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So I won't bore any one with details, but I need money fast. And I'm willing to work for it. So anyone who wants a drawing, I'll do it. I'm too desperate to care about what I'm drawing and pricing. Look at least a min of five bucks for a sketch thing. So please, COMMISSION ME! If not then share this so someone else might do it. Thanks for whatever you can do.
would anyone like to get some of my custom brushes or anything? I've got a good amount so if you want just ask, I just posted some of the stuff it can do so there's an idea of what it looks like. So Yeah, just holler at me. Also I love you guys! 

This was the animation project I was working on for Gallery 37 over the summer. This was hell to produce. we had a 6 week deadline which is already asking for a lot when compared with animation. But then! it was cut to a 4 week deadline. So we had to come up with a story, draw up the character sheets, storyboard it, keyframe it, animate it. And on top of that! We did something different where we added in backgrounds and color. So we then took all the frames of animation and colored them, then cut each frame out and taped it to a peg bar paper so you could see the backgrounds. No let me say, animating a scene is hard cause it takes up a few days to do, inking a scene takes an additional amount of time to do, but coloring and cutting out is almost ridiculous because it takes so much freakin time its crazy! We did this in 4 weeks! And by we, I mean myself and one other person. It was painful, I stayed up nights to work on some of it at home, also I got really irritable. But in any case we finished it. AND! It was okay. Hard to understand the plot I know, it was a huge mistake on my part that I wish I could have fixed. But here's the gist of it.

    Mark Holly, a professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University, discovered in 2007 a stonehenge like structure under Lake Michigan. How could something like this come to be? I not sure. I merely gave an idea based on my love for a certain show starting with S and a certain character in it starting with G. That was my influence, but essentially these two beings, Blue Chert and Carnelian (which are stones commonly found in lake Michigan) come together to form a new being that rises sea levels to create Lake Michigan itself. And the stonehenge structure is where they were formed. Hard to believe, I don't blame you. Believe it or not, this was the best animation I've ever worked on. I did this one this summer because last summer's project was a disaster. It was a rotoscope dance sequence I worked on with a group of friends. But frames got messed up and things were less then quality when the time came. I left Gallery 37 that year to try and improve my skills. I'd say it worked. But you can be the judge of that.

Never the less, I worked a lot on this 
project. (don't tell anyone this but I did a good chunk of the the animation as well as all the editing, I don't want to hog all the credit as my partner Alfred Banks was amazing. He did the inbetweening which is usually the most work. But I did have to go back and smoothen out a few frames to make them really good. The part when Blue Chert comes out of the stone was so effing flawless I was so happy.) But maybe thats why this project felt so hard. I think I must have been a bit of a control freak as the director. We did all this complicated stuff because I wanted to. Then i get mad over it. I really just wanted to make it the best I could for my last year since I'm off to college on the 19th. 

In any case. I hope you all enjoy my project! Stones. I hope to do more of it in the future! And be sure to let me know what you guys think.   
First five people to comment get a surprise art from me!! But I hope you have a reference for yourself!!!!!
        So as I'm not so sure you all know, I'm a huge Steven Universe fan. Of course it's visually stunning, but what I've been so engrossed over is the writing. You'd be surprised just how thought provoking and deep some of the episodes are. It really sets itself apart from any other show on TV as it tells more about the story in each episode then any other show on Cartoon Network and even other networks all together. The best parts of the show are without a doubt the characters and emotions that coincide with it. We always learn more about each character and how they react to the world and each other, what they feel and what they've been through always intrigues us and makes us really feel for these characters. We learn to love them and appreciate them more and more as the show goes on. So now I'd like to talk about one of the best characters in the show, Amethyst. She's kind of the odd ball of the team, the one whose outside the box and isn't like the others as she's more of a loose canon fun loving gal. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Amethyst is one of the most emotionally complicated characters in the show. Many issues of where she was born, who she loved (as in like family), and how the others feel about her, all come together as obstacles she must face. She's always felt the feeling of not belonging. Similar to us at some point in our lives we feel like no one loves us or is on our side. Even our closest friends can sometimes seem so different to us. In any other show she'd be just the goofy one on the team, right next to the smart one, the leader, and the big guy (sometimes their super buff and other times their a little plump). Here though they actually make her not only likable but understandable and lovable. She's had her moments where she's gone over the edge but usually it's with merit and you can see why she does it. It's a bit harsh, but it is understandable, there is truth to what she does. And she does grow as a character from her mistakes.

