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Raven Rune tattoo

my tattoo design for :iconartofrivana:'s OC Mina

DO NOT STEAL! this is not an open source design, it was made for a specific person (albeit ficitional but nevertheless) and you'd better keep your fingers off it!
also, since I keep being asked, no, you can not use it for your own tattoo, and no, I will not send you an un-watermarked version. I mean, srsly?

it's meant to be worn like this:
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lol what a waste of a beautiful raven tattoo idea.



Can I hire you to design me a tattoo in this style?

also felt like you needed to see this…
Wow its crazy how many people have removed the water mark on this beautiful design to steal it..... i love this design but feel if anyone takes it and puts it on them in any other way it will clearly look stolen... i had an idea of completely reworking it and making it look like it was drawn with charcoal would you be ok with that? @theDeathspell
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While searching google for "norse+raven" and "tribal+raven" i found this design in several place besides dA...…………

So if this really is your original piece, you have multiple people online posting it as their own and as a half decent PNG file. It wasn't until looking through google searches that it eventually brought me here. Thought you'd want to know that it's out there.
Just wanted to let you know these people are stealing your design…
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thanks for the heads-up man, not that I can do anything about it. You know what Facebook's suggestions of dealing with it are? Hide their posts, so you can't see them anymore, or unfollow them. For real??

Here's the company that allows anyone to upload art to print on apparel. That's how that company is using your image. Alert sunfrong in the infringement and they may be able to do something for you. 
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I love this so much, do you take commissions?
I'm looking for a blackbird piece to add to my existing leg tattoo:…
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I just wanted to say that this really is an extraordinary piece.
Would you mind if I print it and put it into a folder of artwork to inspire me?
It is a beautiful raven though, even more so with the runes
Question...what script did you use for this? Some of the symbols match ones I've been trying to translate from a dream I had several years ago...
That is stunning, I would love to have that on my wall, are you selling prints?
Love this as others have stated!!!  Care to design one "similar" in nature to this conceptually?
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Wow.. Nice art! Are the runes saying anything in particular or are just for show?
I know this is very cheeky given your reservations about people using this as a tattoo, however I've fallen in love with the pose of the bird, would you have any objections to someone using a heavily modified version of this image without runes, essentially just using the outline.
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A very nice piece. I love the detail of the feathers. 
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This guy removed the watermark on request from other and yours was one of them. 

perfect absolutely perfect is there something written on it or those symbols are just random?
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thx for the tattoo idea.
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thanks for not copying it :P
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This is beautiful!:)
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