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So, I was tagged by :iconpumpkindrawz: to do this meme. 12 questions, not enough free time, a milkshake in one hand, and a 12.8cm Pzgr 39 L armour piercing shell in the other. LETS DO THIS! 


1. You have to post the rules.
2. You have to answer the 12 questions you were asked, and ask 12 questions to the people you tag.
3. Tag 12 people.
4. Tag those people in the end.
5. You can't say that you "don't do tags". (but if you don't want to do this challenge, no worries, nobodies forcing you to)
6. Tag backs are permitted.
7. You must do the journal entry.

1. What’s your favorite holiday?
That would probably be Christmas, as it's not only generally a magical event, but it's also in the winter which is my favourite time of year.

2. If you could be any fictional character who would you be?
That's a lotta option. Terrifyingly overpowered? Adorable? Perfection with a cute bow? A character with an occupation I want? Fire-breathing CONSUMING machine? Person with great friends I would love to be around? Any number of ridiculous superpowers? All at the same time? 
Does Des count?
I honestly have no idea, and I'm probably going to make a mistake regardless of what i do :I

3. What’s your favorite animal?
Tiger. They're so pretty and they have giant adorable paws for big hugs! (I wouldn't recommend hugging a random tiger)

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
I've only ever been abroad once (went to Barcelona with school), so going anywhere would be great. But just one journey, I might have to choose Canada. It seems like everything is really chill and relaxed there, and not forgetting how far north they are giving them plenty of snow!

5. Who’s your favorite sonic character?
Can I say Silver and Blaze?

6. . . . What do you think about the sonic movie so far? (Sorry fidjsosjso)
There's a lot of fuss about it, but I'm one of those people that wasn't too phased with sonics design. I feel bad for the animators who have to redesign and reanimate sonic (because with the 3D animation I'm making in college, I know 3D animation hurts....alot) but I'm still looking forward to the final result!

7. What’s your favorite movie?
Don't think I have one in all honesty. I don't watch a lot of movies.

8. What do you do for fun?
Draw, play my fav tank game, draw tanks, and meme with friends I guess 

9. What’s your dream job?
I would love to work at a tank museum so I could be with my children every day 
(yes I'm obsessed), but I wouldn't like to operate them in battle. I'm a lunatic, but I'm not suicidal. That's one option, but I always did like the idea of flying. And there's also the videogame artist route that's coming up and the entire videogame industry.
Ok there's a few options..

10. What are you afraid of the most? Basically just your biggest fear

11. I’ve run out of other questions so how are you doing today...?
Well I made the most energetic presentation in my class today, so that felt good. Other than that, I'm losing my mind trying to do this 3D animation before Friday.
Anyone reading this, until Friday, almost all drawing is stopped until the animation is done and I can breathe again for a bit before the next assignment.

12. This is over are you happy?
I'M ALWAYS HAPPY Creepy stare

Ok, I know I'm supposed to tag people, but as I have previously discussed about my college project, I'm running short on time and I don't wanna have to decide who to tag when I should be working, and I don't want to tag someone only for them to say that they don't like doing tags or are also very busy.
Instead imma say that I'm tagging you. Yes, you reading this.

My 12 Questions;
1. Do you like listening to foreign music even if you can't understand the lyrics? (I know I do)
2. What's your perfect weekend like?
3. On a scale of Oof to O R B, how many bears are the moon?
4. If you could have any 1 superpower what would it be? (the power to have many powers is illegal and will get you banned from my clubroom)
5. What is a microphone? True [] False []
6. DO YOU LIEK, MY CAAR, MY CAAR, MY CAAR? *Eurobeat intensifying*
7. When's your favourite time of year?
8. Who's the most terrifying boss from the list below?
  A: Adjudicator II, the vicious devourer
  B: Dancer of the Golfing Valley
  C: Big Hat Tubaloragon, Master of the Bass
9. I want; A: to break free, B: to ride my bicycle, C: it all, or D: to make a supersonic man out of you?
10. Too many memes?
11. What if I told you, I care about you and I want you to smile, and be happy?
12. I want you to have a good day now. Do you think you can do that for me?

(these were the first questions that came to mind, hence 5/12 of them being pure meme)
Farewell and Merry travels!
Masayume Chasing
Contest entry for BluBoltra's music contest.
The song I was given was Masayume Chasing, Covered by Dima Lancaster, which is the 15th opening theme for Fairy Tail.
More specifically, this song here -->…

Explanation time!
So at first you may be looking at this piece and thinking 'Des! What does this have to do with the song?'. Well, let me explain my thought process along with the lyrics.

To make this slightly easier for myself, I used my own character/s Des and Desu, as not only was I comfortable with drawing them within the first time frame, before the end date was extended, but I also prefer to know the personalities of the characters so I can make them look in character, even though we were told the characters don't have to match their personalities for the image. On top of that, there was a lot of stuff that I figured would slot into place perfectly given these characters, their interests, and their abilities.