         It's important I mention this because in order to go through this episode in particular you need to know who Amethyst is. And why here She goes too Far. In this episode entitled Maximum Capacity she speaks to Steven's father (Greg Universe) after he tries to leave their binge watching of their former favorite show Little Butler, to meet up with Steven at the beach for the Forth of July celebration. Amethyst is unhappy about this, she continues to try to keep Greg staying. Greg-being a responsible father-refuses to stay as he's already gone back on his promise to Steven, he's late and it's already been a day. This is where it starts to go too far. Amethyst tries to make it seem like Steven is less important than the show. Greg continues to say he can't stay, Amethyst then mocks him by shapeshifting to make her look like Greg, she insults him for being sensitive. He refuses to let this get to him though. This is when she snaps. She blames him for separating her from Rose (Steven's mother who is no longer with them) and says he'd do whatever she'd want. But This... This is where She went TOO FAR, Over the limit, Just Wrong. She morphs into to Rose to upset Greg, he turns away to prevent himself from seeing this as her can't handle seeing the image of the woman he loved. She goes on to egg him on, not stopping. And all this while Steven is watching. Skipping ahead she somewhat redeems herself by fixing a broken picture frame which had the image of Greg with Rose. 

          So here's my problem with this episode. I understand that Amethyst is complicated, she's been through so much and has managed to come out of it as a stronger person, as a Gem. But This???!!! This was the first time I saw myself disliking Amethyst, almost hating her. She's toying with the emotions of not just Greg, but Steven too. And she doesn't care about how they feel, only that it messes with them. That it hurts, that's all. Then instead of answering for such and insulting and disrespectful act, she runs off. Refusing to settle the issue at hand. It's important to mention their clearing out Greg's storage unit of all it's stuff, as it's growing out of control. This is used to show that there is a lot of memories Greg has of his past, good and bad. Amethyst's room is full of junk as well which she keeps. At the end they clean out the storage unit as Amethyst decides to keep some of his junk in her room instead. Metaphorically meaning she still carries some of those painful memories no matter what. This is one problem as yes it helps Greg, sorta making the weight on his shoulders ease but it keeps Amethyst in this state of never letting go. Not in the sense of forgetting the good times, in the sense of not letting the pain leave her. The good part of her decides to do the good deeds of helping Greg, but the bad side won't allow her to solve the problem for sure. She can't really open herself to others yet because... She doesn't love herself anymore. She did when Rose was there as Rose really helped her get through her insecurities, but with Rose gone, there's no help. No one to teach her to love her. And you can't truly love others... if you don't first love yourself. Amethyst is like a child in some respects as she doesn't always use restraints in conversations. She'll go out of line because like a child, she in some ways doesn't know any better. Rose was her mother too, Amethyst relied on Rose to protect her and teach her how to be a Gem. With her gone, Amethyst is reeling from it. She was a happy as a kid when Rose was alive, but now she's become much older than any human. So without Rose she's not happy, therefor she refuses to in the sense "grow up" as growing up means forgetting Rose and what she loved. Though this isn't the case. Amethyst only thinks this is what it means. Because of this Amethyst is showing what happens when you refuse to wisen up and act like an adult, you have no self control and no limit to what's wrong or right. You only see your way and anyone else who sees it differently is wrong or bad. I love Amethyst, even when she was still new she was still full of wonder. I thought myself to be one of the few people who loved her for who she is, and I still love her. But this was too much for me. She didn't just get into a physical attack like with Garnet or Pearl. She struck a Low Blow mentally and emotionally. It was the only time she'd ever done it. And it hurt. She had no right, no reason, and she did it. And no amount of cleaning or frames can make Me Forget what she did. She went Too Far in my opinion. I understand she fears being alone and she is by far not without some merit. But you can't do something like this and not feel ashamed. She did show remorse, because at the end of the day she still has a heart full of love. And I pray she learns from this and becomes much stronger in the end (which I'm sure she will). But right now, I can't honestly forgive her. Not yet at least, someday... just not today.

I love you Amethyst. be strong... But be kind. Rose wants you to, and so do I
~with love, Sandino.

P.S. It's late, I need to go to bed so I can't gloss over any spelling errors I made right now. Sorry.
Today is Febuary 2nd, but yesterday there was snow. The largest amount Chicago had. I realize why. Yesterday, a great man passed. A legendary creator left. His name was Monty Oum. He is most recently know for RWBY, as well as working on RvB and the very popular Haliod animation. After reading more on him I saw he had similar traits to myself. We both in a young age shared time on lack of energy, and we have both seen those close to use pass on. But looking aside from that I must focus on what I must say. Monty Oum, though not a celebrity, was an honorable soul. He passed too early for a man. Soon I fear a great friend of mine will pass on as well. But if there is one thing Monty would say, it would be this. "Achieve your potential". Animators are some I the hardest working people on the planet, and while his you get years were passive, he strived on. Two years ago on his Birthday, his mother passed while he was still working on RvB. He honored her name and made her proud by turning his life around and stepping out of the plagues that haunted his family. I ask those of you who read this, keep it up. Life is short- but it's those whom we meet that make it. Love those around you, make them proud. Honor your name, as I will honor yours. Just as you have honored me. I love you all.

