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[Request] Duet

Wooo, finally i've been feeling better the last few days so i got back to work to finish the first of the requests i promised! :D

This one is for Mecha-Dragon101 he asked for Applejack and Pear Butter playing guitar...i know one of them is a mandolin but i hope it counts :P

Sorry for the long wait on this, these have been a few crazy weeks...still, i hope you'll like it! :D

Also don't worry, i'll work on the other requests i have, just be patient :D

Tumblr post

Also, if you feel like supporting what i do, consider my [Ko-Fi] account
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I wish there was a similar apple family portrait to the Warners's family portrait, with Bright Mac holding a colt Big Mac, and a baby Apple Bloom hugging a caressing Pear Butter. Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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Such a precious picture...Love 
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No bond like that of mother and daughter. :)
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Hahahaha oh, i love that scene
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Really liking how adorable and vibrant you made this picture, it looks fantastic! Lovely stuff~
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Thank you a lot for your kind words! :D It's a big compliment coming from you :D
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They're rocking out to some heavy metal piece.
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Hahaha yes, for sure! :D
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Such a pure and touching family moment. Perfect.
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Thanks, i'm really glad you liked it! :D
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You win! Pear butter and Applejack in duo bring the cuteness... and the feels on another level.

Awesome work
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Haha, yeah, they're the artillery when it comes to feels =P Glad you liked it! :D
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My pleasure. Different to any pony crying. Especially one of the mane 7, Luna Celestia and Sunset.
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mother and daughter
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