"In chase of my dream, I got lost within, The forest of my heart and tonight"
Opening line of the song, and immediately, this gave me a rough idea as to what my image would be, where it would be set and when it would be set. It would be in a forest, at night, and we would be following Des chasing his dream. At this stage, I didn't really know what to make Des's dream.

"It's not the mirror, It is the clear spring, Reflecting fragments of my smile"
Initially, I was going to have a shattered mirror reflecting Des in some way or other, but I couldn't think of how that would work in the middle of a forest. It then hit me that I made Desu as Des's doppelganger from another dimension, and so in that respect, she is Des's mirror image. I then thought about having Desu's reflection somehow in a spring lake, but again, trying to make it work with everything else wasn't happening at the time, so I made the spring lake a part of the scenery, and had Des and Desu smiling in slightly different ways, hence the 'reflecting fragments of my smile'. As another compromise, I made the spring very reflective. I guess not having a mirror also works for 'It's not the mirror' line but I wouldn't count that as a relation to the song.

"And all these tears that I have shed (Don't cry), Gold or silver they won't ever be, And all these tears of regret (Fall from my eyes), I need somebody to hear me"
I couldn't use these lines in the final image, but I did have some plans for them, if I did the image differently. For example, the image could have been a lot darker with Des being heavily injured, and a reflection of Desu shows her crying, possibly tears of joy, after the pair of them surviving a long hard battle. As I said though, I couldn't link this in with the image idea I went for, so we can't really include this line.

chorus "So I will be chasing, chasing, after my true dream, The brightest one I've ever seen"
Upon hearing 'The brightest one I've ever seen' an idea came to my mind that would fit in with the environment quite nicely, and hopefully make the image even more aesthetic. I figured that Des could be following a path that leads over the horizon, chasing after the sunset, with the sun representing Des's dream as he chases it along. I had already established that the time would be late so there would be stars out, but having the biggest, brightest star right in front of Des works perfectly for the metaphor of chasing his true dream. Speaking of true dreams, an idea sprung to mind about what Des's true dream could be. He likes tanks, and he's pretty good at commanding them, so for the sake of this image, Des's dream is to become a great tank commander. So I gave Des his RU that you may have seen on a previous image of mine, so now Des has something to chase his dream with, as well as Desu.

"I will be chasing, chasing, Until my heart burns, With a flame so contagious, I'll finally become a hero! (nananana HEY nananana COME ON nananana HEY) The greatest one you've ever known! (nananana HEY nananana COME ON nananana HEY) I'll finally become a hero!" chorus end
Upon hearing 'with a flame so contagious', I just knew that I had to represent the dream with the sunset, as it's just too much of a beautiful event to not represent as a flame so contagious. Earlier, I said I gave Des his tank because he wants to be a good tank commander. It then hit me that Des could be using his tank to help defend people and to defeat Eggman or whichever other villains are currently running about, making him a hero while chasing his dream. Obviously, having Des and Desu just in the middle of a forest clearing won't give him a massive crowd to cheer on his heroic acts of defending people from the Eggman empire, so I had to settle for a heroic salute from the panzerwolf as he sets off to chase his dream and any evildoers while he's at it. And Des isn't just going to be a good commander. He's going to be 'the greatest one you've ever known'!
(While I don't think it counts, based on the line 'Until my heart burns', tanks are very good at overheating and setting themselves on fire if pushed too hard)

"I reach for the stars, But yet I'm so far, The road ahead's an endless maze"
Again, talking about the time of day, we need to see some stars, so I put some stars there. You could also refer back to the sun being a star, and that it's so far away, and getting further away due to the sun setting. Instead of having Des going through an endless maze (which would probably obscure the sun), I made it much simpler and made it so that Des enters the forest further up the road, but you can't see a clear path through it, making it like a maze.

"But I'm not afraid, To get lost in the dark, 'Cause my dreams will always guide my way"
It's sunset, the light is fading, but the panzerwolves aren't phased, because their dream (of becoming great commanders) is guiding their way. Well..technically, it's the tank guiding their way with its headlights, but Des and Desu can't fulfil their dream of becoming tank commanders without their tank, so it is their dream guiding their way. Refering back to the sun being their dream metaphor, the sun is still casting light, so it is lighting their way for now, but once it sets, they'll have to rely upon their tanks lights.

"Through all these tears that I have shed (Don't cry), Gold and Silver they'll shine in the end"
Again with this line, couldn't think of a way to link it in the image, other than to have a completely different image altogether.

