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For some reason, i liked this pose from "Pinkie Pride" enough that i decided to make a vector of it =P

Hope you'll enjoy it

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Is this a vector?????
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 I'm going to use this for a base - hope you don't mind. :meow:
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I see that wingboner dashie
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i guess that means she is indeed happy :)
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That's our Dashie!
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love it totally gonna make myself a embroidered patch of this
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Ah, i'm glad to hear that! Makes me happy to have made this :)
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*AJ sitting on top of a hill in her Ponyville Day dress* "Rainbow, can Ah tell ya somethin'?"

*RD looks down from her tree branch perch, wearing AJ's hat* "Sure. What's up?"

"Y'know that Trenderhoof feller?"

*RD looks confused* "Uhh, what about him?"

"Ah was just thinkin'... if you hadn't told me all those awful things about him, Ah mighta actually given him a fair shake..."

*RD shrugs smugly* "Eh, no biggie. Even if he didn't have a hundred marefriends, hadn't graffiti'd that statue of Princess Celestia, and never did drown that sack of puppies in the river, he still wouldn't have been anywhere NEAR awesome enough for you."

*AJ chuckles* "Maybe yer right."

*AJ looks up to the sunset* "Still... did get me thinkin' bout things..."

*RD looks excited as she hops out of the tree down next to AJ* "Really? What kinds of things?"

*AJ blushes* "Oh, just... things. Like, how nice it might be to have somepony to help out around the farm. Somepony to talk to a lot and have fun with."

*Above picture* "REALLY?! ...I mean, yeah. Sure. That makes sense."

"Ah ain't exactly gettin' younger and... someday, Ah wouldn't mind settlin' down with a special somepony."

*RD buffs her hoof on her chest proudly* "Well, it could be pretty hard to find somepony that can do all that who isn't a jerk."

*AJ chuckles* "Sure could. But Ah guess Ah should start lookin' anyway."


*RD looks horrified* "W-wait. What?"

"Well, y'know that charity date auction that's comin' up fer Hearts & Hooves' Day? Ah was thinkin' that maybe Ah could put mahself up for auction fer a date."

*AJ continues, while RD looks more distressed* "And it ain't like Ah'm gonna meet many ponies here on the farm workin'."

*AJ turns to RD, who straightens up with a fake smile* "Whaddya think? Think it might be a good idea?"

*RD seems to struggle with her answer* ("You can't just say no, Rainbow! Just tell her that there's no rush! Buy a little time! Come up with an excuse!")

"S-sounds like an awesome idea..."  ("Aw, horseapples...")

*AJ hugs Rainbow tightly and suddenly* "You really think so? Oh, Rainbow! Yer just the best friend a pony could ask for!"

*RD looks sick to her stomach as she rests her chin on AJ's wither*

(How long can you make these kinds of comments anyway? o.o)
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And with this, you just made my day, thank you! I enjoyed reading it :D
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Wasn't exactly done. Just wasn't sure how long the comment could be. Guess you could call that part one.  XD
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Hoho, well, great to hear :D i'll be waiting for part two, then! :D
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*At the auction, Mayor Mare introducing the participants* "Now, last in our line-up! This is a pony who needs no introduction! She is reliable, stalwart, and a trustworthy friend to all in need!"

*Mayor Mare turns* "Everypony, please stomp your hooves for our one and only Applejack Apple!"

*Crowd applauses*

*The Mayor turns back to the crowd* "Now, shall we begin the bidding at twenty bits!"

*Random stallion in the crowd* "Fifty!"

*The camera pans to a dejected-looking RD at the back of the crowd*

*Twilight is speaking with Fluttershy to RD's right* "I'm so glad that Applejack found the courage to do this. Nopony deserves to be happy more than her."

"Oh, I know! With how hard she works, surely she could use a sweet and considerate pony to help her on the farm."

*In the background* "One twenty-five!"

*Rarity is discussing with Pinkie on the other side* "Ohh, I'm so envious. I should have thought of this idea beforehand! Next year I'll simply HAVE to try this!"

"IknowIknowIknow! It's so hard to choose! They all seem like such nice stallions!"

"Pinkie, darling, Applejack isn't CHOOSING..."


*Background* "Two-fifty!"

*RD seems to be getting more uncomfortable the higher the bets get*

*Twilight seems to get excited* "Oh! The bets are starting to wind down!"

*Background* "Three hundred bits!"

*RD starts to sweat*

*Rarity's eyes sparkle* "I think Applejack is about to have her date!"

*Background* "Four fifty, and that's my last offer!"

*RD sweats more*

*Background* "Five hundred bits!"

*The other Four close in on the highly-anxious Rainbow Dash, excitement in their eyes* "This is it!"

*Pan to Mayor Mare pointing to the winning pony, AJ blushing in the background and scratching her foreleg timidly* "Fillies and gentlecolts, we have a new record for the Hearts & Hooves' Day Annual Auction! The winning bid goes to-'


*A gasp overtakes the crowd as we pan back to RD, hovering defiantly just above the other Four with various looks of surprise, shock, and horror*

*Pan back to close-up of AJ, pupils dilated in utter surprise*

*Pan back to close-up of RD, sweating bullets, her expression similar, but with an element of terror*

*Mayor Mare gapes in amazement*

*She takes out a kerchief and wipes her sweating brow* "M-M-M-M-Miss R-Rainbow Dash! For her incredibly generous sum of one thousand bits..."

*Pan back to RD, all eyes locked on her in astonishment, as she lowers her head, hiding her bright red face from sight* "...for a date on Hearts & Hooves' Day with our lovely Applejack!"
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Oh yes, that was great, thank you! :D
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But what about part three? :p
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There is a part three? You, sir, have a lot of ideas i see...i'm amazed :D
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Indeed! :) glad you like this :D
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