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Hay There

Would you judge her?

Welp, i felt like drawing something quick and silly so there you go, Sunset having an hayburger ( yes, that's supposed to be a hayburger ) because why not. I mean, old habits die hard, right?
Also, i realized i have no idea how to draw humans from the back so i hope this isn't too broken =P

As always, i hope you'll like this :D

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Thunderwing: hehe hi sunset
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is twilight who a set her this hay burger! sunset a missing to eat one, so she ask princess twilight to set her a hay burger! but she can’t go to equestria and be late in classe! th girls be surprice to see sunset eat this! sometime the girls forget sunset to be a unicorn pony form equestria! (sunset look cute were she blushing like this!)
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awwww hahaha caught red handed
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Old habits die hard =P
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Nah completely normal XD
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Haha =3 Cute and silly ^^ Old habits die hard indeed.
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So, going on a weird tangent here, but in the credits for Rainbow Rocks, Spike, in Dragon form, is caught eating a bone shaped dog biscuit... Which means that ponies are aware dogs like bones and have indeed fed them bones...

There's a story there.
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What I see is ham?

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Those look like onions, but I'm not sure.
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Looks like Twilight isn't the only one who loves her hayburgers. =P

I guess Sunset would stay a vegetarian in the human world; but you have to admit that even eating a burger filled with hay would turn some humans' stomach. :P
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She's kind of cute when her mouth is full, and with those shiny, puppy dog eyes. :D

Still a pretty good human drawing. You just need more practice.
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It's nice and all that Sunset Shimmer misses Equestria, but I don't think hay is gonna be good for the human digestive, bowel and urinary systems.  Just saying.
O_o.... ahm tellin.
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Hmm, I like this, but probably not for the reasons you want me to. I do like it as art too. Very shiny, and I do enjoy shiny things.
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I am honestly not sure what reasons you are thinking of, i'd be happy if you could elaborate on that :)

Regardless, i'm happy you like the shinyness :D
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Eh, just something strange. Mind, I do wonder where she got the little Equestria flag, or if she made it herself.
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Mmmmm tasty <3
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Sure looks like it :D
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Dat Sunset... I mean hay burger! ;)
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