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The legs are more in proportion now, but I still think they look kind of weird. Ah well.

My first worm fanart! Huzzah!

My take on Eidolon, as true to Wildbow's description as I could find while keeping some creative freedom. Eidolon is from the web serial Worm by Wildbow.

Speaking of descriptions (quote from the Worm wiki):

“Eidolon wears a blue-green skintight suit with a hood and cape and with sleeves that drape over his hands. The interior of his hood and cape are filled with a green light.” 

And to quote the story for the mask:

The opaque pane of his mask was heavily shrouded beneath the heavy hood he wore, a dim blue-green glow emanating from within.  He was burned, his costume scorched and shredded in places, but the body armor beneath had more or less held.  Shaped to give the illusion that he had more muscle than he did, it seemed.”

Eidolon, the most powerful cape in the world, wears a muscle suit. Ha.

I think I've only seen one picture of Eidolon that doesn't show him with body armour, weirdly enough. I was tempted to avoid it for that reason alone, but a blank, one colour costume looks a little boring. I also felt that Eidolon would go for a slightly military feel (hence the slightly blocky shape to the armour),

1: Because he's the most powerful cape alive, and

2: As the world's most powerful cape and as a Triumvirate member, a sort of subconscious implication that he needs protection makes him seem a bit more human (as well as evoking the PRT BDU (?)).

I may be thinking too much on this. I blame studying English. 

The only description of Eidolon's mask that we get says that it is an "opaque pane", which doesn't exactly inspire the imagination. Again, nearly all the fanart of Eidolon shares the same mask, so I wanted something a little different. It's still the familiar 'Flat, pale, eyeholes' mask, but with the little 'wings I’ve given him over his cheeks; they give the mask some more width and mean that I can copy the shape to other parts of his costume to tie the design together. It also just makes it look a little different (and slightly more interesting than a flat mask.) I thought about removing the eyeholes altogether, but it made him look like something out of a horror movie. 

A coloured version of this is in the works should be coming soon. If anyone likes this then I may get around to doing some of Legend and Alexandria. Comments and criticism are appreciated.

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well you asked, first up why do you have those pieces of armor strapped on, do you have canon to back it up?