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Nyoka Abarai (Art by Tomek1000) by TheDCH Nyoka Abarai (Art by Tomek1000) :iconthedch:TheDCH 2 0 Misami Yamada (Art by Tomek1000) by TheDCH Misami Yamada (Art by Tomek1000) :iconthedch:TheDCH 2 0 Beat District Logo by TheDCH Beat District Logo :iconthedch:TheDCH 1 0 Tox (Art by UMSAuthorLava) by TheDCH Tox (Art by UMSAuthorLava) :iconthedch:TheDCH 5 0 Terrance Brycen (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Terrance Brycen (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 1 0 Ramone Estevez (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Ramone Estevez (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 2 0 Sabrina Marriott (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Sabrina Marriott (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 5 0 Keith Colt (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Keith Colt (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 0 0 Hakan Dixon (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Hakan Dixon (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 0 0 Calvin Samuels (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Calvin Samuels (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 1 0 Amara Okana (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Amara Okana (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 2 0
DCH Characters Part 14
Name: Ashton Tiller/Tox
Series: Grind City Revolution
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Species (if not human): Komodo Dragon Splicer (human-animal hybrid created through gene splicing), formerly human
Appearance: Tall height, muscular bulky build, appearance of bipedal humanoid komodo dragon with blueish green scales and black claws tipped with green. Main outfit includes a black bucket hat, tattered, mud-stained, dark green hoodie, tattered, mud-stained grey sweatpants, and black toeless socks.
Personality: Tox has a very negative outlook on life, expecting the worst from any given situation. He is very wary, though not hostile, when it comes to meeting new people. He has issues with low self-esteem and views himself as worthless.
Abilities/Equipment: Tox is very strong, able to lift several times his weight, and has a durable scaly hide that can withstand damage from a small caliber handgun. Tox is also able to produce a volatile toxin from his mouth that changes in potency depending on his mood
:iconthedch:TheDCH 0 0
Grind City Revolution - Hard Night on I-96 Part 1
Location: I-96 Freeway, Grind City, Michigan. Date & Time: July 17, 8:35 PM
Nighttime at Grind City, the streets are still just as busy as they are in the daytime around downtown, but the further one got from downtown, the less busy things got, and the skyscrapers became fewer as they gave way to houses and smaller buildings. The freeway was still busy at this time of night however, as cars and trucks of all sizes were still making their way down both sides of the road. One of those vehicles is a large semi-truck for Nichols-Turner Inc., a large technology company based in downtown with a contract making weapons for the U.S. military. The truck was holding the latest shipment of equipment created by the company and now on its way to the airport. However, further down the freeway, behind the truck, were several cars with following it. Each of the passengers were wearing some kind of armored suit, or at least pieces of it, making them resemble futuristic versions of medieval knights.
:iconthedch:TheDCH 0 0
Detectives on the Case (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Detectives on the Case (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 0 0 Summer Martin (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Summer Martin (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 2 0 Summer Saphira (Art by eKarasz) by TheDCH Summer Saphira (Art by eKarasz) :iconthedch:TheDCH 1 0


