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Hey everyone!  Even thought The Digital Core group page is the 'active' page, and this group is essentially dead, we still have people who join as watchers here, and we have a fair number of members who haven't switched to the new page.  So just as a reminder:

1) This group is dead.  It's only really used as an archive of TDC Season 1.  All future updates for TDC tournaments will be only be on the Official TDC page, TheDigitalCore, and no new submissions to this group will be permitted.  If you haven't updated to the new(ish) page, then I advise you to go over and add it to your watch list.

2) Please read the journal below.  Even though it mainly deals with TDC3, there is also a bit of info for members of this group.

(The following journal is cross-posted from TheDigitalCore)

:icontsukikage-ryu::iconsaysplz:" Happy New Year faithful watchers, members, and Digidestined.  Yes, the Digidestined tier members have all been demoted back down to regular member status.  As have the Judges.  There is a reason for this, of course;  Ryumon has awoken from his slumber and shall destroy the Digital Core if blood sacrifices aren't provided!  

We're finally prepping for TDC Season 3!

The Digidestined member tier is technically an admin tier, and has unlimited submission rights to the various Rounds folders.  In order to keep everything clean and organized around here, Digidestined members from Season 1 and 2 (this includes Digidestined over on the new TheDigitalCore's page) have been put back to the standard member setting to allow me to promote Season 3 contestants to Digidestined status.  As with the Digidestined, I have taken previous Judges and demoted them back to member status as well.  

What this means is that things are finally moving here.  After the looooong hiatus we've taken since the end of TDC Season 2, we're finally ready to start getting the new season underway.  This month is going to be pretty active for the group as the groundwork is laid for TDC3.  So, to address some key points and head off some questions I know will come:

1) Auditions are not officially open yet.  I can say that the audition period will last multiple months, so there will be more than enough time to create them.  The tournament itself is not likely to start any earlier than late spring, so again- more than enough time to get informed, start planning and get your auditions in.  

2) Details will be given about the transition from TDC2 to TDC3, as well as the rules and allowances for Digivolutions permitted in TDC3.  I won't go into details yet on what methods will be allowed, so please don't ask.  The same restriction for humans from previous seasons will persist- no special powers allowed, tamers must be strictly human.

3) A journal will be going up calling for Judges.  I can say we'll likely be looking for 4-6 judges.  Please do not note me or the group about wanting to judge yet.  the journal will go into detail for what I'm looking for in judges, what kind of commitments will be needed.  I expect this tournament to be a bit hard on judges, and want prospective applicants to know what they're getting into ahead of time.  Once the journal is up, you'll be given guidelines for applying.  I won't be entertaining any judge requests ahead of time either, so no one has to worry about a spot being 'lost'.

4) I know people get really excited to start working on their characters as soon as possible, but I just want to say to not rush ahead too much.  Several things will be different in this tournament than in previous seasons, as well as the usual intro story for the season and digivolution mechanics.  I'd hate for anyone to get deep into making their character, only to have to restart when the journals start going up.  

5)  For those that competed in Season 1 or 2, a few things.  First, I'll be attempting to adding as much of the gallery from this group to TheDigitalCore's, so if you see a lot of requests to 'allow submission to The Digital Core', then that's probably me.  Second, I'll be putting a few things together to recognize the contestants of the past two seasons.  I may have had to revoke group statuses from people, but I still want a way to recognize these people for effort put into the tournaments.  It won't be anything amazing, but I still want to acknowledge these people in some way.  Our veterans, as it were.  Third, I will not be closing down this old group, deleting any journals or otherwise hiding or retconning any of the previous seasons' events.  We've had great times, bad times, and gone through plenty in the two seasons of this group.  It's become a community with it's own history, and the tournament's world is built on all the effort of everyone who has competed and contributed to this group.  Sure, there's our fair share of 'old shame' in the backlogs, but nobody is perfect- I like being able to see how far the group has come along.  Even more so if this group somehow makes it to TDC10: Ryumon's Last Breath.

6) Anyone who hasn't received their prizes from previous seasons, please feel free to note those who owe you.  Even if it's me or another judge.  Obviously, I can't force people to follow through on their promises, but if there is someone who owes you a prize and has not delivered, then you can always note me or the group, and I'll make sure not to accept future prize donations from them.  

tl;dr blah blah blah this is your super-early warning signal that TDC3 is coming your way in the next 6 months.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, you're always welcome to note the journal or me personally, as well as drop a comment on the journal here.  If possible, please try to direct notes to TheDigitalCore's group page.

Welcome to 2015 folks, Year of the Goatmon Ryumon!
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I wish I was a digidestined.
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TDC2....hope you ready for the return of the "Star Boy"
'Cause this time...he's getting in and so is the Dragon ^^
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I honest to god hope TDC2 doesn't start until mid March :'D (tho I know it probably will). Looking forward anyway :3
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I'm pretty sure we'll be taking auditions well before then, but an actual tournament start is likely somewhere within March.

Looking forward to you participating again, Incolor.
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So excited about TDC 2 maybe starting soon eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *w*
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I have a bad habit of starting to hate my stuff so I'm not drawing any reffs before I have to.
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well i love emberdramon and i felt like making it.
so now its just waiting on my back-up drive, untill TDC starts taking entrys because i dont want to upload it now (like you said its early).
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tsukikage-ryu Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm excited too.
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