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Adwance gtk3

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Ambiance + Adwaita = ADWANCE!

I only made the gtk3.
gtk2 and metacity included, they are Ambiance theme by Ubuntu Artwork theme.

Creative Commons Legal Code Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5

The light-themes package was released under a similar license. This is a derivative work and the original author is the Ubuntu Artwork Team.

6.5.2011 21.10
ATTENTION: please download and update your theme with the latest zip which I just uploaded, it solves an annoying bug with dark background!!!

(there is still a bug with comboboxes text color, but it's a bug of gnome, it is on bugzilla...)

WARNING: this won't work (yet) with gtk 3.1, so stick with 3.0 or use another theme while i'll fix it :)
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Does it work with gtk 3.2.3 ?
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I do not update it anymore, so I think it won't work.
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This is a great work. I wish you had the time to make it look like Ubuntu 11.10's Ambiance.
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thank you.
the theme relies on the Adwaita gtk engine, the default one (the grey/white theme) of gnome3.
I just tweaked the colors and buttons to resemble ambiance, i didn't want to make a "copy" of it.

ambiance was still to be ported to gtk 3 at that time, and now that it is, it relies on Unico gtk engine, so it is way different from mine.

I won't do a lot of work to have a second ambiance theme, since this wasn't my goal from the beginning.

thanks ;)
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Great theme! :) However, where can I change the title-color of inactive windows? Atm it is black and a little hard to read on the dark-chocolate background. Additionally I see a one-pixel high line between the title-bar and the menu-bar of the windows. How can I get rid of this?
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the title bar is not affected by my work.
I just included the ambiance (ubuntu) ones.

Thanks for the compliments ;)
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Nice job on this theme! I'm glad I stumbled upon it as it makes a great addition to half-left's gnome-shell theme.

gnome-shell theme: [link]

The only thing I'm not liking is that the File, Edit, etc bar is black. It makes the titlebar look gigantic!
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it's like that to be similar to ambiance, the gtk2 of ubuntu.
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Nice theme.
And how to get that cool icon bar on the left?
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that's the dock, a gnome-shell extension. :)
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It would look great if you did something about that ugly nautilus breadcrumb...
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Just a suggestion, but I feel like that shadow under the top bar looks a little bit out of place with the buttons on top of it in the foreground.
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I was trying to get an "in-set" look
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If it's a gnome-shell extension, how do you put the dock on the left? And if that is the dash, how is it possible to see without the activities?
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it's the dock extension, you can't find how to move it on the left, on another work of my gallery, in the comments! :)
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ActionParsnip Traditional Artist
How do you apply this please. Looks amazing!!
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with gnome-tweak-tool or dconf-editor :)
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
Doubt: What happened with the window icon that usually appeared in the upper-left side of the window? Did GNOME 3 drop it?
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Yes it is no more there.

I don't know if you can enable it later somehow (gconf-editor) or not.
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
I still don't get why the hate against using window icons. I actually patched Tiheum's Equinox to add the window icons back. I named it Equinox-i and you can download it at But given this, I guess I will be unable to port my mod to GNOME 3...
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Looked for it in gconf-editor.
Apparently it has been completely dropped by the gnome team...
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ArkBlitzHobbyist General Artist
What. Seems I'll have to stick with Unity then. Or, post a bug on the tracker.
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half-leftHobbyist Interface Designer
It's how GNOME Shell works, since there is no need to minimise because there is nowhere to minimise to. it's all about workspaces.
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