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Something unexpected

By thediscorded
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She has gone insaiyan!

As i said in my recent journal post, i worked on this while taking breaks from my studies for my final exams so it took a while...also, i tried a new style for shading and that didn't help either as didn't the fact that apparently i can't draw auras so i had to improvise =P

So yeah, ponies and dragonball. Before anyone asks, she is supposed to be Broly one of the villains in the movies [link] and also my favourite mary sue ever =P

Big thanks to :iconpirill-poveniy: :iconyanoda: and all the other VIs from the :iconmlp-vectorclub: for their critiques and suggestions :)

As always, i hope you will enjoy this one

I'll upload the source file as soon as i find some time to clean it up and organize things so that your eyes will not bleed =P

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Is this Surprise from G1? Beacuse I see she hans wings.
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Yes, that was Surprise :)
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la leggenda del super ...pinkie....wat...........
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Surprise mi ha sempre dato l'idea di essere una versione super saiyan di pinkie =P
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indovina un pò......SORPRESA!!!!!! ..ok faceva cagare! vado a buttarmi da un ponte! ADDIOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo................"pluf"
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Beh, per essere titolo fa riferimento a quello :P ( "qualcosa di inaspettato" ) ma nessuno ci è mai arrivato
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Hehe già, complimenti :D
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yyes!! e poi broly è in assoluto il mio personaggio preferito! cattivo, buono, pazzo o melone! 
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Ah sì, vale lo stesso anche per me :)
Dude, this is EPIC! I LOVE IT!!!!
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Thanks!! :D I'm really happy you like it :)
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"We're completely fucked, aren't we?"
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You'd better run as fast as you can =P
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"So why are we being so calm about it?"

*Runs away screaming and flailing his arms*
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And now you better prepare to run because it isn't going to be pretty =P
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My 2 favorite shows, Brilliant-- ON THE OTHER HAND/HOOF RUUUUUUUNNN!!!! WE'RE DOOMED!!! :BombingEscape: 
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That`s it we are doom
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