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Alchemy (Skin for AIMP4) [v1.6]

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By reekawz   |   Watch
Published: January 8, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 reekawz

Say hello to the most advanced AIMP skin ever made, enjoy!


AIMP v4.50 RC 2, Build 2037 or above, if you not have, download it on the link below:


Copy all the folders on that .zip file to your AIMP4 "Plugins" folder

HAMELEON PLUGIN (change skin colors based on album cover colors) (Optional)



OCT/25/2017 (v1.6):
- Added: Light theme option
- Added: Bigger font option
- Added: Progress bar half waveform style
- Added: Progress bar spectrum display style
- Added: Lyrics display
- Added: Library/Playlist split-view
- Added: Playlists on mini player
- Added: Second size information panel album cover
- Other: Complete design review and refinement

FEB/18/2016 (v1.5):
Added: Waveform
- Added: Mini player compact mode
- Added: Cover Viewer
- Other: Optimized for the latest skin engine
- Other: Complete design review

FEB/14/2016 (v1.4):
- Added: Scrollbar on playlist tabs panel
- Other: Layout improvements
- Other: Minor changes

JAN/31/2016 (v1.3):
- Added: Equalizer window
- Added: Colored borders style with light buttons
- Other: Included change log file
- Other: Minor changes

JAN/13/2016 (v1.2):
- Added: Blur amount control

JAN/08/2016 (v1.1):
- Fixed: When the Russian language was selected, custom text lines became empty
- Fixed: In "Artist-Album" info line the dash was visible even when there was no information of artist or album

JAN/07/2016: (v1.0):

- Launch


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
To view a copy of this license, CLICK HERE


I want to thank in advance to all downloads, comments, favourites and shares (you can share this skin anywhere you want)


If you want to contribute, any amount will be appreciated ! Hi! 

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Great skin. Thanks for your hard work. Sliding timed lyrics would be great.
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kaorytsukiStudent Artist
WOW It's perfect! It have all the options... *_* thanks!

Wishlist: I only missed being able to edit the lyrics from the skin. :P
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QualimaHobbyist Interface Designer
Hello dear, your job is great
Please also put the project in order to be able to change and edit a little bit.

thanks brother
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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!!! :iconflyingheartsplz:Love:iconflyingheartsplz:
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FXR-FIXStudent Digital Artist
This skin looks good but I think you should add some layout options for users to adjust to their liking.
- On Playlist section, I would like to put Multi-functional Panel on the left and pull the Playlists tab back to the right.
- Adding Artwork right behind the playlist container (not the way we make it fit, just fill it from the center), or even blur or dim it to your liking (50% maybe) (The same thing you did with Now Playing section)
- Less bigger font (as some guys said that): Can we adjust the number you put in there, sir ? (Example text - 13px)

Your gem looks very promising, we are looking forward to your respond, mister.
FX-Falcon's avatar
Yes bro :) Totally agree with your wishlist :)

But It's important to tell our dear friend that please: Do not delete the Big Font, I mean add the customization of Font Size. For example I can put 20px Font and FXR-FIX can set 9px :) 

I only want this amazing skin be like Dopamine UI Player :) ...


Of course that AIMP is the best audio player, it has very wonderful features. But I really love the UI of Dopamine :)
FXR-FIX's avatar
FXR-FIXStudent Digital Artist
Yes, mate. I mean we can manually adjust the font size in range (may be from 9px - 20px), it's up to you, man :)

Look like you are the big fan of Dopamine. I remember some guys on DA have done this kind of UI available for Foobar2000 which is very decent.

But IMO, I thought AIMP is way better than foobar. FB depends heavily on plugins & skins to make it acceptable. One the other side, it has much potential on customizing things which is a plus.
AIMP itself has wonderful features already built-in, as you said that & I totally agreed.
FX-Falcon's avatar
Exactly dear bro :)

AIMP is, in my opinion, the Best Audio Player for Windows :) ... No Bro, I'm not a Big Fan of Dopamine, I only like a lot its design :) I am a Big Fan of AIMP :) 

I tried FooBar in the past, and It's VERY ugly :( AIMP has features inside that makes the player so nice :D 

I only want the developer of AIMP, to make a better skin :( I really don't like the Default skin of AIMP.

