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scream 2 by scorpionman100
Coach Saban by PriscillaW
Placa blanche- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87
Spider drawing by AtomiccircuS
Trail of the megaliths by leguen
Soldier Decillion 12373 spun in the air; then dropped slowly down, feeling that he was sucked in a black hole. “Hey! Wake up!” 12373 returned to consciousness. “I’m alive,” he whispered anxiously. “So it seems.” Decillion 12395 sounded relieved. “What happened?” “The damned new toxin… I was leading a squad sent to collect intelligence about the toxin. Faithfully following the commands, we went about stealthily, hiding and being discreet as dull shadows. I have no idea how they detected us. There was a sudden attack and before we knew, the poison was everywhere. I jumped far above it; this is probably what saved me. The others are dead.” Decillion 12395 shivered. “That dreadful thing is decimating our army,” he said thoughtfully. “They bluntly tell us to keep quiet, but I’m convinced that the damage is way more severe than we think…” “I agree. We should talk to the sergeant.” “He’ll only support the position.” “That would be criminal! He’d better inform the higher-ups about the serious loss before the toxin exterminates us. The infamous thing is vicious… I know! It almost got me!” ***********************************************************The sergeant listened to the soldiers without a word. “A difficult situation…” he murmured finally. “I’ll have to inform the lieutenant. He should inform the colonel, then the brigadier, the general…That could take some time.” “Sergeant, the situation is bad. Close to desperate. Why not talk to the lieutenant and see if he can shorten the chain?” “Yes,” nodded the sergeant, as if impressed by this enlightening advice. “After all, speed is our motto.” ************************************************************************General Decillion glanced at his Majesty, emperor Caronus I. The sovereign was in a bad mood; that much was pretty obvious. The general only hoped that they would not have to deal once more with the well-known tantrums of the ruler. That was bad enough as it was. “Those impossible numbers…” the emperor mournfully shook some info-bubbles that exploded, filling the air with weird symbols that were typically used as codes. “How did this happen? We overwhelmingly outnumbered them. We're fast as light; they're slower than snails. We were on the way to invade them; they were powerless and terrified. How did it come to our people dying?” “Forgive me Majesty,” General Tredecillion said in a booming voice, respectfully bowing his head. “They certainly were frightened, but never ceased fighting. They have been working on sophisticated weapons that would ruthlessly destroy us ever since we appeared.” “And always kept improving them,” General Sexdecillion confirmed. “Plus, the enemy progressively developed new armies against us. While we were slowed down by the heat, they fabricated the toxin and enhanced the power of their armies.” General Vigintillion sounded bitter. “I’ve always said the heat would bring our end, but nobody would listen to me.” The emperor floated aimlessly in the air. Green with fierce anger, he started shaking. «This is unacceptable! You humiliated our noble dynasty –one of the most powerful that the world has ever known! You disgraced our emblem, the glorious Crown! You aren't worthy of it!" The color of the frustrated leader changed from red to yellow, from yellow to green, from green to blue, and he went on swearing, but the curses he uttered were unintelligible in his fury. The generals merely watched him in silence. The peculiar dance and the color-shifting were quite fascinating, thought General Vigintillion irreverently. It might have been a beautiful spectacle had Caronus not been so angry. The frantic dance of the emperor brought back strange memories: it reminded the General of a toy he had received as a gift long ago. Chasing the shifting colors allowed him to think faster and increase his physical speed. The ruler had probably never played with this kind of toy, Vigintillion thought with some burning indignation. “You… should all kill yourselves to wash the terrible shame you brought upon the empire!" Finally, this one sentence came out clearly and all generals heard it. “We will, Majesty,” General Tredecillion claimed firmly. “You have our word. But first, we must save the citizens exposed to the toxin.” The emperor suddenly stood in the air, still as a statue. Maybe it was the resolute determination of the General. Or was it his booming voice? Nobody could say. What is sure is that the ruler first stopped jumping and shaking, and then resumed his natural color. “Of course,” he agreed. “This is an absolute priority… What are your suggestions?” He looked at each general stupidly, anxious to be told what to do. “Majesty, first of all, let me inform you that our brightest minds are working on