - Thursday 

Edward’s patient, Sheldon Walker (Tom Waits), foretells of strange events that will happen in the coming year and his “Master,” but Edward dismisses the words (“Beware*.”) As a storm brews, Dana and the Glazes are having trouble sailing to America, a wolf pack escapes the Yearning Woods and a man in shadow attacks Leann as she heads home for the night (“The Storm**.”). 

Act II 

February 8, 1985 - Friday 

Marilyn practices her abilities in Golothia, commenting on how life wasn’t interesting until she became a vampire, again sung by Phil Collins (“Life Undead”). Temp tracks* for the song: The Cure - Just Like Heaven and Phil Collins - Son of Man

As Marilyn and her parents is having dinner with Nathan, Dana, Nick, and the Glazes, she talks about school going a little better for her and questions why Malinda wasn’t at school. 

Edward and the others stop by to see how Leann is doing. Edward suggests calling his mentor and CEO of pharmaceutical company Caligari Industries, Dr. Adrien Caligari (Anthony Hopkins), who Malinda says will be speaking at Urbington Elementary on Monday. Later that evening, Dana and Nick tell Marilyn they know about Golothia and Meek and that they too can teach her how to control her powers (They were born vampires and are good friends with him.). 

February 9, 1985 - Saturday 

Dana, Nick, Marilyn, Madilyn, Tuesday, and Nathan leave the local THX cinema after a screening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Apparently, the film was so popular that customers demanded the film be screened again.). Nathan, Tuesday and Madilyn accidentally become separated from the group and chased by the wolf pack from the Yearning Woods, which starts chasing them to the Woods. Marilyn, Dana and Nick save them and Marilyn successfully calms the wolves down, showing them back to their den. Nathan is surprised and somewhat enchanted that Marilyn is friendly with the pack, while Madilyn and Tuesday are excited that her cousin, aunt and uncle are vampires. 

February 11, 1985 - Monday 

As Caligari and his assistant, William Van Helsing (Tim Burton in his first major voice acting role), are speaking for Marilyn and Nathan’s science class, Marilyn starts feeling off about Caligari (“Civilization and Syphilization*.”). Once he finishes, Malinda tells them about what happened to her mother. Upon their arrival to her house, he immediately drives her to the Transylvania County Hospital for a blood transfusion. 

When Edward and Malinda ask what could possibly have caused such extreme anemia, Caligari and Bill suggest that a supernatural force may have been stalking her. Edward finds it too fantastical to believe, but the two assure him that what you see isn’t always what you get (“What You Cannot Account for*.”). Later, Malinda, worried about her mother, starts to regret having been a jerk to Marilyn for so long (“Malinda’s Lament*.”). 

February 14, 1985 - Thursday 

As she gets better with her powers, Marilyn chats with Meek, Dana, Nick, Shadow and Razor about what she should do for Nathan on Valentine’s Day. Meek blindly suggests that she introduces Nathan to Golothia and she goes for it. Nathan is surprised with Golothia and Marilyn says he’s free to visit anytime. They then hitch a monorail to a steampunk Art Deco city surrounded by majestic mountains, where they enjoy the nightlife and engage in a Gaelic reel (“Dance Montage*.”). 

The two then head to the highest room in the center skyscraper and stop to enjoy the view. Both Marilyn and Nathan seem to recount distant memories, though they seem to have never experienced them. They start to question if they really are in love with each other after being friends for so long (“Deja Vu*.”). 

February 16, 1985 - Saturday 

Nathan visits the nearby hospital to see Caligari, Edward, Gary, and Campbell caring for an ill Malinda (Who came across the shadowy man for the first time.) and Leann, though he feels he’s experienced it before. A tearful Malinda tells him to be with Marilyn and asks him to tell her she’s incredibly sorry for bullying her for years if she dies. One of the hospital staff angers Leann which culminates in the exposure of her and her daughter’s new powers. 

Meanwhile, while having dinner, Marilyn is starting to wonder what all that has happened and all she has done since Oliver had passed was all for (“Original Sin (Marilyn’s Theme)***.”). 

Act III 

February 16, 1985 - Saturday 

That night, Caligari he asks Bill and the other three to guard Leann and Malinda, as they may be hunted by an undead creature. Their efforts are futile however, as the shadowy man seemingly not only kills Leann and Malinda, but also Tuesday (“The Hunt Builds**.”). 

