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Gender Wars End in hugs? by thedestoryerofworlds Gender Wars End in hugs? by thedestoryerofworlds
This is a birthday gift to quite possibly my all time hero of art Joel Dos Reis Viegas/ :iconfeerikart: . I'll tell you why I consider him to be so great. Lets cut back about four years ago, I'm starting out as an artist on DA, at this time I don't even know what tracing art is. But I'm so Untalented I just do it thinking it will help me later. I start felling bad cause all my friends start doing stuff ten times better than me, I begin to go through the "I'll never get anywhere in life" phase of an artist. Now! Lets cut awhile forward, my friend shows me this trailer for a show called Urbance. My mind is then completely blown. I knew from there I must make my stuff look like that. So this lead to the head concepts I did earlier. From then on I started to study really hard on my work. Again leading me to the "I can't draw phase", but this was good. Cause now I can draw stuff like this and feel really good about it. So I never would have gotten to be this kind of good if not for Joel. Not that I'm good now but I'm defiantly better than before. So I owe a lot to Joel for this kind of inspiration. I guess sometimes all you really need is to see someone who knows what their doing with their art. Someone who's creativity is shown so well it just infect everyone who sees it. I adore Joel, Urbance, and everyone helping to make his idea come out. So to Joel, thank you for giving me more than you even knew you were doing. I hope nothing but the greatest things to happen to you. So happy birthday Joel and best of luck.
feerikart Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Oooooh thank you thousand times Sandino! What a gift man, wow! Too much man, always there for you, you know that, peace ;)
SilverJB101 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, Sandy!!!!
Thank Silv! I did for his birthday, I think it's probably one of the best ones I've done. Really getting better over here. Still had a had time drawing Kenzell and Amy though.
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May 23, 2014
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