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SPActacular work

That background was the most important tool

This episode made it a little bit difficult for me to find something i'd feel ok drawing so i took the chance to try to work with angles a bit

As always i hope you'll like it :D

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I fell asleep during that episode!
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What do u spect from a spa episode xD U got relaxed
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I know I fell asleep!
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Rarity is my favorite part of this.

When I first saw this, I had thought the thing Rarity was levitating was a kendama.
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See this is why I love the fandom though.

As the episodes keep getting worse and worse to the point I am amazed anyone is watching, the Art still comes out strong and looking really good.

Love being a part of a fandom of a show many people have stopped watching :D Because this fandom is great!
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Well, while i didn't exactly like this episode in particular, i still do like most episodes or i don't think i'd be watching the show at all, my drive to draw comes both from the fandom and the show. Maybe i'm just easily entertained =P

Still, i'm glad you liked this piece and that you at least still enjoy the fandom! :D
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Oh I am still a avid die hard fan of Season 1-5 :D

Got those eps and the fandom's work to enjoy, which is great :)

Newbie Dash just, was to far for me and my best pony. So I feel better about it pretending this particular season doesn't exist xD

Glad to hear that you like most episodes though! I hope you continue to get enjoyment!  :)

And your art is so awesome!
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Well, if that's how you feel, that's what you should do

I'm still really happy to know you like my pictures tho! :D
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Now that is an engineer I can respect,

:iconengineerplz: : "Nice going, pardner!"
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Message from Kkat:

Great work!  I love Rarity's expression and the wheeled-in backdrop. :)

I've featured your work again in my latest blog.  :D

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Thank you! :D It's really a honor to see one of my pictures featured once again on your blog! :D

Also, i pretty much agree with everything you've said about this episode, it was a very good read :D
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The episode was terrible and that was extremely disappointing because Applejack is my favorite pony. Those new writers had a decent first episode, but this one made me wish they won't have many other ones in this season. 5/10.

This is still a great picture, of course. Handymare AJ is awesome.
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Who wrote it?
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Heh, i totally feel you, AJ is my favourite pony as well and this episode really didn't make her justice aside from not being stellar on itself

Still, i'm glad you liked my picture :D
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Hey, your art is usually good no matter what it's about. :)
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Hehe i'm really glad you think so :D
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Thanks as always :D
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