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The Mane Issue

This is why i'll never even try to make a comic.

I don't usually make anything even remotely related to recent episodes but i liked her too much to pass =P

As always, i hope you'll enjoy this vector :)

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thediscorded i guess she has a HAIR-raising situation on her hoofs
thediscorded's avatar
Indeed, that's a very tangled situation
Envirotech's avatar
XD yesh!!   hehehe oh the puns ^_^  quite nice art!
thediscorded's avatar
Thanks :) glad you like it! :D
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This deviation contains more puns than I can physically handle.
thediscorded's avatar
Then we could say that this was your....pun-ishment!
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:iconrarityitisonplz: :iconsays3plz: The WORST moment of my fashion career!



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Trixie approves, she did something similar to Rarity.
DeJiKo07's avatar
LOL!!! Poor Mane-iac, the weed killer really took the mane outta her! :)
ABronyAccount's avatar
What a hair-raising mistake!
TailsandSpike4EX's avatar
No, man. Just...just quit with the puns. They were funny at first, but now they're a little corny.
ABronyAccount's avatar
Your complaint may have the kernel of truth, but I'll have to be cobstopped before I quit punning!
TailsandSpike4EX's avatar
Ok, those were PRETTY funny. It's just that there are good puns, & there are corny ones. I like a good pun or more,but corny puns take a little while for me to adjust to.
labba94's avatar
The pun... it kills me! =D But congratulations, a very very nice vector! ^_^ If only I knew how to do them... they're my dream =(
thediscorded's avatar
Unfortunately, i can't resist puns not matter what =P I'm glad you like the vector, coming from you it's a huge compliment :) and if you seriousdly would like to learn, i'd be glad to help you as i can :)
thediscorded's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! :D
tetrisman64's avatar
Not a problem mate!
MoppyPuppy's avatar
But her mane isn't foliage?
thediscorded's avatar
If it was, that joke would have been a bit too obvious, no? =P
Tom-Addo's avatar
A pun worthy of a fav.Love 
thediscorded's avatar
I'm glad you liked it! :D
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