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Anyone who is interested can (and should!) join as Members! :D

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Didnapper?

Didnapper is a bondage/damsel in distress RPG made in RPG Maker XP by Kendrian and co. The game is about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.

Does it cost money?

Didnapper 1 is completely FREE and will always remain that way!

Bonds is available for 6$ on or on Steam (You can also find a free demo there)

Didnapper 2 is currently in development! Like Bonds it is planned to have a free demo while the finished full game will not be free.

Where can I play it?

You can download Didnapper 1 for free from this link…
Don't forget to read the installation guide if you are new to RPG Maker games!

When is the next Didnapper update?

We're not planning any official updates to Didnapper, as we are busy with our next DID game projects, but you can check out some fan-made Didnapper mods in the Discord group.

I have some more questions regarding Didnapper and/or some of your other games. How do I contact the creators?

If we don't have time to reply to your question on this page, your best bet is to join our Discord chat which is open for anyone: :) Ask people with the "Lead Developer" role if they're available. Otherwise, you can try asking one of the moderators.

Will you be making more games like Didnapper?

Yes! We have just released Bonds, a VN-style DID game which is smaller than Didnapper, but still worth checking out! We have released a free public demo which should give a fair idea of what the full game is like :)

It's currently available at or on Steam which is where you can also find the FREE DEMO! :D

We're also currently developing Didnapper 2. While not a direct sequel, it is a DID RPG game, it takes place in the same universe as Didnapper 1, and it does feature some of the same characters, though with a new main cast. You can find and play the free demo here:

Is there any way to support the creators?

Yes, DID Games has a Patreon where you can donate, and in return get perks such as access to beta testing and early access.
If you like our games, public endorsements and spreading the word in other DID communities also helps a lot, since it makes people more aware of our work!

You can also follow us on Twitter! Feel free to ask us any questions there as well.

Otherwise, just contact Kendrian, Pendragon367 or wtf-is-a-prologue!

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Group Info

Didnapper is a free RPG Maker XP game about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.
This is a group where we can submit and feature Didnapper artwork, share information and discuss matters related to the game.
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Hello everyone!
After receiving over ONE THOUSAND auditions, we'd like to officially announce our cast for Didnapper 2! We were incredibly blown away by the amount of interest there was for the project, and while there were some tough decisions to make during casting, we're excited to have such talented voices in our game. :)
So, without further ado:
LILIANA: Kelly Greenshield (
KAIE: Ariana Rosario (
CHELSEA: Ruby J Shilan (
ZHARA: Cameron Wisener (
BIANCA: Annlieyu
CAROL: Alicia Paliza (
COLETTE: Creme Chu
DARIANA: Amber Leigh (
MINA & MINE: Veronica Laux (
A big thanks to everyone who auditioned, and we hope you're excited to hear our characters come alive!
It's that time of the month again! We are planning to host the next public Didnapper 2 development stream on Saturday 17 April at 18:00 CEST.
As usual, the stream will take place over at
Feel free to drop by if you're interested in how the game is coming along, whether you have questions or you just want to hang out or lurk :)
We also have an open Discord server that you can join at any time, and where you'll also be notified when the stream starts!
EDIT: You can now find the raw recording of the stream here:
Hope to see you there! :D
We have reached a stage of development where we are looking for voice actresses for Didnapper 2! If you are interested in auditioning, or you know someone who might be, check out the casting call below! :)
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gasraptor Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2021
Is there a stream this month
Evo-BSM Featured By Owner Edited Nov 29, 2020
Can you please add shoes in bonds.... even if its a dlc.... but it would give a bit more options i think... i would gladly pay more if it got implemented thx... since it didnt get any more love recently
frisil Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2020
just started playing demo 3, I really like it!
However, I noticed something strange with the experience you get: At the beginning of the game, as soon as I could fight the vines, I levelled up to level 3 (I usually do some some levelling at the beginning of JRPG-like games). Then I noticed something weird: After I fought the twins at the beach, it said I only needed 35 more EXP for level 4, so I fought some vines again. The game says I should get +20 EXP for one, but I only got 5. When I fought 2 of them together, it said EXP+40 but I actually got 13 (???)
Next, when I fought the 3 girls after Rinnie took me to them, I was supposed to get 160 EXP but actually got 56. Next, fighting the two pirates outside the cell says EXP+100 but I got 50. Now I'll stop calculating because I want to enjoy the rest of the demo. I just wanted to inform you that the EXP shown do not match the EXP you actually get. Maybe this helps for debugging.

