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Since i've seen everyone draw her with this outfit, i ended up with this idea stuck in my head and i needed to get it there you go, it's very simple but i like how it came out and i hope you'll enjoy it as well :)

in case you want it, i'll post the source file below...i must warn you, i didn't really get to name or organize anything so it's a bit of a mess =P

.ai file

Tumblr post

edit: i can't believe i forgot the freckles...i feel so ashamed now...
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How did I never favorite this? It's so cute
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Aw, Shucks, I'm really glad you think so! :D
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I believe I saw a Pinkie version somewhere. Applejack makes a far better lion.
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This better happen if they ever make a movie...

...a normal one I should say...
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Aww, this is so adorable! ^^ 
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roar y'all roar
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It would be great to see something like this at the start of an MLP movie.
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i think the words in the little film reels says "ponies  for ponies sake" because the original writing on the logo i believe says "art for art's sake".
just a fun fact
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All Applejack needs now is some accompanying audio.

When I saw this I cracked up! It's hilarious! I can imagine AJ popping out to roar, only to whinny instead before correcting herself. :)
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hahahaha yes, that's totally how i see it too! :D
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Yay! Maybe you could add an MGM parody title over the logo: Mare-tro Golden Mare. :)
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I knew someone would do this I should've put a bet on it lol
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I was surprised noone did it before me =P
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When I saw pinkie's Halloween costume in that episode, it reminds me of Jem
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Everyone seems to love AJ's and RD's costumes the best. :XD:
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Well, i admit i'm partly biased but i really loved her costume =P
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