And yes, Custom Font Size in range (1px to 100px) jajajaja :) 
FX-Falcon's avatar
Bro, any news??? :) !!!!
LutinChris's avatar
Don't know where u are or where the fu**ing hell you live, but I should thank you for your amazing job !!!! Spend to much time looking the perfect skin for AIMP and discovering your work was like you already know how exactly I want this app looks like.... I can now delete itunes from my PC
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reekawzHobbyist Interface Designer
Hey!, Thank you!, i'm glad you liked it.

Well, i created this skin based in what i always wanted AIMP to look like as a user, but never seen it in any skin, one that could truly represent how good this player is (at least to me), so i've done my own and that's the result :)
FX-Falcon's avatar
Heeey dear bro :) TheDeviantWizard :) !!!

I truly agree with LutinChris Wishlist :) !!!! I wish more updates and improvement come to the beautiful Alchemy :D !!!

Thanks :D

But, please, don't change the Fonts Size. Add a even smaller font to the options, but Do not remove the Big Font, please :(
LutinChris's avatar
As Fx-Falcon said previously : 

" PD: I registered to this place some months ago, only because of your skin :D (Big Grin) !!!! "

I don't know if it's normal but while listening a playist, it's like the player disappear (stay unavailable) for maybe the five first second and even if your try to use player UI it won't work. I mean AIMP is the active window on my desktop, I can see but can't touch it while songs fading. If there is another app behind AIMP that one will be active if you try to click with the mouse on AIMP, but if behind AIMP there is only the desktop user, the destop became active. While playing games like Battle Realms or street fighter VS Tekken... (even in full Window mode) when AIMP is active with your skin, during the first second of transition from a song to another (fading mode), the game doesn't respond (I mean you can't do any actions and you loose control on the game during those specific second).

As any fan of your skin here is my WISHLIST :
- a dedicated button for stop
- a dedicated button for repeat A-B
- a dedicated button for planification options
- a "like" button as on iTunes
- less bigger font, I mean I need it smaller
- Design refinements across the entire skin : at least better black color for overall skin player or an option to completly change background with a button to switche between those colors like in the original AIMP skin (Bliss 4k)
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Great job! Thanks
FX-Falcon's avatar
Bro :( It was a month since your last post :( !!! 
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reekawzHobbyist Interface Designer
Hello!, I'm still working on the skin, in fact i'm doing it right now :), well, like i said this update will be enormous so it will take some time, here, look what this update will bring:

-New Light theme
-Lyrics display 
-Playlists on mini player
-Playlist/Library split-view mode
-2 Font Sizes
-Volume level display option
-Two new seek bar styles (Spectrum and a new Waveform style)
-The album cover on the details panel will have two sizes
-Design refinements across the entire skin

FX-Falcon's avatar

I'm so excited and anxious :D !!!!!

Don't forget to make it compatible with the next version AIMP v4.50 :) !!!!

And some items of the wishlist:
  • Change the color of the Top Bar and Bottom Bar, based of the average color from the Song's Album Cover :) !!
  • Be Compatible with the new Scale Factor :)
  • Inspire your skin with that Dopamine Audio Player :D (Big Grin) !!! www.digimezzo.com/software/dop…

PD: I registered to this place some months ago, only because of your skin :D !!!! 
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great job! thanks bro :)
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reekawzHobbyist Interface Designer
Hold on guys!, good news is AIMP v4.50 bring many new features so a huge update is coming, it will need a little more time than i expected but soon i will release it
FX-Falcon's avatar
Dear Bro :D !! We are still anxious for the next version of your amazing skin :D !!! I'm sure I will be very impressed :D

New items to add to the wishlist:

* Change the color of the Top Bar and Bottom Bar, based of the average color from the Song's Album Cover :) !!
* Be Compatible with the new Scale Factor :) 
FX-Falcon's avatar
Yeah :D !!!!! With the wishlist please jaja :) !!!
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