neutralizing the toxin,” General Sexdecillion said. “We also enforce our mighty army,” Tredecillion affirmed. “Increasing numbers, but also working intensively on the shape-shifting of our soldiers. This will allow a better adaptation in the new environment.” “Moreover, we develop stealth technologies and train our soldiers in improved techniques of sneakiness,” added General Quadrillion. “Soon, they will infiltrate our enemies without being detected.” This is all to no avail, Vigintillion thought. We should have done all this before. Now, it is too late. He wisely kept this opinion to himself. “We just need time, Majesty,” was the only thing he said. "In the meantime, the best course of action is to warn our subjects they have to stay at home. We follow your commands,” Tredecillion said in such a tone of voice that one would swear the emperor had given this order seconds ago. “Of course,” said the emperor, bumping his body on the soft solid surface that served as a table. “Everybody stays at home. Er… where exactly is “home”?” He turned to Tredecillion for help. “Why, exactly where you suggested, Majesty. As far away as possible from the lethal toxin. At the only place where we can feel safe: the Flying Dark Caves, where we lived previously.” “Dark Caves,” repeated dully the emperor. “Yes. This sounds like a brilliant idea. Hardly surprising; I always have brilliant ideas…” “Indeed, Majesty! We would be hopelessly lost without you,” Tredecillion roared like a lion with a toad’s heart. Not that such futile details would bother the sovereign, Vigintillion thought ironically. Honesty was the only thing Caronus couldn’t bear. “Fine. Take everybody back there. It’s an order!” “At your command, Majesty! This will be effective immediately.” All generals rose in the air. “Our soldiers will instantly transfer the citizens to the Flying Dark Caves. There, they will stay at home.” “Do this.” The generals exited the conference room, leaving the emperor alone. Satisfied, he congratulated himself on his smart decision. He was a great leader. Not a shadow of doubt about this. ********************************************************************Decillion 12395 had spotted the last inhabitants in the enemy land: a small family of about eight hundred members hiding near the foot of the Wind Mountains close to the Red River. “We have to evacuate you,” Decillion 12373 said. “Haven’t you heard the emperor’s orders to quit this contaminated land?” “We… have.” The chief of the family looked embarrassed. “What are you still doing here then?” “We… We just wanted to enjoy the place a little bit longer.” “Enjoy?” Decillion 12395 could hardly control his anger. “A deadly toxin is killing our people. We’re all at risk. The official announcements were extremely clear. Acting so recklessly, you expose yourself, the members of your family and the soldiers of the Crown Army of his Majesty to death! Follow me immediately. Consider yourselves lucky; I won’t report you.” “Really?” The chief of the family looked at the soldier with welcome relief and some suspicion. “Why would you do this for us?” “We cannot afford to lose more people. We’ll just take you to a safe place. Otherwise, orders are to execute those who don’t obey.” “Thank you,” the family muttered in unison and followed the soldiers without another word. The journey was long. To go undetected, they discreetly followed the Red River. They walked cautiously across the Wind Mountains; then glided in the dark and humid Hurricane Tunnels. Finally, the group managed to get out thanks to the Breathing Windmills. When they finally floated in the air, all of them were exhausted. “It would have been easier through the Red River,” some family members said to the soldiers. “Why did you follow this path?” “It’s safer. The toxin usually comes through the Red River, and this is why we prefer to avoid it.” They pursued the journey on a scale-skinned giant and went on in a smaller winged creature. “Do we still have long to go?” The elder family members were exhausted. “Is that a dragon?” The younger family members were curious to know. “Like in fairy tales?” “No… This isn’t a dragon,” Decillion 12395 said gently. “It’s not that big. Our ancestors knew this under the name of “butterfly.” The imperial family prefers the name of “Winged Shifter.” Our savants always admired those creatures for their power of transformation. Maybe this is true – I don’t know. We don’t often use them as a permanent place of residence. But sometimes, they are useful for fast traveling.” “Also, we’re probably not too far from our destination,” Decillion 12373 added hurriedly before the young ones asked more questions. He had barely ended his sentence when they were violently shaken. Everything became dark. “Are we dead?” A soft voice whispered. “No. We’ve reached our destination. Welcome to our home – the Dark Flying Caves.” ** ***************************************************Doctor Weng entered room number 22 and