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Well, i think it is pretty obvious, i like ponies =P i'm not a professional artist but this is not going to stop me from trying anytime soon. I used to create images from stock vectors with photoshop but sometimes i couldn't go with my ideas because i couldn't find the right vector. This is why i decided to learn how to create one myself.

I've still got a long way to go and i try to learn something new from every vector i do. I make my pictures using my rough sketches as a guide and perfecting them by eye with some help from references when needed

I like to learn new techniques and i'm open to suggestion and constructive critiques.

Obviously, i'm always happy when someone likes what i do and one of the main reasons i'm creating vectors is to have people use them in their projects as i used to

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excellent work!

especially Pacific Glow, not enough art of her.

You are awesome.

Happy birthday!

"not a professional artist" my a...

You are incredibly talented.

Thank you very much for sharing your art on here!

Hi, nice gallery you got there.

Happy Birthday!!

love your art about ponies ,it's a masterpiece ^^