2017NOV19C by mythkaz 2017NOV19C :iconmythkaz:mythkaz 54 3 Comm - Shadona to Theldrakis (OC TG TF) by KAIZA-TG Comm - Shadona to Theldrakis (OC TG TF) :iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 125 16 Kieran by toonartt Kieran :icontoonartt:toonartt 3 1 Lex and Alessandro Badges by toonartt Lex and Alessandro Badges :icontoonartt:toonartt 1 0 The Demon Emerges, Part 3/3 by toonartt The Demon Emerges, Part 3/3 :icontoonartt:toonartt 5 2 The Demon Emerges, Part 2/3 by toonartt The Demon Emerges, Part 2/3 :icontoonartt:toonartt 4 0 The Demon Emerges, Part 1/3 by toonartt The Demon Emerges, Part 1/3 :icontoonartt:toonartt 4 0 MCFC Nargacuga Commish Ink by krazykelli MCFC Nargacuga Commish Ink :iconkrazykelli:krazykelli 1 3 Guildmaster Eclipse by EyesoreForTheBlind Guildmaster Eclipse :iconeyesorefortheblind:EyesoreForTheBlind 148 6 Tag by eKarasz Tag :iconekarasz:eKarasz 10 0 Dr. Isaac Vankova by eKarasz Dr. Isaac Vankova :iconekarasz:eKarasz 3 1 Macao by eKarasz Macao :iconekarasz:eKarasz 7 0 Alonzo Cooper by eKarasz Alonzo Cooper :iconekarasz:eKarasz 3 0 WR-01 Armstrong by eKarasz WR-01 Armstrong :iconekarasz:eKarasz 6 0 WR-02 Dynamite by eKarasz WR-02 Dynamite :iconekarasz:eKarasz 4 0 Halloween NTWF Banner by ChaosKomori Halloween NTWF Banner :iconchaoskomori:ChaosKomori 83 39


Name: Luis Cabrera

Series: Club Hype

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: Average height, average build, light Hispanic, brown eyes, short black hair slicked back with hair gel, thin mustache. Main outfit includes white suit coat and slacks, red button-up Hawaiian shirt, thick silver chain with scorpion emblem, and brown leather shoes. Carrying a baseball bat with a number 24 towards the end.

Personality: Luis is a casual, go-with-the-flow person, considering himself adaptable to different situations and willing to change plans quickly if a better opportunity presents itself. Under this persona however, he is very cunning and ruthless and is not above betrayal or underhanded tactics to come out ahead.

Abilities/Equipment: Luis carries a special baseball bat that holds a built-in energy cannon that can fire energy blasts and a shield generator that can block projectiles when held or swung towards them. He also carries a light machine gun and signal beacons to call in both back up and aerial drone strikes (courtesy of Dr. V).

Background: Luis Cabrera is the kingpin of the Escorpiones drug cartel, overseeing operations in cities in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. He is the secret financial backer for the Dispel Initiative, supplying them with money for their operations as well as weapons and materials. While he does not share the same disdain of magical creatures as the Initiative’s founder Dr. V, he sees taking out competitors like the Eldritch Boyz as a step towards spreading his operations into mythic territories.

Miguel Cabrera (pro baseball player)
Agent Whiskey (Kingsman)
Tony Montana (Scarface)
Michael Corleone (The Godfather)
Goro Majima (Yakuza)
Agent Braddock (Agents of Mayhem)
Shoma Sawamura (Rival Schools)
Don Krieg (One Piece)


Name: “Dusty Dave” Swampwater & Argent Bluebell

Series: TimeZone Arcade

Age: 46 (Dusty), 29 (Argent)

Gender: Male (Dusty), Female (Argent)

Species (if not human): Lunian crocodile (Dusty) & Half-Kumiho (Argent)

(Dusty) Average human height, runner’s build, appearance of bipedal humanoid crocodile with green-brown scales with pale green belly and underside of tail, dark green spines going down back, yellow eyes. Main outfit includes gold and black letterman jacket with “headphone wearing rocketship” emblem on the left side, gold chain with diamond studded iPod pendant, yellow lensed sports sunglasses, baggy blue jeans, black toeless sneakers.

(Argent) Short height, slim build, appearance of Caucasian human with orange fox ears and tail, long orange-brown hair, brown eyes. Main outfit incudes a white blouse, blue vest, blue skirt, pink neckerchief, white socks, and black loafers.

Personality: Dusty is confident and self-assured about himself almost to the point of arrogance, especially when it comes to his skills with music. However, he can also be very demanding and loud and has a short temper. Argent is more level-headed, rational, and practical, often serving as a voice of reason for her more impulsive associates. She is more polite and mellow than Dusty and tries to be helpful and supportive where she can.

Abilities/Equipment: Although they don't have many opportunities to show it, Dusty is incredibly strong and Argent has some skill with magic.