"And now it's time that I ignite (The light in my eyes), Stand tall and realise"
This was actually a planned ability I had for my panzerwolves before I had even heard this song. I planned to make it so that their eyes light up like torches in the dark allowing them, and others close-by, to see in the dark with good efficiency. This does however mean that stealth isn't an option, because they glow quite bright in the dark, and people can tell what they're looking at, but at least it looks aesthetic.
(Another line I can link, but I think it would probably be cheating to do so, is 'Stand tall and realise'. Last time I checked, most tanks are quite tall, so it gives me further reason to put Des in his tank)


"The greatest one you've ever known! (nananana HEY nananana COME ON nananana HEY) I'll finally become a hero! (nananana HEY nananana COME ON nananana HEY) I've waited for this so long! (nananana HEY nananana COME ON nananana HEY) I'll finally become a hero!" end of song
Even through, all the choruses have this part, only the last one has extended part where it says 'I've waited for this so long'. I can't really nail down a massive link down to that line, other than the fact that Des is driving a tank, which are typically quite slow machines, and as a result, it takes forever to get anywhere (Des has modified his to be far faster, but for the sake of the image, we'll just say it takes forever to get anywhere anyway because moving around at the speed of slow).

Despite the contest being given an extension, I still managed to have it complete before the initial end date (which is a big success for me), and I'm very proud of how the image came out!

Both Des and Desu belong to myself, :iconthedes7royer:
The tank is a Spähpanzer RU 251 (image of reference

Apologies if that's a lot of text to read, but in the meantime, I wish you Merry Travels! ^^
Because my entry for Bluboltra's music contest will be complete before the end of the weekend (hopefully), I feel like now is an appropriate time to let you all know what I have planned pretty shortly. This may change slightly if something crops up, but this is the basic plan.

Firstly, college takes priority.
I'm on my last term of college before the summer and then uni, and as a result, everything is everywhere. I have 4 different assignments, a presentation, lots of artwork to make, a showcase night to prepare for, and an entire 3D animation all due in very quick succession, with the first things due being the presentation, very shortly followed by the 3D animation, in just 2 weeks time (Á̛̛Á͟A̵̵͘͢͡À͝͝҉҉À̧A͡͏͟͏NuuÁ̴A҉̴́͞À̸̵̢̕A͏̴͘͞͠LOAF INTENSIFIES Toads Screaming Icon jerry mouse scream intensifies icon Chiyo Screaming Icon). If y'all want to see some 3D animated tanks, let me know and I may post it to youtube and give y'all the link when it's done.
As a result of all of this, work will be VERY slow over the next few weeks (and I wasn't a fast worker to begin with).

Secondly, I need to make my boi and gorl Des and Desu an actual ref sheet as they still don't have one yet. They'll probably share a sheet being doppelgangers, so expect to see that next in my gallery next, after Blu's contest entry.

Third, there's some artwork that I've promised to make for a few people, which I've been too preoccupied to do, and I think is very much overdue. You can't stop me from making you that artwork that I promised to make! :stinkeye: 

Fourth, I'm thinking about opening requests for a short time, since I offered a few people some free art as the previous point stated, and I figured 'why not let some others have some free art too for a short while?'. There'll be a separate journal for that when the time comes, but for right now, it might be worth coming up with some ideas for if there's anything you want for when the free requests become available. Don't post them here, this is just an update, but it's never to early to start thinking.

That'll be all for now, so I wish you all Merry Travels! :D (Big Grin) 
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  • Drinking: Milkshakes
By tomorrow, I should have completed my entry for a different contest, so I'm entering BluBoltra's now so that I can get straight to it as soon as I finish the other one since I haven't left myself with masses of time to do this, but I'm going to try anyway!

Blu's 200 Watchers event!!! (Music Contest)AH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!! We have finally reached 200 watchers!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!! (Well technically it's currently 191 watchers but I don't care since I'm so close to 200 watchers anyhow I'm going to go ahead & post the contest/raffle anyway cause why not?! XD)  For reaching such a many months awaited milestone I am proud to announce that I will be hosting a Music themed Drawing contest along with a Raffle to celebrate such an achievement!!!! To make things easier on me though I shall be posting the details/information for the Contest & Raffle in their own individual journals starting with the contests since I'll be hosting two of them. Any who Before I begin with what the Contest will entail I just wanted to thank all of you lovely,kind,and wonderful people for your help in reaching this goal along with your continued support!!! It really means a lot to me and I am so grateful to have met so many fantastic people as well as made such wonderful friends during
This is the contest in question for if anyone else wants to make any last minute entries, much like myself.

Lets jam right into this and get the music rolling!

As a reminder to myself in case I lose it somewhere, I have this song to work with
  • Listening to: Whatever song I get assigned
  • Reading: Waffenträger owners manual
  • Watching: the time
  • Playing: WoT
  • Eating: ehem... C O N S U M I N G
  • Drinking: probably pure fuel


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Hi, I'm Des.
As an aspiring artist, I want to improve my skill set as much as possible, and to do that, I have to draw. Quick warning, I like tanks, so don't be surprised if there's a few dotted around here and there.


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Merry nightmas!
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Just a quick word of warning, college does make me quite busy, so I can't upload often. I do have an image that will be finished soon though.
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