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ATG VIII - Day 18 Bopp from the Gods

Today's theme for the ATG was Draw a pony experiencing a miracle / Draw a pony snatching victory from the jaws of defeat I think a Boop from above would be a big miracle for Lyra :P

I wasn't feeling too hot today so i ended up rushing this a lot, sorry...i hope you'll still like it! :D

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This is genius! Great work! :D
BoneSatellite's avatar
I still insist she's obsessed with sitting upright immediately after Spike moved to Ponyville. Not hands.
Stuntpony's avatar
I wish I could do that to ponies in my phone. X) All I can do is find Derpy under the box from time to time that gives me some bits. X)
Kyoshyu's avatar
An almighty boop!
MLP-StarlightSparkle's avatar
Soo Cute... Great work :)
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Scyphi's avatar
Just what Lyra always wanted.

To be booped by a giant hand.

BB-K's avatar
Wow, that makes Lyra happy. :)
templar127's avatar
The day God booped me!
thediscorded's avatar
A day to remember =P
AplReach's avatar
Blessed be thy Lyra

P.S: what is a bopp?
thediscorded's avatar
Isn't it obvious? It is a boop with a bad typo on it =P
X-Force02ranger's avatar
a dream come true XD
thediscorded's avatar
A miracle indeed =P
elr79655's avatar
Don't stand there gawping!  Like you've never seen the hand of God before!
thediscorded's avatar
Yeah, right? that's such a common sight! =P
TorturedArtist745's avatar
God: "I am the Lord, and I will boop this little pony. Boop!"
thediscorded's avatar
Boop all the ponies! :D
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makes squeaky toy sound
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Like all ponies do =P
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