Deathlings #1 Review - CBR's Comics Should Be Good
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Check out this great review of The Deathlings: Anne's Story #1, over on the Month of Indy Comics at Comics Should Be Good on Comic Book Resources.

I got home late last night after D&D and dinner with friends, to discover that the review had been posted over the weekend. I had sent them the book to review, but had no idea if it would be included-- or that they would say such nice things. It was definitely a great way to head onto a new week!

I hope this will mean some good exposure for the book, and the rest of the team. For my part, reviews like this are the only way I can validate that my writing isn't terrible. I have a real fear that people reading my stuff, especially this book-- the first comic script I ever wrote-- don't even think of it as a real comic. From the review, it sounds like I shouldn't worry so much.

Again, you can head here to check out the review! Feel free to leave some comments over there.

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