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Shin x Oka (Yandere Simulator) by TheDemonGirl84 Shin x Oka (Yandere Simulator) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 2 4 A Random Character I made by TheDemonGirl84 A Random Character I made :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 4 0 Sakura Haruno (From She Is Mine) by TheDemonGirl84 Sakura Haruno (From She Is Mine) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 1 0 Okay so I found out how to make these by TheDemonGirl84 Okay so I found out how to make these :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 2 6 Ask Max.EXE (Page 2) by TheDemonGirl84 Ask Max.EXE (Page 2) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 4 1 Ask Max.EXE (READ DESCRIPTION) by TheDemonGirl84 Ask Max.EXE (READ DESCRIPTION) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 2 3
She is Mine... (Chapter 7)
Sasuke froze, making eye contact with Ino. He’d been caught. She’d tell Sakura. Sakura would hate him. He’d go to jail. It was all over.
Or so he thought.
Ino sighed, picking an arm of the corpse up, rolling up her sleeves so she didn’t get blood on her jacket. She looked up at Sasuke, a slightly annoyed look on her face. “Well?” she said, slight annoyance in her voice, “Are you gonna help me get rid of the body, or are you just gonna stand there looking stupid? I don’t exactly think Sakura dates idiots.”
Sasuke quickly nodded, helping by picking up the legs of the corpse. Within a few minutes, they had thrown the body into the furnace. Ino dusted her hands off, flicking blood droplets onto the floor.
“Well that took a while,” she said, smiling up at Sasuke a bit, “That guy was as dumb as rocks, but I didn’t think he weighed as much as that.” She stretched a bit, turning to face the raven-haired Uchiha.
:iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 1 0
She Is Mine... (Chapter 6)
(A/N : HOLY SHIT THIS TOOK FOREVER. I've recently started working with someone on the story. They don't have a DeviantArt, But they have a Wattpad. It'll be in the description. Enjoy!)
Midnight arrived. Sasuke had already left his house, and was walking down the street, when Naruto walked up behind him. Sasuke knew how late it was, so he turned around, sensing he was there.
“Hn…” he said, raising an eyebrow, “Why are you following me..?”
    Naruto smiled back, chuckling a bit. “Nothing ever gets past you, does it?” he said, hands in his pockets. “Ino heard you were planning to meet up with Sasori tonight to talk with him…” He looks to the side, thinking a bit, “Sounds like something serious, if you’re meeting this late.”
Sasuke nodded. “That’s about as far as I’ll go into it,” he said, hands in his pockets, “I don’t need you to come with me, either. He
:iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 0 0
My Sister's submission to Flocabulary by TheDemonGirl84 My Sister's submission to Flocabulary :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 2 0
'Robyn' (Alternative Tale to Robin Hood...Kinda)
A/N : Alright. Before this story truly begins I would like to say that this was not originally going to be uploaded online; It was intended to be my submission for this one English Project, But, after some editing, I realized that I ended up being SUPER proud of this. So, without further Ado, Sit back, relax, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the story!
    The first flowers have bloomed in New Willow. And, like every year in this medieval city, the world seems to finally be waking up. People are in the marketplace, sharing the latest gossip about the royal family as their children run about. Overall, everything seems peaceful and calm…
    Until the shattering of a window from the castle announces that this is not the case.
    People crane their necks to look up, and see a familiar black, green, brown, and red blur jump from the window and grab onto on one of the
:iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 0 0
I Got A Mask! (Also my sister) by TheDemonGirl84 I Got A Mask! (Also my sister) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 0 3 I drew Robyn Digitally by TheDemonGirl84 I drew Robyn Digitally :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 2 0 So I might have accidentally created An OC by TheDemonGirl84 So I might have accidentally created An OC :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 5 0
She is Mine... (Yandere!SasuSaku Collab Chapter 5)
Since this is a Ninja Academy, most of the time, training is outside. Today was no exception. However, Sakura was nowhere in sight. This naturally worried the Uchiha, so he asked Naruto about it.
“Hey, Naruto..?’ he said, trying to not come off as too desperate, “Have you seen Sakura anywhere?”
Naruto smiled back, with a sort of understanding, and gestured towards a little building on the training grounds. “Sakura and Ino are taking up medical jutsu, so they’re practicing with Ms. Tsunade. Sometimes, though, she lets us watch them practice their techniques! It’s really impressive!” The whiskered boy grabbed Sasuke’s arm and pulled him towards the building. “C’mon! You wanna get closer to Sakura-San, right?” The Uchiha nodded, and so Naruto kept walking, Sasuke in tow.
They got to the window of the building, where Sakura had her hands, one on top of the other, placed over an exhausted looking dog, a green glow radia
:iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 1 0
Aoi And Shiromi (Casual Design) by TheDemonGirl84 Aoi And Shiromi (Casual Design) :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 1 5 So I Made A Thing by TheDemonGirl84 So I Made A Thing :iconthedemongirl84:TheDemonGirl84 1 0

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Ky Vendetti
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Anyway, Hey. Hi. Hello. Welcome to my website, I guess. I've been on here for a little over a year, and WOW; I didn't expect people to like what I do this much. Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to look at what I do, and I hope you enjoy what I bring to the internet. [;-;]



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1. Favorite Book Character : Either Agatha from “The School For Good and Evil”, or Draco from “Harry Potter” (Don’t judge me)
2. Favorite color : Blue
3.Favorite Stuffed animal : My Jumbo Foxy Plush (FNAF)
4.Do you like school : Hell No.
5.Favorite song : “Wonderful” by OMFG
6. Crush on fictional character : Black Widow (Avengers)
7. Birthstone : Peridot (yOu ClOdS!!!)
8.Signature outfit : Green hoodie, graphic T-shirt, jeans, converse, and my white mask with sharp teeth.
9.What are you afraid of : Losing people I care about. (And Clowns)
10. What do people usually say about you : They usually call me fat. So, yeah. fUN-
11. Favorite childhood show : The Amazing World Of Gumball (I still watch it)
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Bruh I’ve had a Shin X Oka drawing sitting on my drawing easel for like 3 days and I want to finish it but I’ve gotten sidetracked so many times and I’ve got so many things I need to update and holy shit I need coffee. It’ll probably be uploaded either This Wednesday or Friday.
Ok so I’m EXTREMELY late on watching Infinity War, but I wanted to be able to watch it right before Endgame so everything’s fresh in my memory, and lemme just say this;
Somebody’s going to hell for how they did Groot. Somebody’s going to hell for this. Why the tree boi? Why not the bitch that screwed over Gamora?
Alright so I was walking home with my sister today, and as a car drove by, someone peered out the window and said “Hey Ky!”* I waved back, smiling a little, until it hit me.




* - Ky is my real name btw; saves time because my username is long as shit.
Okay so me and my sister were walking home, and she, knowing that I’ve got my OWN shit to carry, says “Carry my Gym Bag”. I said no, and you know what her solution was? Taking cheap shots at shit I hate about myself and throwing said gym bag at me multiple times.

Love my family.


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