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Baker pony

By thediscorded
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This is just a quick portrait thing but while looking at my gallery i realized i committed a horrible crime, i never drew Sugar Belle before! I have no idea how that even happened but luckily that is now fixed! She is one cute pony for sure and she can totally bake! :D

Also, against my better judgment, i ventured into the scary field of lineless pictures, something i tried only once or twice with very questionable results but i think this one didn't turn out TOO bad :D

Hope you'll like it! :D

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Ahhh... The seductive pony
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She's so cute, no wonder Big Mac fell in love with her
LookOutHereComesTom's avatar
This one looks good!  Her pose is especially endearing!  Overall it was well-executed!
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This is so sweet that i'm gaining weight. 
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She's very cute!
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OH MY GOSH! This is the best Sugar Belle drawing I've ever seen! Awesome job! 
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Thank you! :D Glad to see you liked it! :D
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You're welcome! :)
OMG! She's just, so pretty! Heart Meow :3 
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Oh wow, I really love your style! :D
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Thank you! :D I'm really glad you liked it! :D
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She and her friends from Our Town need more love. Thank you for this sweet (he)art.
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Naked apron ? How neighty !
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Well, i mean, she wouldn't want to get her coat all covered in cream...she'd need some help to clean that mess up then =P
jyroman53's avatar
I volunteer as tribute to clean her coat ! I mean her kitchen !
Ay, gurl! Hook ya boi up with some more of dem muffins! Gon head, gurl!
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