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Slip and slide

By thediscorded
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As promised, here is the second of my little bunch of random drawings...actually, this is the third i worked on but i couldn't resist uploading it now =P it's pretty much as random as you can get but it was actually fun to work on so there you go :D

As always, i hope you'll like it! :D

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Applejack (Absolutely not!) -Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1  "Where'd all mah' apples go?! Ahn' curse these bananas! They're everywhere!" Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 "At least they're better than dem' oranges we had before!"  Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2 - Applebloom (what!) plz 

Applejack (hmm...) plz Applejack (angry) plz - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1  "Ah', ya' got me there. Der' still troublesome though." Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 "Weeell, ah' mean it probably was an accident; somepony musta' dropped em' er'."Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2-  MLP Apple Bloom (Cute Smile) Plz 
   Applebloom (nothing) plz -Thought bubble (1of2 - Left side) - Icon GIF Those delicious mistaken' underrated bananas....Thought bubble (2of2 - Right side) - Icon GIF   

Applejack (say what) plz - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1  "Maybe ya' right bout' that,"Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

applejack (of course) plzSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1"But, are ya' alright der', sugarcube?"Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 "Yeah ah'm fine; just thinkin' bout' how tasty bananas are."Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2-  Applebloom (happy) plz 

Applejack (is true) plz  - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 "Well alright, just make sure ya'-" Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Applejack (What are you talking about) plz - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 "Wait.. thinkin' bout' what now..?" Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 "Oh, uhhh, nothin'!" Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2 - Disgusting Applebloom MLP Apple Bloom (Worried) Plz 
 MLP Apple Bloom (Hnnng) Plz  -Thought bubble (1of2 - Left side) - Icon GIF Dangit Apple Bloom, ya' did it again...!Thought bubble (2of2 - Right side) - Icon GIF 


Applejack Shouting! Applejack (what the hell) plz  - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 "Aw, Apple Bloom! Ya' needa quite doin' that! How many times do ah' gotta tell ya' ta' tell the tru-"Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 


Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 *burps loudly* Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 -   AppleBloom 

Unamused Applejack plz  - Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 " . . . . . . . " Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2  

MLP Applejack (Facehat) Plz  - Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1 *sighs* Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2   Thought bubble (1of2 - Left side) - Icon GIFWe're doomed...Thought bubble (2of2 - Right side) - Icon GIF  
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Well, what did she expect when she walked in there? She's a cartoon character, after all.
Deadpone's avatar
This is why she prefers apples. =P
karkovice1's avatar
:iconapplejackreally: :iconsays3plz: Yep! Celestia's been through here all right...

thediscorded's avatar
See? They're not all on the moon! :D
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"It would have not happened if they were apples."

Beautiful work
thediscorded's avatar
Indeed, apples never betray Apples! =P

Glad you liked it! :D
cajobif's avatar
My pleasure

That would be weird to slide on apple skin. It's where the vitamins are. But be aware that is also where most of pesticides reside.
jyroman53's avatar
Moar like Slip fieldd !
thediscorded's avatar
CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
This is worse than a minefield! =P (Razz)
thediscorded's avatar
Bananas truly are terrifying!
CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
My friend agrees. In the good way. Ish.
thediscorded's avatar
I don't think she'd like that =P
Cjbronyten's avatar
I think this is why Applejack prefers apples over bananas
thediscorded's avatar
That's for sure! :D
FoxMarcello's avatar
"Ah TOLD y'all them bananas was up to somethin'!"
thediscorded's avatar
Apples are the only kind of fruit you can trust!
FoxMarcello's avatar
The peaches mean well, but they're rather clumsy.
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Discord's personal brand of mine fields. Happy Discord Gala icon 
thediscorded's avatar
Yes, i bet he would make them explode tho =P
EverlastingJoy's avatar
In confetti probably.
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