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Fiery Dragon

Smolder is a cute dragon but still a dragon and dragons gotta do dragon stuff!

I decided to go crazy with textured brushes and see what would happen...i also tried to experiment more with colors and rendering in general.

As always, i hope you'll like it! :D

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Still my fave of the Young Six, love that fiery look in her eyes here! :D

Still wanna see her interacting with Spike more in this final season, they do have good chemistry together whenever they appeared in an episode.

Keep up with the awesome art! :)
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I totally agree on both points, Smolder is my favourite of the student six and i totally would love more interaction between her and Spike, they have that teacher/student relationship that really works :D
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You know from a certain point of view she seems to be the Equestrian of a female Charizard.
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You're not wrong =P
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Wow that's incredible!
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She's ferocious, and my favorite of the Students. :)
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Yup, she is a very scary dragon! =P
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Love the details on her scales and fire.
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Thank you! :D Glad you liked it! :D
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Roar! She's is one badass dragon besides Ember.
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Gorgeous. Smolder's fierce expression surely strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies and the fire looks amazingly pretty.
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Thank you! :D She is a cute dragon so her fire is cute too =P
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Best Scoota-dragon!
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You’re welcome
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You're welcome.
:) (Smile) 
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