read the chart of the patient. Most symptoms had improved, but the young lady was still tired and slept long hours. He was checking on her immunologic tests when she opened her eyes, looked around a brief moment, and closed her eyelids again. “Good morning Sandrine,” Dr. Weng said gently. “How are you today?” “Dr. Weng,” the young girl muttered. “I… I had a weird dream…” “A nightmare?” “No, not really. That was… strange. They all had to go away. They were… threatened by something that could kill them. They left the Wind Mountains and the Red River, went through a slithering ringed-tunnel and managed to escape via the …Breathing Windmill. Then the creatures entered a scaled beast that looked like a small dragon but wasn’t one; later, a butterfly bore them to a place they called Flying Dark Caves – that was their name for bats…” “Who were those who escaped?” Dr. Weng was eager to announce the good news to the patient, but for some reason that he couldn’t explain to himself, was intrigued by that dream. “I’m not quite sure. There were so many of them that they were named after numbers. Tiny, little creatures like pixies or goblins with spikes on their heads…” “Spikes?” “Yes… Sort of…spiked crowns…” “How strange!” Dr. Weng stroked his chin. “Spikes. Like the coronavirus that affected you. And those places you described… Let’s see: Wind Mountains could be your lungs. The red river – your blood vessels. The ringed-tunnel sounds like the trachea. And the Breathing Windmills… the nose! Your subconscious passed on the message that you were getting better and your breathing airways are free. You can breathe better; this explains the dream. Fascinating!” “Am I better or was it just a dream too?” “You are much better. We’ll do an X-Ray to check your lungs. But you are recovering.” “I’m still tired. I sleep so much…” “This is normal too. You had pneumonia; your body had to fight the virus. You need to rest.” “Do you think I’ll go home soon?” “In a few days. But I contacted your family. Your mother will come visiting later in the morning. Your husband works so he will be here in the evening.” For the first time, Sandrine looked bewildered. “My family will come here? But… what about the quarantine? Nobody is supposed to come near me. And you…" She observed the doctor was only wearing a white coat above his shirt. No mask. No gloves. “You didn’t take precautions! Am I no longer contagious?” “The quarantine is no longer necessary, Sandrine. At present, we can cure the disease. A team of researchers is close to getting a vaccine too.” “There is a cure for the virus?” “Absolutely. An extremely efficient drug.” “This is good news!” Her face beamed as she sat, enthusiastic, on the bed. She pursed her lips, moaned and lay down. “Damn it! Why be exhausted when I should be celebrating?” “There’ll be plenty of time to celebrate,” Dr. Weng smiled. “For the moment, you just sleep as much as you like. I’ll come again later.” He closed the door behind him and stepped to the next room, but paused and stood still, recalling the words of the patient about her dream. A bat… Bats had been the first reservoir of the virus. That was in news throughout the world. That the patient had dreamed of bats was not surprising. But the scale-skinned animal… Its description evoked a pangolin. There were theories that the virus was transmitted from bats to pangolins before contaminating humans. But this info had not spread in the news. It wasn’t even proved. How could the patient know about this? And what was the meaning of the butterfly? Never has there been any presumption that the coronavirus could affect butterflies or moths. Dr. Weng frowned. In his family, dreams were highly respected. Despite being a man of science, he had never entirely rejected the beliefs of his ancestors. Of course, dreams were nothing like laws of physics: strange and chaotic, very often their explanation remained obscure - if there was any. He rubbed his eyes and shrugged. The patient was still exhausted. Part of her dreams was most likely mere whimsies due to her brain recovering after a severe disease. When was the last time he had slept for more than eight hours? He couldn't remember. Maybe it was time to take a break. He needed to catch on sleep. ******************************************** It was a magic night. The forest was as quiet as a deserted graveyard. There was little activity among the bats as the majority was still hibernating. General Vigintillion loved calm. Unfortunately, inside the bat where they had taken refuge, there was a tremendous commotion. Countless noisy bubbles floated in the air. Most of them contained stay-at-home orders. The Crown Army urged the citizens to remain inside the Dark Caves. Not leaving for any reason: there was a considerable risk of exposure to the lethal toxin that humans had invented against them. “They can detect you everywhere,” one bubble shouted in the booming voice of General Tredecillion. “They’ll destroy our Dark