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ATG Day 24 - Pi

Today's EQD's ATG was Draw a pony beating the odds / Draw a pony doing the unexpected And Pinkie doing ( or trying to ) maths is certainly something i wouldn't expect :D

As always i hope you'll like this! :D

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Pinkie Pie: and This how you a Pie but forget after you finish to cook it,  let cool down a little 5 minute and now you eat a yummy pie! but is even more fun to eat it with friends or family...Right Maud?
Maud pie: Yes and the pie you a cook is ready and make the table ready!
Pinkie Pie: Thanks You Sis! Well everypony is now your turn to make a pie and eat it with your friends or family..BYE!
Marble pie: Me too!
Pinkie pie: I coming!
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Take out the I in pie, what do you get? P and E. P and E make P.E. P.E stands for psychical education. therefore, pie is good for you :D :D
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That's what i've always said! =P
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Also, can I say you make ponies standing on two legs seem really natural :D
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Thank you! :D I make them bi-pedal quite a few times so i try to not make them uncanny at the very least =P
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Oh don't worry, this looks great :D
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Mathematics does not lie.

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May i ask? what program you use?
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I use Paint tool SAI plus some post-processing in PhotoShop
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Well, it is circular.
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Easy as pie.

I had to say it. BEautiful work
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Hahaha thanks, glad you liked it! :D
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PI-Es are the best!
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:iconpinkiepieexcitedplz: :iconsays3plz: The life of pi(e)!

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Best sitcom ever
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I wish Pinkie Pie was my math teacher. I'd probably actually learn some of it if that was the case. :D
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I'm not sure what you'd learn tho =P
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