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Book Horse

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I had this in my Hd for so long she was just a newborn baby when i first drew her

Yeah i don't have much to say about this. I actually drew this before my previous attempt at cel shading, it was just a quick thing i did because i really need to draw more fillies and try more cel shading =P

So yeah, i hope you'll like it :D

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*tickles the hooves*
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that is so freakin cute as hell 
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MasterChica1987Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A goddamn cute pony holding a book. And they say knowledge is power. X3
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Aw super cute and adorable
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KvOrias23Hobbyist Artist
I'm really loving the colors here, great job!
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xXPastel-BunniesXx Digital Artist
Cutie! Twilight (Squee) Plz 
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BEautiful work
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She's so fluffy! You should draw the entire Mane Six as fillies clutching their favorite things. Heck, maybe you could also draw filly Starlight clutching Sunburst. :D
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Haha that's not a bad idea but as a rule of thumb i try to stay away from "series", i have the tendency to get very lazy and i'm afraid that'd become a cheap excuse for me to draw the same thing over and over...but i'll surely draw more little horses being happy in the future :D
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Purplesmart is happy!

Happy smallhorse is best smallhorse.

A little ear-floof here and leg-floof there makes it adorable.

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Yaranaika hnng  MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng  BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP 
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Good enough for me. :)
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EverlastingJoyHobbyist Filmographer
"I had this in my Hd for so long she was just a newborn baby when i first drew her"

I can't take the thought of how adorable that -
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That doesn't sound good...i didn't think of the consequences of that sentence =P
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That's what she loves the most! :D
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Trying to think of a good pun for this, but sadly I cant at right now. So I will have to book it for some other time.
This is really cute artwork. :)
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Hahaha nice one :D

Glad you liked it! :D
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That's the necronomicon! Twi, no!
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I'm sure the necronomicon is no match for a filly such as her :D
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Twi'leh Ft'ang!
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She's really cute but somepony get that book away from her! I think that's the Book Of Cagliostro!
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Nah, just the Necronomicon...i guess that's dangerous too =P
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