With love, rest in peace, Monty Oum

Wow, been awhile... hehe... don't be mad... please.

I'm sorry for the lack of... everything. It's not been easy these last few months. Schools been crazy and college preparations are like UHG!!!! It's been hard to want to draw and upload stuff here. I've for sure made big improvements with my art but I'm still working on it. If I get the chance I can upload this one pic I did recently. 

But aside from that I one second place in the Urbance contest, that made my life. 


:iconskyrore1999: tagged me so I'd like to do it for her. She's super cool. I'm strapped for time though so I'm just gonna have to reuse her questions and not list the rules. Sorry gal, you know I love you.

1. Whats your Name? (optional, dont want to be invasive) 
Sandino David Sanchez Palumbo. I'm latino so saying the whole thing is kinda my deal.
2. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
Seoul Korea. Lot's of animation tips there.
3. Fav giant monster? *distant footsteps*
"YO RAISE UP! It's Staypuff, I stay fluff and stay tough. Blaze chumps and flip ladies butter side up!"
4. preferred method of drawing? (Give me tips please I need them)
Hand drawn pencil. Note me bra!
5. your wearing green right now, did I get it right?
No... too low...
6. If you could throw a book at anyone's head right now who would it be?
I throw a instant draw book at myself.
7. Oh look it's Godzilla. *snaps picture*
Mame I'm afraid you can't be doing that come on. :3
8. Your mother smells of elderberries. 

Dick. I fart in your general direction, and it's your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.
9. if you could pick any canceled cartoon to come back which would you pick?
Samurai Jack of course.
10: Alright I am done, so I am going to hug you now, Hug
Awwww, your so sweet... I'm gonna hug you too

So now I'm gonna tag the last ten people to watch me! Also thanks for those of you who have been watching me, mucho amo!

Alright that's it for now, love yas
OH MY GOD GUYS!!!!! URBANCE KICKSTARTER IS ALMOST DONE!!!!! GET OVER THERE AND DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN!!!!! Djxnelxhsmchsmalalxhsjdnbxjdhfhanshhd didnndjwdbdjmsjdnkxjejsnkchdiiqpq!!!!!!!! If you don't know what Urbance is then you can check it all out here… Please everyone, do what you can. These guys really could use it. Plus... It's just... So... AWESOME!!! *cries and whimpers in the corner*.

Thanks so much, best wishes, Sandino.
ALRIGHT LISTEN UP Y'ALL. Please. So I'm doing a contest were I can win a very important T-shirt. And the contest involves a very common request. Drum Roll.....


So here's what ya do, go to my Facebook at… and like the image for the Urbance Kickstarter and share it with as many people as possible. And if you can donate to the Urbance Kickstarter even Better! Heres the link… You get some cool prizes and help an amazing show. I'll do any requests or confirmations of friend requests and likes and stuff in return. So to everyone, HELP ME OUT, but More Importantly, HELP URBANCE!!!!!!!

Love y'all.

I just received this message from Joel Dos Reis Viegas! Also known as :iconfeerikart:, And the creator of Urbance. For my picture Gender Wars End In Hugs, the picture I made him for his Birthday.
:Oooooh thank you thousand times Sandino! What a gift man, wow! Too much man, always there for you, you know that, peace.

So that made me to crazy, I mean the first time this guy replied to me was on my Birthday and he was really awesome with what he said, so I still hang on to that comment because it means so much coming from my hero. But, if that wasn't enough, he did this...…

He printed out my picture, and put it on his wall, His Wall! Keep in mind, this wall is filled with the artworks of the many talented and hardworking artist working at Steambot studio. People who have more experience and know more on how to perfect a drawing more than me. People who are professionals and do professional work. He probable has tons of designs he can put on his wall that  are much better than what I did. Yet he still does it. He prints my picture and puts it on his wall. It's... It's more than an honor to me, it's more than a privilege. It's... Well... I had to look up words that were better than honor, so here's what I found...
...account, adoration, adulation, aggrandizement, apotheosis, approbation, attention, canonization, celebration, confidence, consideration, credit, deference, deification, dignity, distinction, elevation, esteem, exaltation, faith, fame, fealty, glorification, glory, greatness, high standing, homage, immortalization, laud, laurel, lionization, notice, obeisance, popularity, praise, prestige, rank, recognition, renown, reputation, repute, reverence, tribute, trust, veneration, worship, and wreath.