February 22, 1985 - Friday 

The Shine and Glazes, the van Dours, the Nomads, Edward, Gary, and Campbell are in mourning for Leann, Tuesday and Malinda, while a funeral march performed by Enya and Phil Collins is played in the background (“Requiem*.”). Caligari and Bill know that the three are really “undead.” Caligari explains to the others that to give Leann, Tuesday and Malinda’s souls peace, they must cut off their heads and take out their hearts. They are horrified and think that he’s a psycho, and a shocked Marilyn overhears their conversation. 

Caligari and the others spend the night in the tomb where Malinda, Tuesday and Leann are. Caligari forces them into a corner with a crucifix and nearly stakes their hearts, but Marilyn shows up just in time to save them. She gets the three to safety, assisted by Shadow and Razor, but after having a horrible vision of Dracula attacking Lucy (A flashback?), she runs off and the two companions run after. As she runs off, she bumps into a tall man. She is rather baffled and continues onward. 

February 23, 1985 - Saturday 

Back in Golothia, Marilyn tells Meek of her constant visions and she can’t tell if they are distant memories. He then leads her through a thicket of trees and vines. They stop at a cave with a huge blood lake and Meek asks Marilyn to walk on it. She hesitates at first, but does it with ease. The blood acts more like cherry Kool-Aid, so as to not give any disturbing imagery. A hand reaches out from the lake, which Marilyn takes hold of. The hand guides her into the lake and brings her into her own private realm, complete with floating lights. 

She then comes across Oliver, who tells her that she is in fact Dracula and one of the last surviving Celts, thus realizing that Meek was telling the truth. Marilyn asks what the apparition wants and he tells her that she must bring peace between the Dracula and Van Helsing families. Marilyn is at first apprehensive, given that she was, of course, Romania’s greatest warlord. The apparition reminds Marilyn that she is still seen as a hero to the people of Romania and assures her that her loved ones will be with her every step of the way. After the conversation ends, Marilyn appears back at the top of the lake and her attitude and feelings go from shame and fear to peace, confidence and joy ("Marilyn's Revelation****."). 

As she contemplates the message, Meek flicks her over the head. Annoyed, Marilyn asks what he did that for. Meek says that it doesn’t matter because it’s in the past, but though the past may still hurt, one can either run from it or learn from it. He flicks his finger again and Marilyn jumps before she kriks it. Then Meek watches and cheers as Marilyn runs off, announcing that she’s going to tell her family of her realization. 

As the Nomads have dinner with Caligari, he asks Nathan if he tasted Dana and Nick’s blood when he was with them and he says he didn’t. Caligari proclaims they and Marilyn (Being undead.) were responsible for the deaths of Leann, Tuesday and Malinda, just as Nathan catches a glimpse of them at the nearest window. Caligari, Edward, Gary, and Campbell band together to seek out Marilyn, Dana and Nick and kill them. When they enter the TCH, they come across Sheldon, who tells a suspicious and worried Nathan to get away from “the Master”. Fearing Caligari’s intentions are ill, Bill quits as his assistant. Edward, Gary, and Campbell also quit. After securing Nathan in Edward’s private room, Caligari pays a visit to where Dana, Nick and the Glazes are staying (Close to Marilyn’s home.) to exorcise (“We Hunters*.”).

Meanwhile, Marilyn is paying a visit to Nathan. 

As Marilyn and Nathan confess their love, distant memories flood back and they realize he is the reincarnation of Elisabeta/Mina. They forgive each other for all the wrongdoings in their past lives (“Marilyn and Nathan Confess*.”). Suddenly, Caligari bursts in the room, just as Leann, Malinda, Tuesday, Bill, and Madilyn show up. Bill, Madilyn and Nathan try to defend Marilyn, Leann, Tuesday, and Malinda, but Caligari re-attempts to kill Leann and Malinda. Marilyn changes into a white tigress and Tuesday a white wolf and scare him off, saving Malinda and the others. A note is left from “the Master,” telling Marilyn to meet him in Golothia on March 8 if she wants to see Dana and Nick again. Marilyn then begins to tell Malinda and the others of Golothia and the apparition. 

