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[AJ DAY] Cider season

I totally missed the post on EQD saying today would be AJ day so I had to improvise...this is very rushed so I hope it's not too rough =P

Have a nice Applejack Day everyone! :D

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Can I use this pic on my t-shirt? Only for self wear. I would be grateful for you permission.
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Sure, go for it! :D
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Thanx very much!
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Best cider season! =P
Cheers, Apple horse! *insert beer icon here*
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Is wine an option for them or do they consider it poison?

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AJ needs all the love she can get, one cute pone
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I had a good reason for missing AJ Day, but she's my favorite anyway, so I can celebrate her any time I want. You did a great job, I don't think it looks rushed at all.
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"Save water, drink cinder!"

BEautiful work
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She didn't learn a darn thing!
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Cheers to you Applejack! :D
thediscorded's avatar
This round is on the house! :D
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I can't believe I missed AJ Day! :'D
But man, for something rushed, this is AMAZING. :love:
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Thank you a lot! I couldn't afford to miss AJ day :D
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You're so great at drawing Applejack :D
thediscorded's avatar
I'm really happy you think so! :D
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Looks awesome.
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Thank you! :D Glad you liked it! :D
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You're welcome.
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Whoo-wee, AJ's having a grand time with her family's cider.
Happy AJ Day! :D
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That's their special batch, the finest in all of Equestria! :D
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Aaaaaaaaaaaw yeeeeeeaaaaaaah.
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