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No bounds

Nothing can stop her on her quest for equality!

So yeah, super late vector for the per tradition on every premiere =P

This was an idea i had two days ago at 4 am in the morning reading people on skype talking about the episode while watching a youtube video on my tablet and having to pause every ten seconds to read ( yeah, i get pretty weird when i'm sleepy :P ) so i made this from scratch as fast as i could ( which means at a snail's pace ) trying to make it as show accurate as possible ( except from the background, which was made in like 3 minutes because i couldn't find a readily avaiable one ).

Big thanks to my friend mewtwo-EX for his help on making the joke was so obscure before i was about to drop this one so yeah, if you enjoy this, a good part of the merit goes to him :D

One last thing, just to reiterate. This is obviously not a screenshot nor did i trace from the show to make this. I know it should be fairly obvious but i prefer to be safe :D

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Thankfully this didn't happen. Hasbro aint that crazy. Besides this is Pinkie's job.
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Does that really happened? ^^
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Pinkie Pie: Hey, that's my power!
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Having seen the ep a few times and remembering it it's obviously not an actual ss, and a cut scene too unlikely. Her expression is simply a bump in the funny factor :D
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Edit: Clever girl :p
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At first, I thought she was holding an iPhone with an equal sign on the case.
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Hehe that's clever.
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This is amazing <3
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Welcome to the equal club. How equivalent are ya?
"I once scored within the exact 50% of the PSAT test, making me the exact average!"

On a more serious note, the episode seriously reminded me of the book Animal farm.
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WOW, amazing idea you got there!! :D
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Nice work!

I can fix this!!! *Closes tab* There, fixed!!!
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Darn! Her plan has been foiled once again!
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Thanks to the power of the closes tab button!
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"No more inane magical cast system deciding ponies' fates for them, I grant ponies true happiness." 
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This has inspired me to create a Fanfic, is it ok if I use this as the thumbnail?
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Of course! :D Feel free to! and be sure to send me a link to the fanfic once it is done! :D
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Here it is, still a work in progress…;, let me know if I should change anything.
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What is it about? :D
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Lmao I forgot.

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