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And here we go, this is the last of the bunch :) as you may have noticed, i tried something different with all of them, here i tried to play a bit more with some slight perspective and with colors. I guess i have some huge room for improvement but hopefully this is a good attempt :D

So yeah, as always, i hope you'll like it :D

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Beautiful work!
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MeganekkoPlymouth241Student Interface Designer
I honestly wish that Lyra would wear a hoodie in the TV series, y'know, even though ponies don't normally wear clothes...but it would be a fun little thing to attach onto her.

Excellent work on the lighting, graphics and effects here. It looks totally serene and beautiful.
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If they gave her a hoodie in the show, i can tell you everyone that ever read "Background Pony" by shortskirtsandexplosions, would probably start crying like a baby =P

I'm really glad you liked it tho :D
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RoyCalbeckHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Thanks! :D Glad to know you liked it! :D
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Чёт коротковаты вышли. Уж очень смотрится будто огрызки...
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Кого я вижу, хех
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I don't speak russian, sorry. i asked a friend of mine to give me a summary tho. I'm sorry you think they look a bit too short but i think you're just not reading the picture right. Thanks for the feedback anyway :D
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Front hooves are just really disproportionate, no matter how you look at the picture. You might need someone to draw the lines over the picture for you to see it. Keep drawing.
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I'll keep drawing for sure :D i'll do my best to make it look better next time i attempt perspective :)
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Чтоб я без тебя делал. Всё пральна сказал!
Two whiskey please, for StuntPony. thediscorded will payNod 
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Что могу сказать, я переводчик по профессии. =)
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
Why am I suddenly picturing Link from The Legend of Zelda just suddenly appearing?

You're definitely pushing yourself with this picture, and I love it! Between the different perspective and the details, such as the sunset setting, I'm liking where you're going with respect to your art skills. Keep up the good work man!
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Thanks, glad you think so! :D
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Was the hoodie intentional? Because I almost got over it, and now you remind me of the story.
"Dig the swell hoodie".
Sorry, gonna go and stop mom from slicing onions...
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I'm well known for referencing things without even knowing they exist...but in this case, it was intentional. Sorry for the feels =P
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LyricArchiveStudent General Artist
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
That looks amazing.
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Thank you! :D
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.
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Lyra: I'm playing the music of my people.
Bonbon: I swear to Celestia that if that's another tune from the human world....
L: You can't stop an artist doing its thing, Bon.
B: Oh really? You're sleeping on the couch tonight!
L: No problem.
B: You better be ready to eat oatmeal for a month.
L: I love oatmeal.
B: That's it! I'm burning your pants collection.
L: GAH! NO!!!!

Wonderful work
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after she burned all her pants, she started to wear only hoodies. That makes perfect sense! =P

Glad you liked it! :D
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