I also noticed something illogical (story related): If I surrender to the 2 pirates after getting out of the cell I get an instant Game Over. Shouldn't they put me back in the cell so I could break out again? Or maybe the Game Over should explain why I can't get out again, maybe they use chains this time which are inescapable or something? But the Game Over picture just shows Seles bound in ropes again, so why an instant Game Over? They said it's supposed to be a long journey so she should have enough time to break out again.

Great game, btw, I'm really looking forward to the finished product.

Keep up that good work and best regards,

PS: Could you please also make a Linux version? I had to play on my old laptop since it's the only machine with a windows install, I usually do not use windows anymore. Is it possible to run the game on wine?

PPS: Virus total website reports (one engine only) Adware.Presenoker in Game.exe. It's a false positive I guess?
frisil Featured By Owner Edited Jun 3, 2020
Found some more bugs:
When I quicksaved after beating the robot and got caught by a guard, I tried to wait (give up) to see if there was a special game over screen, and when I wanted to load my savegame, it was broken. Game gave me the following message:

Type Error
Cannot read 'clamp' of undefined

and it locked up, I had to restart from the beginning.

next time, I didn't use quicksave at all and manually saved to a new slot each time I saved. Then I noticed the playtime also gets messed up all the time, seems even random. One savegame could say 35 minutes and the next 18 or somethings. But it always seems to decrease when that happens.

Add: One final bug I found: At the end of the demo, I told Rowan the truth, followed him and after the fight Aden (who was LV10 before) strangely reverted back to Level 1. The other 2 party members kept their levels.

So much for my experience with the demo, hope that helps. Now I'm really looking forward to the game when it's finished.
molliestark Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2020
i'm curious what was the inspiration for making the game Bonds and it's story?
Kendrian Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2020   Digital Artist
Several things really. We wanted to make a game that had a somewhat relatable and semi-believeable DID premise, to make the characters and story more engaging without only relying on crude and shallow fetish stuff that makes up most other DID games.
The reason it says in the opening of the game that it's inspired by true stories is because we interviewed several girls/women from the bdsm community about their early experiences, and picked out similarities between them to make the basis of the story. We also made sure to include common problems and dilemmas that bondage models encounter, like balancing it with real/common life, and deciding where to put boundaries, and in doing so highlight a side of it that most people don't really consider that much.
Meanwhile we didn't want to make it a huge game, mainly because we used it to test the waters of commercial game making before deciding whether we should embark on the much more ambitious Didnapper 2 project.
This is to just mention a few things ^^;
wiredlittleprincess Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2019
an i join?
Akiraaoi2020 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2019
when will be the full game of didnapper 2?
mangamang Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2019
will there be didnapper 2 demo 3 soon?
DS2000 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2019
just got and plaed Bond, loved it.. can't wait for didnapper 2

wiredlittleprincess Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019
How did you guys make the sprites for when the girls are tied up?
sgtcortez14 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2019…

Needs some Wiki Magic (a.k.a editing)
Lonehunter2597 Featured By Owner May 22, 2019
i love the game didnapper one but after a while i encountered a problem where it says unable to find audio/SE/002-SYSTEM 2 how do i fix this???
Kendrian Featured By Owner May 23, 2019   Digital Artist
Normally errors like that mean that you don't have the RGSS RTP installed properly. Try downloading the file from the Requirements section on the download page and install it again. Let me know if that doesn't work
Lonehunter2597 Featured By Owner May 23, 2019
nvm you were right just needed to download RGSS RTP again thanks
Pendragon367 Featured By Owner May 22, 2019
Hello! Sorry to hear you are having a problem. Can you give us a little more information? When did this start happening?
Lonehunter2597 Featured By Owner May 22, 2019
just recently ive played the game for a while but then after i stop playing it for  a while this problems occurs where i am missing a sound from the audio even tho it was working before 
Pendragon367 Featured By Owner May 23, 2019
Maybe try reinstalling the game? It sounds like something got deleted somehow.
TieEmUpAndStuff Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Been playing DIDnapper 1 for couple of chapters now and it's amazing, absolutely love it Love 
Kendrian Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2019   Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it so far! :D
Hope you'll like the rest of the game too :)
HebatoReon Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2019
Are there other games of this style by other developers? I say this because I have played your games and I love them. :0
sgtcortez14 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019
Can someone upload videos of the new demo?
gagfetish Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... Just found this nice original project! Eager to give it a shot :D
I salute you all.
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