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[WWF] I Still Love You

The night was late as the tip of the horizon turned to a soft yellow inquiring that the sun was to rise soon. Bricriu's features remained squinted in the remaining darkness, while he wasn't struggling to see, lack of sleep was causing him to become prone to midnight walks that bled into the mornings. His features were already carrying the fine lines of sleep deprivation as he swayed in his steps, he growing body looking as if it couldn't handle its own weight.
Attempting to blink away his tiredness he shook his head vigorously, causing him to lose his balance for a moment. Pausing in his separated steps, he looked forward at the far apart trees. Along with his drowsiness, his stomach twisted in hunger. Food was well provided back at home, but nothing satisfied him. He began believing he was becoming selfish for what he had, yet, despite his abuse on himself he couldn't stomach much of the appropriate food. While it was wrenching, it was never appetizing
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[CC] Know Your Place
Achlys ran at full speed, pushing herself to the limit to practice her speed. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth in the midst of her running, "Ugh c'mon Achlys!! You gotta do better!" She yelled at herself in hopes it would spark something in herself. She ran fast and hard, surely her legs would be sore the next day but that didn't stop her. the black she-wolf forced her short legs to move at paces they never experienced but she was filled with determination to past her limits.
The sun baked on Gwyn's red back, but it was not a feeling unwelcomed to the she-wolf. What was unwelcome was the sensation of uselessness. Gwyn had yet to establish her place in the back beyond a mere omega and it frustrated her to no end. She was worth more than this surely! What did she have to do in order to gain her title as... well, whatever it was that she wanted?
Her ears perked as she heard some off distant yelling, head rising to see a black
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[SVA] Catching Up On Things
Before the split, there had been murmurs among the members of the united pack, whispers of a wolf who could see spirits. Just from overhearing their words, Ashur understood that there was both unease and intrigue. While her form suggested she lacked all interest in this gossip, inwardly Ashur’s attention was piqued as she reminded of familial tales of magic and superstition. Sometimes a name was whispered - Malaysia - but Ashur was not sure of who this wolf was or what were the intentions.
At least not at the time.
Here she was now, an ally to Kol and a traitor to Tundes; someone who had been charmed into the way their Alva, Malaysia, spoke of the old. It was something that piqued Ashur’s attention. She had grown up on tales of the Ancient Ways.
Under the shade of the trees marking their territory, Ashur watched both the wolves around her and the skies above her head. The talk of magic had brought back a lingering fear of hers; though
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[DotW] | Fey | Ho'omaka | DORMANT by TheDevilsLotus [DotW] | Fey | Ho'omaka | DORMANT :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 8 16 [RoC] Millstone Medallion by TheDevilsLotus [RoC] Millstone Medallion :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 0 [RoC] | Millstone | Omega by TheDevilsLotus [RoC] | Millstone | Omega :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 2 4 [WWF] Thunderstruck by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] Thunderstruck :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 8 13 [CC] Team Scars by TheDevilsLotus [CC] Team Scars :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 8 4
[CC] Acceptance

The pack was called Onyr.
As she followed at the heels of a gray she-wolf, Gwyn took her time to take in the surroundings of the area. When she had encountered the hunter before the border, words were exchanged about joining the pack and the name Onyr. Gwyn readily agreed that a pack would be beneficial, and now was being led to speak to the alpha of the pack.
She was not a nervous creature by nature, for fire burned within her veins, but Gwyn did her best to quell them to cinders in order to make a good impression on the one who led this pack.
Laying in front of her den, the golden alphess enjoyed the sun's warmth on her back, until her eyes landed on Sabella being followed by a red wolf. She changed to a sitting position, as they approached her. The gray huntress moved away after an acknowledging look from Morgana. Her escorting task fulfilled, she left the two by themselves.
A moment of silence followed as Morga
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[WWF] | Athena | Loner by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] | Athena | Loner :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 7 23 [SVA] Limbo by TheDevilsLotus [SVA] Limbo :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 8 6