Some of these I'm not sure if they completely express how  grateful I am to him.
So to Joel
                    Mes remerciements et appréciation n'est vraiment pas suffisant. Mots ne peuvent exprimer le niveau de reconnaissance que j'ai pour ce faire, sauf ceux que je viens d'énumérer là-haut. Honnêtement j'ai jamais pensé que vous seriez cette grande personne à quelques amateurs de 17 ans, de Chicago. Je t'appelle mon héros pour votre travail acharné et l'impact sur moi, mais après cela, j'ai une encore plus grande raison pour dire qu'il et le savoir. Alors je dis merci au fond sans fin plus profond de mon cœur, Désolé si c'est des sons un peu bizarres, je vais tout simplement s'asseoir dans le coin pour cela. Retour au point, Merci n'est pas assez fort Joel, mais elle est assez ferme, donc tous mes remerciements mon ami. Espérons que rien mais le meilleur pour vous et rien que le meilleur pour votre spectacle

Votre fan fidèle, dévoué et un ami Sandino.

Also if the grammar is off I'm very sorry, I used a translator to write this cause I thought French would be easier to read, If it isn't I'm sorry.

Now to anyone/everyone else reading this I need a favor from you. I don't have a Facebook, so if anyone out there has one I'd really appreciate it if you can go to the Urbance Facebook page and send this to him. Thanks if anyone can help.
Oh jeez, there are two birthdays today from two of my deepest friends here on DA. First my friend :iconamazoness-king:. I remember we met by him responding to a comment I left on an art piece from an artist who shall remain nameless for good reasons. He was really cool and we became friends quickly. He was one of the first here to watch me on DA, take note of that I'm bringing it up later, then he just became one of these guys who made me keep trying. I'll share a little secret with you guys. I was indeed a plagiarist, sorta. So going from doing stuff that was super un-talented to what I do now was defiantly thanks to him. He kept me going even though I was really bad. He's a wonderful guy with a great attitude and a kind heart. He doesn't deserve anything less then happiness. He's been a great friend to me and I deeply appreciate it.

Now onto :iconmaggiemeg1234:, I found her while looking through the DA main page. I saw her work and I was like :iconyooyayplz: so I watched her and left a comment saying how much I loved her works. At this time I thought she was one of these "so talented they can't respond to a comment", not that she would by mean, just that she wouldn't do it often... I think... This is giving the wrong idea. Anyway the point is I didn't expect her to respond to me. Then she did, and it was awesome, it's like :iconwolfjedisamuel: all over again, still can't believe :iconwolfjedisamuel: watched me. She was so thankful, she even gave me a watch, something I really didn't expect, again keep that in mind. We became friends and I adored her, I still do to this day. But one of the greatest things she ever did for me was this. At one time I was going through the "I'm not good at art and will never" be phase of an artist, in some respects I still am. But she did this, she told me why she watched me, and why she thought I was worth such an honor.
" Oh! Well, where to start....

-I love all the details from your art and how much effort is put and shown in each piece

-I just adore your styles! It's so comic/badass like and I lurv it >u<

- I really like your pencil work! It's so awesome and the lines are usually so clean, meanwhile mine can occasionally be all sketch

- I just plain love your art. I mean, I listed the main reasons, but honestly, your stuff is waaaay to epic for words  Please just take another look at your drawings and you'll see what I mean ^^"

That really helped me. I couldn't believe someone could say something so nice to me. Usually I'm the one who says stuff like that to the people I watch, but to have it said to you is truly amazing. She's the truest of friends, having me as one of the people on her main page was just icing on the cake. So I thank her, and I thank Johnny. And now to bring it all together, I thank each and every one of you for the milestone of 50 watchers. I'm surprised I got this far. While I know it's still not much it just means a lot to me that people care. So to reiterate, Happy Birthday to Maggie and Johnny. And thank you all. Much love - Sandino.
1. You must choose only ONE of your OCs. Do it again if you wanna use another OC.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Title the journal as "OC's Quiz"
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!!!
So I was lucky enough to have my friend Scarlett at :iconfurrybound: offer me this quiz for a friend (OC) of mine to take. So I tried it with Bandit first but he left everything blank (which begs the question I know he's mute but he can still write right?). So I couldn't get him unfortunately. Talon was out of town and Hannibal and Daggers are in jail (ironically not for criminal activities but for freakin speeding. Quite strange). I'd do it but I think you guys are bored with all the facts I've already told. So I'm sorry guy but I guess...

Kari: Yo kid.

Sandino: *GASP* KARI OF COURSE!! You can do it!

Kari: Woh hang on a sec I just got here Kay. What's up first of all.

Sandino: Can you take a quiz for me?

Kari: Quiz? What quiz.

Sandino: it's a character quiz.

Kari: hmmmm... Ight whateves.

Sandino: YAY!
*glomps Kari and kisses her cheek*

*Kari smiles and blushes*

Sandino: I'll leave you some privacy while you do it.

Kari: Kay then.

