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Love At Midnight



Love at Midnight.

I love this one, and it took me the second longest to do I believe. I really love the stars and moon's lighting I added in, thanks to :iconkable1: for helping me learn xD

:Note: Here is the list of all of the brushes I used in my vector pieces. Some might not be in some images, and some might be. Hopefully I didn't miss any brushes that I used, I don't think I did though :) So again, the list of all of the brushes I used on all of my pictures are below. I could just post who's brushes were in each one, but I wasn't sure, I used a little of everything. So to be safe and give credit to everyone here is the list! )

Brushes I Use:

People Silhouettes/Vehicles/Soldiers/Accessories:

:iconphysicalmagic: [link]

:iconneotom130: [link]

:iconredheadstock: [link]

:iconxcassiex24: [link]

:iconlpdragonfly: [link]

:iconbacklashcbd: [link]

:iconmemories-stock: [link]

:icondoyie-gfx: [link]

Land (floating too) /Clouds/Rays/Trees/Moons/Birds/City:








:iconblackbelt777: [link]

:iconfalln-stock: [link]

:iconvelavan: [link]

:iconemmaalvarez: [link]

All Brushes owned by their respective owners. Images put together using all of those brushes owned by me.

:police: Copyright © Will Weremecki, alias TheDeviantIndigo. All rights reserved. My images or writing may not be reproduced or used in any form without my permission.
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Beautiful!! :clap:
Wonderful scene, mood, and lighting!