RoC - Kurome by AlphaSpice RoC - Kurome :iconalphaspice:AlphaSpice 5 6 [WWF] Among the Stars by Just-Joeying [WWF] Among the Stars :iconjust-joeying:Just-Joeying 23 5 We Can't Wake Her! by GrayPillow We Can't Wake Her! :icongraypillow:GrayPillow 576 57 Manick Q+A #1 - Question #5 by Chiibe Manick Q+A #1 - Question #5 :iconchiibe:Chiibe 49 0
A Present For FellWood | RoC
Hurried paw steps were to be heard alongside the thuding of hooves in one of the little forest. It was a little after midday and the sun was shining down at the valley of Ceblian, warming up the flatlands and the sparse forests of Cean'Nari making it's wolves want to spend the whole day in the cool lake. But instead of chilling in the water or the shadows, Kurome and Tatsuya were on a hunt, trying to target the deer running a few steps ahead of them. The chase wasn't going on for too long and the deer was running in circles, but the heat caused the two black wolves to pant heavily as they tried to catch up with their prey. 
Tatsuya took a side-glance at his brother who was a bit ahead of him, then shifted his gaze back at the deer. Perhaps he can make her slow down by biting into it's hind leg, so Kurome could grab her throat and take her down. Glad that he was running by the deer's right side he
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Red And Blue | RoC

The late afternoon sky brought with it the hot sizzling air of summer that made Pompeii stop and shake out her hefty fur every now and then, dark pink tongue lolling from her thick jaws, and glancing every so often at her little Ayashe to make sure she was keeping up alright. Ty’Koga was certainly the driest territory of Ceblain, and the heat certainly accentuated this; however, she had hoped this would be an experience of sorts for the pup. The quicker she adjusted to the dryness, the better, and she was certainly not nearly as worried as she was in the spring, now that the little one wasn’t nearly as terribly malnourished as she had been back then. 
Besides, it would be evening soon; however, Pompeii hoped to be back to the main den site before darkness fell, especially with what she wished to show her… 
They were nearly there now, an
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[DORMANT] DotW - Gladiatrix by AlphaSpice [DORMANT] DotW - Gladiatrix :iconalphaspice:AlphaSpice 6 7 [WWF] Denali - Vincenn - Hunter by Just-Joeying [WWF] Denali - Vincenn - Hunter :iconjust-joeying:Just-Joeying 11 9 sAFE aND sOUND by The-Ravens-Of-Moraea sAFE aND sOUND :iconthe-ravens-of-moraea:The-Ravens-Of-Moraea 19 16 Thanks, guys by The-Ravens-Of-Moraea Thanks, guys :iconthe-ravens-of-moraea:The-Ravens-Of-Moraea 22 3 Warmth by Naviira Warmth :iconnaviira:Naviira 52 7 Svajone || Bera by Koilada Svajone || Bera :iconkoilada:Koilada 27 9 Scorch of the Kol (DORMANT) by Kauluka Scorch of the Kol (DORMANT) :iconkauluka:Kauluka 1 0 Bbbbbakugou by Deercliff Bbbbbakugou :icondeercliff:Deercliff 62 4
Return Home | DotW

Chandor Border
Characters: Tieru, Nadia and Arcuza

Sore, weary, and feeling extremely meek, Arcuza slunk back to the border of Chandor with Tieru at her side. A little blood spattered and a few light limping strides accented the painted female. No why in hell would anyone EVER set their dirty paws on Tieru ever again. She’d die first. So this time around she did not move more than two inches from her side. 
The smell of Chandor flooded her nose, filling her with relief as she passed through the border. But along with relief shame hung over her like a cloud even more so. She felt as if she shouldn’t have returned, having failed at protecting Tieru, it burned into her mind like an egg on hot summer pavement.

Arcuza was not the only wolf crossing the Chandor’s borders who was looking so pitiful. Tieru walked side by side with her guardian, healer’s pale and lean silho
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[DotW] The Stages of Grief
She hadn’t breathed a word to anyone. She knew her older members would want to know, those who had known him well enough. Would they be angry that he had not said goodbye to them? Nadia breathed out heavily, head hung low and steps dragging. A crisp wind ruffled her fur as she trailed along, a forlorn figure in the edge of the woodland.
It had happened so fast. One moment she’d turned, seen him approach, filled with ecstasy at his return from Heyl. A friend was home! It would have been a most joyous reunion, if not for his decision. It was like trees had been uprooted and torn away, leaving a scar that pulsed red and raw. Chandor without Soren was wrong. Nadia without Soren was wrong.
She shook her head, nose scrunched and fur prickling down her back. She could not change things. She could not make him come back. She had to move forwards, as she’d always done. Why, why was it so hard?  
What a lovely day! Remus had just courageously de
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