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ATG Day 4 - Ascension



I know i skipped day 2 and 3 ( even though i have a doodle somewhat done for day 3 ) but working with time restraints really kills me =P

Anyway, here is my entry for the fourth day of  EQD's ATG today's theme was Draw a pony stepping up/Draw a pony looking down and when i think about a pony stepping up, i think Twilight Sparkle.

She showed her ability to overcome any challenge, thanks to her friends evolving from a socially awkward pony to the princess of friendship. And in my opinion, the moment that best capture her achievements so far, is her "ascension" to princesshood :)

As always, i hope you'll like this piece, now excuse me while i go die of exaustion on my bed =P

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cooooooooooooool !HapPY RALPH