Sandino: Alright have fun I love you! *as said in a cute voice*

Kari: Alright then... Lets see what we've got...

1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Kari, just Kari. or at the very most Kari Roos because of my dad's first name. We don't have last names. Ironic that I'm dating a guy with two last names. I don't have a good nicknames. As suppose to the ones people have called me in the past, like B#tch, fatso, and black eyes.

2: What's your gender?
Female. P*$$¥ and everything.

3: Interesting... what's your current age?
22, two years older then Sandy.

4: Uh huh. What's your favorite food?
Pizza with anchovies.

5: And your favorite drink?
It's an energy drink who's name escapes me.

6: Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
This little dude named Sandino. He's been the only guy besides my dad who I've ever liked as a person in general.

7: Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
Tons baby, some better then others.

8: Classic question! What's your favorite color?
Yellow, or anything not dark.

9: Who's your favorite author?
I don't read novels, just factual based books or current articles.

10: Now what's your biggest fear?
If I lost Sandino or my Dad because of my own faults.

11: *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing* Sorry. Have an embarrassing experience in your past?
I'll tell you right now you laugh at me like that again I Will bust a lip open. But as for the question yes, I have had a very embarrassing moment in my life. I was in love. First time I met Sandino it was as awkward as anyone in the world will ever get. I tried playing my usual cool and tough girl persona but he was too much I guess. I ended up feeling like a thirteen year old going through the "he's so hot" phase and it was so embarrassing to feel that way in front of him.

12: Any Siblings?
Nope. A cousin or two though. I think.

13: Almost, it's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?
My Dad Roos. No question. There's no one like him, not many at least with a soul of pure love and happiness like him.

14: Okay, who is your worst enemy?
Aside from say three people... I'd say everyone.

15: What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
I'm sure my Dad would make friends with all of them.

16: Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Depends. If it was my Mom then I'd spend all the time I could have with her. If it was say... A 17 year old who created me I'm sure he and I would get along.

17: Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! WAT Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?
A painter, and coffee shop employe.

18: What's your worst nightmare?
Let me say this, there is next to nothing that has and ever will scare me enough to be my worst nightmare. There is only one, and I don't want to have the thought in my head.

19: What's your lifelong dream?
Settle down with my fam and just be happy.

20: What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
I'd relax and love.

21: Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?
My place.

22: Favorite music?
Dub step or reggae, but I'll usually listen to a anything.

23: Do you have any friends?
A total of 4. My Dad, my old dog, my hair, and Sandino.

24: Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Working out, in a lot of ways.

25: We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT!
I don't have friends here so I can't do that. Sorry guys.

Kari: well that finally done. Just one more thing to type.

Get to bed y'all, Kari out!
Once again I was tagged, this time however by my super awesome friend :iconskyrore1999:. So let's start.

Rules First

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not like "You are tagged if you read that".
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags.
10) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

Next, 10 more facts on me

1. My older brother calls me his little Munchkin. 

2. My sister is in France.

3. Step 1, get money... Step 2, repeat step 1.

4. Steven Universe is my Shizzzz!

5. Many friends of mine are better artists then me.

6. I use to play video games a lot more, now I don't at all.

7. I listen to a ton of music.

8. I enjoy movie critics.

9. Love strong female characters, while I do have trouble making characters like that.

10. I'm supposed to draw more in order to improve but I barely have the time.

1. Favorite artists?
  Hmm, good question. For one, Robert Valley, he's a straight up boss when it comes to style. :iconj0n-lankry: he has great design structure and his line work is wonderful. :iconbigdad: he has very well done body types and I love how he does his sketches. :iconjollyjack: Of course because of his body types and designs. :iconfeerikart: This guy... I wouldn't be trying so hard to improve if it wasn't for this guy, he's the creator of a new show he's trying to push called Urbance. It is one the greatest and most creative of animations I've seen, if one can check his stuff out and support the show. I'm leaving out a ton of others to save myself the strain but these are a few.

2. Favorite actors? (or characters if you can't remember the names of the actors)
  Hugh Jackman, Steve Blum, Kari Wahlgren, Estell, Cree Summer, Jack Black, probably more.

3. Who is best pony?
  Cheese Sandwich, you can fight Weird Al.

4. Batman or superman?
  Batman has the best games, the best movies, and I can't compare many to the dark knight himself... But Superman is like the Goku of DC, Superman all the way.

5. oh look it's slender. :iconslendermanplz:
    B***h if you touch me again Imma knock the Sh*t Outchu!

6. You get a million dollars. What do you plan to do with it?
    Use it to pay for art classes taught by my favorite artist, give the rest to Charity and Urbance.