March 1, 1985 - Friday 

Marilyn leads the others – Nathan, Leann, Malinda, Madilyn, Tuesday, Emma, Susie, Shadow, Razor, Bill, Edward, Gary, and Campbell – to the cavern to Golothia and introduces them to Meek. The two then tell their group that “the Master” is on Meek’s airship in Golothia. There, they will take on “the Master” and learn his/her true plans. Marilyn reminds them to keep true to their youthful spirit and have confidence and dignity, as she did when she was Dracula. Over the course of the 7 days, she and Meek train their group for the coming battle (“Battle Anthem*.”). 

March 8, 1985 - Friday 

Marilyn et al arrive at Meek’s airship, but once on board, they are greeted by fierce looking thugs who force them to the control room where they meet the person who is really “the Master...” Caligari. He pulls a large curtain, revealing a giant blood machine and Dana, Nick and Sheldon tied to the machine. It is then he explains his plan: 

Helsing/Caligari’s family had been killing vampires, both good and evil, since the late 1400’s. Because of their immense hatred of the Draculas (Who were alive since then.), Dr. Abraham Van Helsing had destroyed nearly every proof of his existence, including his main castle (No, not Bran Castle.), the paintings of Elisabeta and his few portals he made to Golothia, which Dracula discovered in the mid-1600s through one of his rites and had made peace with long since. To finish his family’s duty by killing the whole Dracula family, Adrien Caligari, whom Helsing reincarnated as, stole the “Perfect Blood (Which Dana and Nick made not only to save the sick and dying that truly wanted to live forever, but for Marilyn, who wanted to be a real vampire since she was 5.)” and made more, using it to turn certain people in Urbington so he could frame the Dracula/Shine/Glaze family for it. Once they were persecuted, he would move on to Golothia and then sell the blood in both worlds as an over-the-counter drug, turning enough people to create tension between the family, the people of Earth and the people of Golothia. The whole world would know that magic and other worlds exist, World War III would start and not only the Dracula family would die, but Golothia would be destroyed. 

As Caligari reveals his plan, he backs Marilyn up to the end of the airship. Caligari looks over her, remarking that this was just the way she looked before she died as Dracula. Caligari pins Marilyn to the floor and just as he is about to stake her, he whispers into her ear that he killed Oliver to use his blood and make more of the “Perfect Blood.” Marilyn then vanishes right as he strikes. She then reappears in a dragon/demon form, choking him to confess the truth to Meek and the others. Fighting immediately breaks out between Marilyn’s team and Caligari’s men. Quick-thinking Marilyn and Nathan find a coal-powered gun and fire it at the power emulator, causing a progressive explosion that kills Caligari’s men. Marilyn and Meek get Dana, Nick and the others and the blood out of the ship safely. Marilyn and Nathan instruct the others to stay on their escape ship while they go to the top to confront Caligari. 

Marilyn, Meek and Caligari meet at the top of the burning airship. As they wield their swords, Caligari tries to intimidate the two, saying God didn’t betray Marilyn as Dracula and instead she betrayed Him. Marilyn strongly disagrees and she and Nathan, having fully regained their memories, remind Caligari of how everything was back in the 1400’s: 

Dracula had a mentor named Chesare. He taught him how to rule a country, fight and serve the cross and was one of his best friends growing up. Chesare, however, grew to despise Dracula’s bride-to-be, Elisabeta. When the vengeful Turkish army invaded his country, Chesare sent him to defend it, but one of the Turks shot an arrow at the castle with false news of Dracula’s death. Chesare did nothing to prevent Elisabeta from flinging herself in to the River Arges. When Dracula returned, Chesare told him that Elisabeta was damned as she commited suicide. Enraged, Dracula renounced God, proclaiming he would rise from his own death to avenge the death of his Bride with all the powers of darkness, leading to a 5 century long cycle of bringing pain upon millions of people (Alive and undead.) and eachother's families. Marilyn now realizes that both she (Dracula.) and Caligari (Chesare.) are both at fault for what they have done not because of religion, but because of a simple thing called hate. 

