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Sorry for the huge delay between my last pic and this, holidays were really busy as was the beginning of the year, i should be able to post more often now tho...or at least i hope...anyway, i'll do my best :P

As for this pic, i was told on tumblr i don't draw enough Marble and Limestone so there you go! :D I decided to use my old style for this one but i still intend to continue to work on the style i showcased in my last few pics so expect more of that

As always, i hope you'll like it! :D

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It is notorious that Marble took all the bitterness at birth.
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Limestone: Marble, don't you think you're taking your obsession for this Big Mac stallion a little too far!?

Marble: Uhn uuuuhn...

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Ah, they may be opposites, but they still have heir sisterly love.
And look adorable this way. :D
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Thank you a lot! :D They are good sisters for sure, i bet limestone is the protective type :D
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Yes, I really like it. I think your old style is better than your new one, but that's just my opinion. Of course, practice makes perfect.
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Thank you! :D I'm definitely not going to drop this style anytime soon as i've been practicing it for a while but i think i'll try to practice my new one more, as you said, practice makes perfect! :D
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Glad you liked it! :D
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Wonderful work
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Top qts. Nice work! :D
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Marble is sooo cute n.n

Hey limestone what makes your heart go Doki doki? n.n
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What makes her heart go doki doki? maybe a literature club?
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Oh god could you imagine the material she'd come up with? XD bet it would be really angry xD
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