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Windows Black Skinpack



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By Aman Gupta Compiled By ME (TheDhruv)
Theme By DjabyTown
Dynamic Black ::: by DjabyTown
Program Name:Window Back
Version: 1
Autor Name:Aman Gupta


Creadits:This theme Is made by Aman gupta For download these type of theme Contact At
©Under The HackingZone And Aman Gupta Limited..
© 2014 - 2023 TheDhruv
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You want a critique,so here is the mine,don't take me wrong or don't take my word for real.

OK not bad theme,but I need to ask you.

Hm,where are the images from shell?
Those images are located in control panel and on side panel.

Also I see that you have default navigation buttons.

They are default.

Also skin pack must contains all custom images made by designer.
You should transfer this to theme file,it's not worth of skin pack.

Ok,that's it form me I wrote you a critique,keep up on good work in your future.All
the best from me.