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The world of Taerel is an original SciFi worldbuilding project by Eytirth.It is about a world both before and after a vampire outbreak. The world is planned to cover fifteen eras of time, from the Stone Age to the Genetic Age before the outbreak and the Awakening Age and Shattering Age after the outbreak.          

You can find our website here:

And all our finished pages here:…

Wanted: Creative Writer.

The writer must write 50,000 words of Wikipedia style lore, They must write the 4 (on places) to 6 (on zu’aan groups) sections to 500 words a section. The sections on places are History, Geography, Plants and Animals. On zu’aan groups, it is History, Psychology, Culture, Government, Military, Religion. Each of these sections needs 500 words of lore, relevant to the topic and the world of Taerel. Places pages need 2000 words of lore total, and group pages 3000 words of lore total.

Read this for all info:…

Please send me, Eytirth#1310 a friend request if interested. Please read the link and decide if you are willing to agree to the terms before contacting me.
Seeking Taerel Contributors, Discord Users and Readers now! Please read these links from… for all the info you will need!