7. Any tips for me on drawing/coloring?
    This might help…

8. I am guessing that your shirt right now is green. (did I get it right?)
    Nope, purple.

9. Here. For you. :iconchocolatechipplz: 
:heart: Aww thank you sweet heart!

10. Gimme a hug. Tight Hug
    I'LL HUG YOU!!!!

I wish I could tag people, no one would do it.

I don't mean to sound rude nor do I wish to sound unthankful to all of you out there, but in all honesty... How many of you guys actually watch me. Yes it says "watching me" but that's not what I mean. When I say watch I mean how many of you guys actually look at my work, talk to me, etc. I know only one person who has been there for each artwork of mine and I love talking to this guy, :iconamazoness-king: . He always comments and favorites and it is always a pleasure to hear from him. I can think of some other guys who I talk to from time to time but not as often as usual. I'm mostly just surprised with how little attention I'm getting. I mean I've made some wicked improvements the past few months, this is hostly some of my proudest works, yet they receive very little interest. Is there perhaps something wrong that I myself am doing, am I the one whose not reaching out, am I not as good a friend as you all thought me to be? I understand we all are busy this time of year and with the weather the way it is I'm sure we'll all be a lot more busy, but I'm just getting lonely over here without you guys. It feels like I'm sending my art to the air. Well in either case I can live with it. In lighter news IT'S MARCH! This is the month of birthdays people, we already went though my dad's B-day on Wednesday, next is my mom's on Friday the 14th, then... It's mine baby cakes! Wrapping it up on the 20th. So to all you talented watchers that gives you two weeks to start thinking of gifts to me X3 idk. But if you've read this far thank you, and as always with love and respect- Sandino.

Well Happy St. Valantines day though I spelled that wrong and am too lazy to change it. I had a very eventful day including today and yesterday. I can't say anything about it and I can not say it either, but yesterday I learned something about love. It's not about having someone who wants your body for sex, nor is it about loving someone passed their looks and loving them for their mind. It's straight up not even about loving your spouse. It's about loving anyone because you love being around them. Loving your family, your Friends. I love my friends to death, I hate to see them sad. And they hate to see me sad as well. They are some of the greatest people I could have ever asked for. And you guys too, so allow me to say... I love you all with all my heart :heart:
While I know some dont have a religion and some worship other religions I still ask. I have something very important tomorrow to worry about, and the fear of not only letting myself down but also my parents is too much to bear. I can't imagin what may come if I'm to fail. So please pray I do not only fine but very well.

Also as posted in the previous journal I still have the Amazon card if anyone can help my friend, come on, just one PayPal payment of $25. It means a lot. If not then just spread the word as much as you can.

Well thank you to anyone who can help... Well... Eithe of us. I really need this.
I got tagged again by my friend :iconpoisontransformer: And I need you to read the last part.

- You must post these rules.
- Each person has to share 10 things about them.
- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged. (Automatically inform by the system.)
- Not something like "you are tagged if you read that."
- You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
- No tag-backs.
- You can't say that you don't do tags.
- YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

10 MORE THINGS....Um....
I'll try...
1. Um, I... uh... did I mention my appendix? How bout I tell you ten things about that? 
Real first 1. I didn't notice it was a problem at first, it felt like a quick pain and even my family thought it was fake.
2. The day I went to the hospital before we went there it was a school day and I skipped it, my mom still thought I was faking but she figured she'd still check it out.
3. I remember that after a quick check up we were going to get Burger King chicken fries *I was wrong.
4. My doctor didn't really care about the problem until I told him it was hurting my side, then I had to go to the emergency room.
5. The first part of Hell was a needle, I was still young at the time and hated needles so it took a long while just for that.
6. The next part was probable the worst of my entire life, I had to drink this sort of shake thing for a cat scan. It was the most disgusting thing I could have ever tasted. I couldn't finish it all but I had to, my mom walked me through it and it was extremely tough, I was breaking down.
7. When I was waiting for the scan I was crying harder than anything cause this was the first time in a hospital like this.
8. I had to pee before the surgery, I was so scared during the process that when they put the anesthesia all I could do was close my eyes and hope for the best.
9. Waking up was another one of the worst parts of my life. I woke up and saw the cut on my stomach, they smelled like burnt flesh and hot glue, I vomited instantly cause the smell was too much.
10. I accidentally had to robes on.

Now questions.

1. You Are Now being Stalked by slenderman how you feel?
Worried... but ready... always ready.

2.You GOt Married to Your Favorite Character from any show, how the wedding?
BUT...BUT...I HAVE A GIRLFRINED! Tak what are you doing here! Garnet! Pearl! NO THIS IS ALL WRONG!

3. Ahhh you guys had kid(s), what the name(s)?
Ark: Dad what are you doing
Leyo: I think he's just being weird.
Daimond: He's always weird, he's just being normal.

