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Faenza-Cupertino 4 Kde

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Faenza-Cupertino now for Kde users too! Enjoy! :)

thanks to Tiheum for original Faenza-icons, all credits go to him.

Released under Gnu/Gpl license.

12.10.2010 : Fixed some folder icons, (were still brown, now they are blue)
and Dolphin icon, and massive enlightenment with symbolic link icons,
now the theme is ok and lighter! :D
© 2010 - 2020 TheDeviantMars
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reasonicHobbyist Artist
nice job :D i like
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BaraaryHobbyist Artist
niCe wOrk duDe :)
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Could you please update this with the latest version of faenza cupertino? If you don't want to could you tell me how to port a gnome icon theme to kde?
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some one already made an update on my icon theme.
they are called sth different (like kfaenza cupertino or something)
you can find them on ;)
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Thank you.
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Very nice this theme.
Installed in my kubuntu 11.10, with KDE 4.7.1
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thank you.
you can also find a more updated version on
(different name)
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make my kubuntu look cute!
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Yeah, throw Mac OS X and Windows 7 Aero into a blender and you have yourself Kubuntu ^^ The best of both worlds (as opposed to the worst)
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many things of 7aero were in kde time before...
anyway yes, kubuntu has the best of both, and MORE... :)
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oh yes I believe that ^^
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Can I ask which fonts did you used and how did you configured them? please
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Cantarell, rgba, medium hint 96 dpi :)
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very nice!
i like very much this icon pack in gnome, it'll be better in my arch+kde!
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What program are you using to create/edit icons?
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I don't create icons.
Faenza Cupertino was an existing icon-theme for GNOME,
i just re-arranged the folder tree and icon names to fit for KDE.

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T U, But 1 ? Where did U get ur wallpaper hear??
I have the last 3 KDM's, well actully if I was 2 say truth
I have around 200,
differnt linux Operating systems on CD's and so on,
But 4 some odd reason I have not seen this or have
this Background,
Krazy right
ex wife collects phones
like shoes
and i collecy OS's Nuts
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wallpaper: [link]

man, it is difficult to understand what you write
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nice :) but why do you use Wireshark icon for Dolphin ??
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Because it's blue, so more kde-ish, and both sharks and dolphins are big animals of the sea (even though shark is a fish, dolphin is a mammal) :)
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phantommenace2020Hobbyist Interface Designer
i just instaled KDE-dolphin and other stuff on windows :D and i like it
about the icons they match perfectly
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thx, i'm glad you like them. :)

btw i think you should totally give gnu/linux a try, if you haven't done it yet.
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