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Why would you want hooves when you can have hoofsies?

I'm really sorry this took forever and ended up a bit sloppier than usual but I was just really busy this whole week playing Overwatch all day doing very important tasks befitting of a productive member of society.

I hope Rara giving her idea of restaurant appreciation will still look nice to you guys :D

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lol, coloratura and masala!! :D :D :D :D :D love it!!
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love your coloring and style here ^^
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I think Safforn is all "What is all this?"
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Now that's what I call a Hoofsie overkill! Not that I mind it because it's Rara :XD:
Really love the way you drew Saffron. She looks so adorable!
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There is never enough hoofsies!

Glad you liked it! :D
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And Saffron's all like "uhh... what is this?" =P
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I guess, working so hard, she never had time to learn about pop culture stars and hoofsies =P she'll get there
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Her father doesn't look to be a pop culture officionado, either. :P
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G3 Pinkie Pie icon "Zesty Gourmand did not like this place at all"!

Rarity encantada "Countess Coloratura gave the place hoofsies"!

G3 Pinkie Pie derp "Oh, to hell with that Zesty Gourmand bitch! Let's eat"!
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Do not underestimate the power of hoofsies!
Ah got your hoofsie, ya furry lil....
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Rara is far more reliable than Zesty.
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At the very least, she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more likeable
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Yeah! Rara's hoofsies win out over Zesty's hooves anytime!
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Nice idea. These two would probably get along well.
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Thanks! :D

I'm sure they'd get along well too, they both have an unique flavor to them :D
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Yes, they have great taste.
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And Rara would probably love the food!
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A crouched and pissed Zesty Gourmand missing on background with many hoofsies over whole body, that will make joke better :D

(Its good picture and good idea anyway)
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