4. Oh Now someone took you child(ren), what you do?
What will I do? They have warrior mothers! I'm superfluous.

5. You kid back now, what would you say or do to them?
I still don't know how a Donkey, alien, and human like super beings can produce children.

6. You can take any 4 superheros powers how would you take ?
Teleportation, the Force, Laser eyes, Demon mode!
7. 8898475834 x 555385724 + 5 - 857737 =
...While I am good at math I not doing this.

8. You now have the ability to be able to concur a planet , how would you do it
Srly? I already can do that, and all I have to do is be awesome to everybody. If that doesn't work... I destroy it.

9. Favorite YouTuber
Nostalgia Critic

10. Be Come One With Mother Russia, Da?  
I am German, vhat do you sink!

One last thing, my dear friend :iconangelic-devon: is in dire need of some paypal money, She's doing commissions here if you want to check out… but that's not all I wanted to bring up. I have a $25 Amazon card, I'm willing to give you the full card and even a free request if you give to her the same amount. If you ca give her about $25 I'll give you the Card and Request of any kind. However if you can give more than that to her I'll do more for you. So please help by doing this, or if you can spread the word. Thank you to anyone who can help.
Well my Awesome friend :iconmaggiemeg1234: tagged me ( which makes me fell really special to be chosen of ten, thanks Megan!) so I figure why not, I like to talk about myself cause I'm so greedy and lame X3

Though I can't follow one rule to choose 10 others to tag cause I know you guys might not want to do it, however if there are 10 of you guys who want to try this by all means go ahead, I may even want to do a free request for those who do it, no promises though. Or maybe... I don't know... GET OFF MY BACK...*cries silently*

Okay so anyway here's the rules.


1) MUST post these 10 rules.
2) You MUST share 10 facts about yourself.
3) Answer my 10 questions and make up 10 questions to ask the people you tagged 
4) Chose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5) Go to their page and put something like "You have been tagged" (give link to your journal too) 
6) NOT something silly, like, "You are tagged if you read this"
7) HAVE TO tag 10 people
8) NO tag-backs
9) CAN'T say "No tag"
10) Everyone you tag must make a journal entry.

1. I have sideburns, I where glasses, and a bit of fuzz on my chin. 
2. As a kid my I used to make my mom do all my homework and I would pretend to listen as she explained it. However one day she was gone for my sister's soccer game and I had to do my homework myself. That changed my life forever and I became an A student and am still on it.
3. I get facials (really painful ones, trust me you don't wanna know)
4. I've been doing Brazilian Ju Jitsu for about 5 to 6 years now (If it every came down to it... I honestly could kill someone... that or break some limbs... wait, WHY AM I SHARING THIS!)
5. I am the youngest of three children in my family (my oldest sister Camil, my brother Gen *pronounced Hen*, and me. Both of them in college)
6. I ride my back through really bad weather.
7. I have three scars on my face. I was running up a flight of wooden stairs with a green bionicle in one hand and a flower I was going to give to my mom in the other, then I fell on my chin and I had to go to the hospital. I was in a pool on vacation and I hit the stone edge of the pool on my chin and I ruined our vacation day. I forgot to bring in a plate and glass cup when I was eating on the floor in my living room and when I got up I tripped on the plate and fell on the glass cup, it was on the top of my lip. *not in order*
8. I had my appendix removed and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.
9. My mother gave birth to me without the special drug thing that makes it easier to give birth. While my siblings got that. (funny thing while I was being born my dad was getting a taco, totally true).
10. While many of you consider me a sweet and lovable guy, the truth is as a kid I was HORRIBLE. I didn't care if I got into fights, I always complained and screamed wherever we went, and I did none of my work. I thank Ju Jitsu for my current being because they teach you a ton of respect, and that changed me to now.

Now! Here are the questions I was asked.

1. Do you like waffles?

Yeah I like Waffles

2. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Procrasturbate... I suck. That or actually do stuff like art or fart around on the computer. 

3. What's your fav. current fandom?(it can be any show/anime/movie/game)

SHIRT!! I don't know, I guess furry/brony. 

4. What do you think of my art? ;v;

You should know this by now. Let me explain it to you. The reason I think you such a great artist is cause there's a sort knowingness to it. Like you know what face to draw, what reaction to have, what the body will do, etc. You know how to make the body work together with the faces and it all works wonderfully. The only other person I know who is like this is my friend Dashaun :iconsexyturnup3: and I think it's a talent I envy.

5. Sh- they found the body! What do we do!? :iconspazingplz:


6. Do you wanna build a snowman?~

I'm not sure if I caaaaaaan...

I've only done it once before, But I'm not sure...

I can't even make a castle in the saaaaaaaaand...

I'm not sure if I'm able, or if I'm even right

So I don't know what to dooooo...

Can I really build a snowmaaaaan...

You'd like to build a snowmaaaaaan...