Caves, and there will be no place left for us.” General Vigintillion wasn’t sure that the info was completely accurate. Scaring citizens into obedience was a well-known tactic of the military. What amazed him most was the info in some other bubbles: “Humans have deliberately stored us in bats, aiming at our extermination.” That was nonsense. The General was, nevertheless, surprised that so many citizens and even a few experienced military officials sometimes believed this rubbish. Vigintillion floated slowly toward the head of the bat, which was less crowded. He needed a moment alone. How sad all this was, he thought bitterly. For the first time in Virus History, they had almost succeeded in defeating humans and becoming the masters of the world. The units under his commands had been extremely efficient in weakening the enemy. They would have outperformed all others was it not for the stupid impulsiveness of the emperor and that imbecile Tredecillion who always pushed the sovereign in the wrong direction. “Kill them all!” had ordered the emperor and idiot Tredecillion had agreed without a second thought. Vigintillion had left his men in the middle of a crucial battle to try and reason with the foolish monarch and his counselor. To destroy humans was pure folly, he said. Why not take more time? A few more mutations would allow them to have humans under control, which was much more interesting and smarter than to crash the species that they used as hosts. The emperor had paid no heed to him. Vigintillion followed the sovereign's orders, not because he was frightened, but to try and save as many of his people as possible. Unlike the ruler of the Crown dynasty, he never had underestimated humans. The stubbornness of the emperor and the stupidity of his generals - a bunch of useless toadies, had led to their defeat. Vigintillion produced the viral equivalent of a snort of contempt. It wasn’t just the emperor and the generals, he thought bitterly. Lack of sense was a predominant feature in his species. Deep inside, the general knew they would never rule the world. There was a muffled sound close to the bat. The general concentrated, trying to understand what was going on outside. He could perceive a presence. A human… Doctor Weng had left his companions partying to celebrate the victory on the virus and walked deep into the forest. He sat by the lake and observed two swans floating gracefully on the surface of the water. How sad that most people weren't able to appreciate silence, he thought. During the epidemic, humankind had lost its intolerable arrogance and finally understood how vulnerable they were. Once the virus defeated, fear was gone. Humans returned fast to their nasty old habits: Greed. Arrogance. Selfishness. Would that ever change? Doctor Weng wasn’t too optimistic. He neither regretted saving lives nor complained about all the sleepless nights in the hospital. He loved his job and firmly believed that human life was sacred. What a pity that most of his fellows weren’t humbler, though. The majority would return to their lives, thinking they were immortal and indestructible… There was a faint sound. Dr. Weng turned his head to a narrow stone cave, not far from where he was sitting. With some effort, he managed to identify the source of the sound: a bat. Eyes half-closed, hanging upside-down, the animal was motionless. Probably still hibernating, thought Dr. Weng. Just a few feeble wing movements as it started to wake up. Of a sudden, he experienced a peculiar sensation. It was as if someone was observing him from inside the bat. For a while, Dr. Weng had an intense feeling that the creature could understand his thoughts and somehow agreed with them. That caused a vivid emotion and deep respect for whoever was inside the bat. Moreover, the feeling was mutual… The overwhelming impression didn't last. What was that? Dr. Weng tried to collect his thoughts. A spirit of the forest? Nonsense! There wasn’t such a thing. As a child, he used to believe in the spirits of the old stories his grandmother told him. Now, a grown-up and a man of science, he no longer believed in legends and fairy tales. Why not? Do you think that humans know everything? Weren’t you thinking something about human arrogance just a while before? His mind was playing tricks on him. “Shut up!” He shouted to himself. He was so damn tired! To allow fatigue taking over his mind was out of the question. No more philosophy or internal dialogs for tonight, he thought. Just some peace. Leaning his back against a tree, he looked at the beautiful swans that floated gracefully on the lake. A gentle breeze murmured through rustling leaves. It was like music – a sweet and melodious song; a soothing lullaby. Pleasant tranquility flowed down upon him, invading his body and his soul. Clouds dissolved, revealing the brilliant full moon that shone above the trees, like a benevolent silver divinity protecting the forest. It was a magic night....