As he hears this, Caligari disheartens a bit, asking Marilyn and Nathan what to do. They tell him to leave Golothia and Urbington and not return. A saddened Caligari turns enraged, as he slashes Nathan in the stomach, mortally injuring him. Marilyn attacks Caligari and a fierce fight ensues. Caligari manages to knock Marilyn down and leaps at her but, noticing a nearby portal and using a technique she had mastered, she flips him with her legs sending him through the portal and into darkness. Just as the airship explodes, Marilyn gets Nathan to the escape ship and orders Meek to fly to shore. Meanwhile, Caligari barely crawls out of a cave due to his now broken back, only to find he’s lost in the Carpathian Mountains. 

On shore, Marilyn knows that Nathan’s wound is fatal and believes it’s best if he died, but he asks her to turn him, wanting to be with her, to live how she lives. Marilyn hesitates at first, explaining “I love you too much to condemn you.” Just as he dies, Nathan responds “take me away from all this death.” She then drinks from him, then cuts a vein in her right wrist and feeds it to him. He becomes immortal and they both kiss (“The Operatic Finale*.”). 

March 15, 1985 - Friday 

Meek is confronted by a man in shadow (Tom Kenny) who expresses great frustration over the airship’s explosion and reminds him of the nature of their business; he can’t make exceptions for those who fail or cross him, lest he appear weak. Meek insists that he will soon have enough money to pay off his debt, with interest, he just needs more time. The man reluctantly agrees to repair the ship, but warns Meek that if he fails to pay off his debt and explodes the airship again, he will be fired and put on his hitlist. 

March 17, 1985 - Sunday 

Marilyn is given a surprise birthday party from her friends and family at age 9. She knows it will be very hard to convince Caligari to stop this family feud and she'll have to face him again soon, but is confident that she will do so. She also hugs auntie Dana and thanks her for turning her into a vamp. The film closes out with Marilyn and Nathan vine surfing with Phil Collins again singing in Loxian (“The Ballad of Marilyn Shine II*.”). 

*Temp track (Guideline for what the actual song will be.) 
***New lyrics added 
****Instrumental temp track

I know this is not going to be the final plot, so I made a small summary in case it doesn't work in the future. 

Basic Summary (The One That Will Remain in Further Drafts)

Marilyn Shine is a fun and feisty 9-year-old girl with a dark look on life. Set in the mid 1980’s, the saga opens when she becomes a vampire. 2 years later, in 1985, Marilyn meets the mystic and friendly giant Meek, who introduces her to the extraordinary world of Golothia and teaches her how to control and embrace her powers. The estranged doctor and business tycoon Adrien Caligari suddenly comes into Marilyn’s life when trouble begins to strike on her friends. As Marilyn uncovers an elaborate mystery and discovers the truth about herself and her family, she dares to confront Caligari and defend the people she loves most, including Nathan Nomad, the best friend she could ever ask for. 


About having it in the 80's and such: See, not only was the Goth culture getting popular back in the 80's, but Tim Burton was becoming more known to the public and some of the darkest and most beautiful animated films were coming out, so the film will be a tribute to all that. Although it's mainly an adaptation of the Marilyn artwork and a continuation/toned down/1985 update of Dracula, particularly Coppola's Dracula (After all, the title is "Volume I - The Modern Dracula."), some of my favorite films are used for influences.

For example:

1. The Lion King, Tarzan and even Nightmare are used for the dramatic Golothian scenery. I always saw it as a vast afterworld, with various landscapes aplenty and a few towns and cities to match their environments.

2. In Act II, where Marilyn surprises Nathan with Golothia as a Valentine's day gift (Similar to Beauty and the Beast.) halfway through the film, a steampunk Art Deco city in Golothia reminiscent to Burton's Batman will be used in an upgrade to the Absinthe scene, but instead of Absinthe, Marilyn and Nathan join in a reel (Gaelic dance.) and gaze upon the city. The reel part is fast paced and the gaze is slow.

3. There's a scene in Act III where Marilyn finds out she's Dracula reincarnated and it's sort of the "Remember Who You Are/Burning Bush" scene in the film.

4. The climax takes place on a flying ship similar to those in Treasure Planet, and the fight is in a fast paced and brooding tone a la Hunchback, The Lion King and Mulan.

5. As with any Burton-type film (And as we said, we'd really like Burton to be on board.), roller-coaster cinematography is a must. But here, it's a bit different. Throughout the film, the audience gets to know more about the worlds of the films and Marilyn's abilities, so as Marilyn becomes more interactive with her environments, the camera begins to follow her just as in Tarzan, swooping, flying, surfing, and gliding as she does.

