Sorry for the delay, but I finally have a chance to tell you all about how New York Comic Con 2010 went for me, for The Deathlings, and for Black Label Comics.

In short: It went well. Visit the BlackLabelComics group blog for the full update!

Some great news just came in, and I had to share it!

I hadn't even had a chance to announce that "The Deathlings: Anne's Story" #1 is available at IndyPlanet yet, and then I found out that it's their Pick of the Week right now!

Tony says, “The Deathlings: Anne’s Story contains a lot of elements I love in comics and stories in general.  I love the dark, gothic feeling from this book of hidden races,  secret wars and a main character who is attempting to understand her place in it all. The art is nicely rendered and only enhances the mood. Great stuff!”

If you didn't have a chance to pre-order via our Kickstarter, and you won't be at New York Comic Con, the best way to get the book will be right here.

It's a real honor, and I hope it's a sign of things to come! We always love hearing that someone loved our work.

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This is it, people. In less than a day, our Kickstarter fundraising project will be over.

If you're considering pre-ordering one of my comics, this is quite literally your last chance. There are a lot of other cool rewards still available, and many of them won't be offered again. It's over early Friday morning, so if you wait any longer you'll miss them.

This includes a chance to Die Horribly in a comic (as a zombie or victim), a special limited edition variant of Black Label Comics #1 with a cover by DanielGovar (Daniel Govar, of DC's "Azure"), original artwork by Csyeung (Craig Yeung of Marvel's Runaways, SWORD, and Mighty Avengers), and a fair amount more.

Kickstarter - Black Label Comics
Every Tuesday, we try to do something special, for what we like to call Black Label Comics Tuesday. We've had friends spread the word, released exciting new pages, and so on for the last few Tuesdays.

This week, we're starting the biggest event yet-- our first Black Label Comics Fan Art Contest-- and it's weekly (for the next 10 weeks)!

To find out the details, prizes, and how to enter, visit the Black Label Comics website!

With Issue #1 complete, I am now looking for more artists to collaborate on Black Label Comics #2. For more info, visit this blog entry over at BlackLabelComics!

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