VampireIf I am to tell you that I was a vampire, how will you react? Will you run? Will you scream? Or will you ponder in amazement with eyes brimmed with intrigue and lust? Fiction got it right mostly. We are who you think we are at the surface. But we are more. I know now after living for a century and human perception is too limited to understand the powers beyond science, or pseudo-science as it is called. Even if I answer your questions, your imagination will overpower the truth that I will tell because such is the nature of humanity, they cannot accept what they cannot understand.However, I will share with you just this once. I'm in the mood for a deep conversation and share my experiences. You seemed the listening type and one who is clearly interested in my kind.So, shall we begin? Your gaze and impatience amuses me. Do not worry, I will not stall...We vampires are unique. Just as humans are with their DNA. We were human after all before becoming this body. Although we have survive on drinking the blood of humans, some are perfectly fine draining their victims while others do not. We still maintain the personalities and virtues that defined us when we were human. And we have our own preferred tastes too. The stereotype that O-negative is the most tasty is a lie even if it is rich in flavor. I prefer AB blood types - positive or negative. O-Negative doesn't really satisfy me compared to the latter. I must also add that a person's personality, health, and age, define how fruitful blood can be. A young healthy human, man or woman, is the ideal meal. Innocent or not they taste the same, but innocence is subjective and I am one of those that do a favor by ridding society with forgettable simpletons. Some do not care and simply drink from whoever they please. As I have said, it all matters to the vampire themselves. You won't eat something rotten now would you? Ha-ha! That's why we go after the healthy ones. Those that are fatally sick can somehow weaken us, but not enough to kill us. We may suffer an upset stomach for days or weeks but if we fixed our diet we would become healthy again. You look dumbfounded. I will continue. Understand that I'm trying to keep things simple so that you can understand. Do you have any questions?Fictional vampires such as Dracula? Carmilla? Or the fabled Elizabeth Bathory that bathed in the blood of virgins? I think you know the answer.Dracula exists. He's in Transylvania, Romania, living as a wealthy owner of Bran castle under an alias. You ask if he was the legendary Vlad Tepes? It is true. He wears that name with pride. No other vampire can match his ego and affinity with nostalgia. Our conversations over drinks consists of mostly his impossible feats in battle, the way he laughed and beamed with pride over the spearing and parading of his foes, his strategies against Byznantium armies. But he does not speak of the Wallachian defeat and the siege of Wallachia, his ultimate failure. I could but listen and provide him companionship. But even he is beyond that. He prides himself the ultimate warlord, his nose stuck in books, and deep connections with his kind were beneath him. His traditional values kept his brides cooped up horribly in a tower, starved of agency. He and I argued about this; I told him that they deserve to roam the world and not to be kept as his trophies. We dueled. It ended in a stalement and we took to the parlor for complimentary drinks of mutual respect. And what of the brides? They have their own names and they wander together, tasting freedom, and basking in the gifts of the world that was deprived of them for so long. I remember those long-haired beauties; blonde, brunette, and a red-head. God knows where they are now but I know that they would return to Transylvania to visit the old count then continue their travels.I visited Dracula often when I could. I keep a memorabilia that reminds me of our friendship. This bottle that I wear around my neck consists of his blood and he possesses a similar token of my blood. We are sentimental of such things. He is a treasured friend and it's an immense privilege to know him. I would like to speak of Carmilla. I am fond of her as well as Liz. But their philosophies are not so easily changed. We often butt heads when we speak, debating on the way we hunt or live our lives. I held a disdain for Liz in using poor young virgins to her lair and depriving them of a future. Carmilla lived a quiet life with Laura, not so much to say there.I feel an existential dread rekindling such memories. Although the night is indeed young and the moon is beautiful, untouched by time. It shines brightly, the heavenly light of darkness. You see, we are no different. Dracula, Carmilla, the vampires from around the world who live just as they do, we live on our terms just like you do. Except we often avoid day time. The only thing that separates us from humans is constant avoidance of the sun. But there are vampires who could miraculously walk among humanity without getting a single bat of an eye. I am one of them. I do know know how but it is life's many great mysteries. I can sense that you're tired. You try to keep your eyes open, eager to learn more, but the alcohol has took over. You are but to succumb to it soon for drinking so much in a short amount of time.How did I get in again? Why, I entered through the window. It was open. Do we have to be invited to get in? It's obvious that I did not need to ask you, right? Notions that we have to be invited to get in, a silver bullet to the heart, fixations against the holy cross - are but myths. You see, I keep a rosary in my coat pocket, I visit the church every Sunday, I listen to the sermons. Although some hate religion, I admire it. I do believe there is God, just as I believe the devil exists. You're eyelids are heavy. You ask me again - "Who are you? How did you get in here?" in such a soft and raspy voice. Just like you I might get drunk tonight. The chemical streams freely through your veins but I was in the mood for a little kick to start of the night. "Who are you?" You ask again.With a motherly hush, I held you in my arms, raising your chin. I know that your head is aching and your blood warm and racing. There will be pain but it will be pleasurable. Your last hour will be in heaven.Thank you for listening...
Le Viaduc Du Day 3 by LePtitSuisse1912
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Wonder Woman Animated -25 (2017 movie poster) by JK-Antwon
Enjoying Sunshine by OstrowskiArt
flowers by Gudzart











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