6. The film is a Hero's Journey type of story, in the vein of some of the classics like Star Wars and The Lion King. 

One of the things I loved about Disney's Hunchback was that Frollo was more human than any other Disney villain to date, being tormented by his extreme views of religion and lust for Esmeralda. So, unlike most animated films, I want all of the characters to have a sense of humanity.

For example, Marilyn often has flashbacks of her past life as Dracula, even before she realizes that she is Drac reincarnated. Because of this, Marilyn struggles with the beliefs she once had and probably might do something bad in the second film out of three. Maybe she'll turn someone in a fit of rage, I don't know. Nonetheless, it's why I chose Steinman's "Original Sin" as her potential theme song. Its sequence at the end of Act II would be visually similar to the works of Paul and Gaëtan Brizzi, who storyboarded "Hellfire" and directed Asterix Versus Caesar and "The Firebird Suite" from Fantasia 2000. http// The sequence itself won't be scary, but rather dreamlike and surreal. 

Marilyn Shine - Original Sin by TheDisney1901atDA

In the voice meme, Ken described Marilyn having Tara Strong sound like a younger Shareena from Detention, rather akin to Sari Sumdac. Melody from the God-awful sequel to The Little Mermaid actually sounds a bit similar, just give her more spunk and you've got Sari. 

Here's Tara singing as Melody. Despite the songwriter's inability to write, she sings great, maybe enough to belt out a big number at the right pitch. So concludes why Tara Strong should voice Marilyn. 


Speaking of big numbers, Danny Elfman, Phil Collins, Enya, Jim Steinman, and Moya Brennan will compose the songs and score. Elfman, Collins and Steinman will pen the lyrics with Roma Ryan and Curtis R.X. All of the lyrics Marilyn sings will be written by Steinman. Wojciech Kilar (RIP)'s themes from Coppola's Dracula will also be used throughout the film. Jim Steinman reuses songs and lyrics from time to time, so it's possible that some of his earlier works could be used along with totally new songs.

Most of the songs will range around 4-5 minutes. The big numbers will be 7-9. 

Original Sin: The tendency to sin natural in all human beings; the doctrine that the sins of the forefathers lead to punishment of their descendants; a new sin; a song written and composed by Jim Steinman.

Although Jim Steinman's Original Sin isn't really popular, a common misbelief about the song is that it's about looking for an ultimate evil. From what I was able to gather about the song, its protagonist wants to do something new, sin or not (You might have heard the term "Sinfully Good," when something good isn't bad until taken to the extreme.), but no matter how many things they've done, the moment never lasts long, because the high eventually wears off and they're left with a simple memory. They'll be looking for something bigger until they've done everything that there is to do. It's also that they have a few bad memories.

Onto Marilyn, she is of course "the mischievous little girl who's no more than 9," probably having done a few bad things from time to time (Most of the time, she doesn't want to harm anyone.). Marilyn's been a Goth since about 1982, but she may not have started doing mischief until after Oliver passed. Maybe she does them to hide her grief for Oliver. Either way, the moment doesn't last and she keeps looking for something bigger. At the end of Act II, Marilyn reflects on all of this and the events of the film, and wonders if she should keep going with her gig.

Both the protagonist of "Original Sin" and Marilyn question the idea of sinning, and her problem is a necessary piece of her character development throughout the film.

I've wanted to make many films in the past, and I still do, but this is the first film I actually started writing the screenplay and a detailed story for. I know I'm gonna have to write future drafts, but for what it's worth, I'm pretty proud of the new plot and I hope it helps me with writing the screenplay in the future.

So, what are your thoughts? Anything else you think I should add? Tell me in the comments and I'll see what I can do. 

Thank you all, happy birthday to Marilyn and Juan and happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

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By the way, Ralphie. i've been interested about this journal. But i have two questions:

Who killed Tuesday, Leann and Malinda? Is it Calagari or Sheldon? Explain what happened earlier.
Who is Bill? Was it Sheldon Walker's nickname?
TheDisney1901atDA Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Student Filmographer
I did a while ago. Seems like an interesting book series. 

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