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Latest Tileset So Far

Well, this is my latest tileset compiled into a tiled format. As you can see, I added a new building since my last map (Greenwood). The new building is mostly complete, but I am trying to make a better roof for it.

I am going to be constantly updating this one, but I will only make sure that people watching me only get updates when they are big.

Of course, feel to use, as long as credit is given to me and Kymotonian (Kyledove).

EDIT 1: I added the building with the red roof. I like to think it's a boathouse or something of the sort, but it can be used for whatever.

EDIT 2: I added a new tree and a new grass tile. The hand-drawn one just looked a bit weird, and the old tree didn't really fit in. Plus, it was in the wrong perspective. For the grass, I have two different palettes.

EDIT 3: I added some path tiles that use Kyledove's grass tile in order to have a good compatibility with his tileset.

EDIT 4: I did a revision on one of the buildings, made a completely new path tile, and added the Cut tree.

EDIT 5: I added the new building and the new trees. Oh, and I added an edit of one of the existing trees, too.

EDIT 6: I added another building, the mountain, and some smaller things. I also made some adjustments to existing tiles.

EDIT 7: Another building was added. More clutter objects were added, too. Water and more geological tiles were added. My newest style was also added, in a special area of its own. I also added in the "Give me credit if used" in Spanish, German, and Italian. Minor edits on some of the buildings were also done to improve their look.

EDIT 8: Fixed some of the translations. I rearranged the tiles a bit. I added some new palettes for older tiles, and I performed some general updates for almost everything older. I also added some new tiles.

EDIT 9: I added some new grass and a puddle.

EDIT 10: I added some more rock-related things, such as the ledge and the big rocks.

EDIT 11: Added some new buildings, some more rocks, the pool, and the indoor tiles.

EDIT 12: Lots o' stuff.

EDIT 13: Added some more.


So, a quick comment. I must say, thank you to everyone for all your continued support on this set. I don't think I would have made the set this huge without you. I never would have thought that something I uploaded would have been viewed over 9000 times, downloaded over 1000 times, and favorited by over 100 people.

So, once again, thank you very much. The support really means a lot!
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Is it okay if I edit part of your tileset? I'd lengthen the log and make a vertical version to serve as natural benches for a campsite.

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Of course, as long as credit is given. :)

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What are the dimensions to get it to come out right in Tiled?
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All tiles are yours? Can I usse with credits?
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You are my hero :D
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Oh wow, i was looking for this. Sure i'll credit you for my game !

I have a question: do you have the animation for the water ?

Great  Tileset!!. As i am looking for tileset for my game. Possible for me to use ur tileset? FYI the game might be selling commercially later on

But no worry i will credit your name and if game is ready will provide a first hand copy to you as well.

No heart feeling if cnt be done but still great work=)

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Wow, this is a fantastic tile set! Are you guys planning on making a game out of it?
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That was originally the plan, but I've since moved on. Depending on what I end up doing, I make take some thematic inspiration form it, but not use it directly.
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Ah, well it still looks great!
Very nice tileset. Love it.
Is this in some way tied to the pokemon game? or can I use them in my (free) gaming app as long as I credit you?
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for german translate better: Bitte geben sie mir Credits wenn sie es nutzen.
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This is excellent! Mind if I edit this a bit and use it for my fangame? The variety of trees is what hooked me, by the way. I love forests, and having them all be identical is incredibly dull.
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I am going to be using and all credit is going to be given :meow:
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can i use some for my hack?It may be minor because i change the colors of the tiles, you'll be credited too.
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may i use it ?
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