*look at megan, and her innocent face*

Fine... Just for yoooooooou...

7. What's your fav song?(liiiiinnnkkkk)

Well if I was about to die like a boss and a song played while I lay there it would be this… cause I'm called Dino.

8. Fav. movie from last year?

Honestly, Turbo. Even seeing Frozen wasn't that good. But Turbo was a bit underrated, I really liked it. That or the Croods, towards the end was really good. (dat Nicolas Cage X3).

9. ..So, you come here often?~

Oh, I see where this is going... I don't blame ya... you can squeek...

10. What do you think of me? Am I too weird, mean, what?

I think of you as one of the kindest and most talented people I know, you are fine how you are and I wish I was on your level of greatness. I know one day others will see what I see, and you'll change the idea's of art and inspire young artist just like me. Much love.

NOW! My questions for you guys.

1. Why did you become an artist?
2. What inspires you to continue to do what you do?
3. How are you doing? 
4. What are you hoping to do in the future with your art?
5. American cartoons or Anime? Not both if you can.
6. What do you think cartoons today?
7. What fandoms are you in right now?
8. Who is your favorite character on TV?
9. Who is your favorite character  period?
10. From everything I told you and how I've acted to you, what do you think of myself? 

Sorry these weren't the most creative questions. 

But in any case I hope you liked this. Thanks for reading :heart:

Once again I'm late on holiday wishes for you guys (should make that my new years resolution, doing stuff on time) and I have like no art to give you guys. Man I suck. Well anyway it feels good to be done with another year, plus my birthday is coming up soon. Well not soon... it's in march so it's gonna be like 3 months but whatever. So I of course want to look back on the year that once was. Man, a lot happened here. I'm slowly getting noticed by many people and I've made a lot of great friends here. I started this account because really I just wanted to see mature content (yes I know it's scumbagy, I apologize to any and all my female friends for hearing that. I you may smack me). But it was thanks to my really dear friend :iconfurrybound: that I posted my first artwork on this site. It was a drawing of myself taken on my phone, it was pretty bad thedestoryerofworlds.deviantar… . It was after that I drew a few things for my scrapbook section. And after that I decided to continue posting stuff on here as much as possible. I then wanted to improve on my own work by looking at others here on this site. As many of you could see my stuff needed improvement. After that everything just came with courage, I spoke t many people I had never met in real life yet they did more for me then most people have done for me in real life. I started to get watchers, which for me was a real shock. As many of you know I consider myself an extremely amateur artist, I've never been able to find a style that suits me and I don't have that raw talent that most of the people I know here have. Yet people believe that I'm worth the second to press the watch button and the other second to see my work on their messages. And even the second to comment and favorite. I know it's just some people who like my work but you guys really don't know how much this means. I sometimes hate myself, a few of my friends at gallery know I do this a lot where I just can't look at my stuff cause I feel so bad. I'll share this with you guys for sticking with me; one time at gallery the teachers helped some of us get a portfolio ready for college. The ones who brought their work to show, they'd pick the best of the best to put in the portfolio. I didn't bring anything cause I felt none of it was good enough. Eventually I started to show it, and my friends being the awesome people they are tried to make me feel better. I didn't listen to them though and it made me upset. I just was so focused on how my work sucked that I didn't listen. I then left the room to tear up in the bathroom. That's why it means so much that you guys do this. I can't tell you how good it feels when you do favorite a work of mine, or get into a conversation with me. Or to people I watch, when they are nice to me and don't mind my flaws even if they aren't doing it in the biggest way. And even be so wonderful as to draw stuff for me or give something to me. It is one of the most unbelievable things in this world to a guy like me. Wether I have 30 watchers or a million watchers it doesn't matter how many. The idea that people like my work is truly wonderful, so 
... to all of you, for everything you've done for me. Even if it was something small like give me a llama or talk to me. I love and thank you all...from the deepest bottom of my heart. Happy New Year!
So as we all know, I am really freakin lazy. Because of this I give you guys late Christmas wishes. I hope you had as great a Christmas as I had. Heck, I hope you had an even better one. Tell me how it went and all. I'm gonna upload some pics tomorrow so you guys wait for my gift. I'd also like to say this. I've been on DA for a good year now and I really can't believe how much things have changed. I admired great people like :iconfurrybound:, :iconbenedickbana: and :iconwolfjedisamuel:, who for whatever reason chose to consider me as a friend. It was one of the greatest honors I could have ever been given. But then this happened. You guys happened. I don't know why you guys chose to watch me with all my flaws, but the idea that so many people believe that my work is at least interesting is one of the most wonderful things I could have ever been given. So to all of you (and here's the list)
My Friends/Watchers

My personal heroes

My friends from gallery

I say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I love guys... Stay beautiful...