Background: Dusty Dave is the head music producer at Ignition Records, based in the Lunia Islands. Normally a producer for small, independent bands, he is on the lookout for the act that will let him break into the mainstream, and he thinks he may have found it with TimeZone Arcade. Argent is his helpful secretary, keeping everything running smoothly and handling a lot of the behind-the-scenes affairs to the music. However, they are caught in the middle along with their new band when they come into possession of a powerful artifact.

Gustavo Rocque & Kelly Wainwright (Big Time Rush)
Tom Nook & Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
Team Chaotix (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Ton & Retsuko (Aggretsuko)


Name: Daher Seyrin & Koli Shabata

Series: Lady Spade’s Casino

Age: Unknown (Both)

Gender: Male (Both)

Species (if not human): Vampire (Daher), Werewolf (Koli)

(Daher) Tall height, slim build, pale white skin, pointed ears, short dark brown hair, red eyes. Outfit includes brown cowboy hat with string hanging down, brown t-shirt with green deer antlers graphic on front, black jeans, and brown cowboy boots.
In bat form, he has the appearance of a large bipedal bat creature with wings on its back, black fur with brown streaks along his arms, legs, hands, and feet. Boots rip apart and hat dangles from string around his neck.

(Koli) Average height, muscular build, tanned skin, long messy brown hair past shoulders, yellow eyes. Outfit includes brown puffy vest, black t-shirt, tattered blue jeans. Bare feet.
In wolf form, he has the appearance of a large bipedal wolf creature with grey, brown, and black fur. Jeans rip at bottom of legs and shirt rips apart down middle. In this form, he is taller than Daher.

Personality: Daher and Koli both hate each other and their respective clans immensely and want nothing more than the other’s destruction. Both are also a bit dim-witted and can be easily fooled or led into traps. Regarding outsiders, like humans, while not hateful towards them, they tend to see them as either food or potential new recruits and take a sadistic pleasure in stalking and attacking their prey.

Abilities/Equipment: Daher and Koli are much stronger and faster than humans with very sharp claws and fangs. Daher is also able to fly in his bat form and Koli’s speed and agility increase in his wolf form.

Background: Daher Seyrin and Koli Shabata are the leaders of the Seyrin vampire clan and the Shabata werewolf pack, both occupying the area surrounding the small town of Dusk, Oklahoma. Both groups have been feuding with each other for years and several innocent people have been caught in the crossfire of their battles. Recently though, the feud got worse as a construction company began to take over land in the Shabatas’ territory, with the Seyrins taking advantage of the confusion. This caused the pack to become more aggesssive in their assaults and the results were disastrous.

Other: Other vampire clans and werewolf packs tend to regard these two as backwoods idiots and try to keep their distance from the feud.

Vampires and Lycans (Underworld)
Bill Compton & Sam Merlotte (True Blood)
Demitri Maximoff & Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers)
Hatfields & McCoys


Name: Chase Gonsalves & Damien Everett

Series: Lady Spade’s Casino

Age: 37/28

Gender: Male (Both)

Appearance: Average height though Chase is a bit taller, average build though Damien has more of a belly than Chase, both Caucasian, Chase has brown hair and brown eyes, Damien has black hair and light brown eyes. Both are wearing grey work jackets with black and red name patches with their last names and patches with the Impossible Truth logo on their sleeve shoulders (a neon green fingerprint with an X-Files style “I.T.”), dark grey work pants, and brown work boots. Chase is also wearing a hat with a stylized Impossible Truth logo.

Personality: Chase is a serious, no-nonsense person who has a low tolerance for jokes or laziness. He is a hard worker who wants to do whatever it takes to fulfill a given task. Damien, on the other hand, is more of a jokester and a goof-off, only willing to do anything once the cameras for the show are rolling. He is self-entitled and believes he can do whatever he wants because his father owns the network.

Background: Chase and Damien are the stars of Impossible Truth, a popular ghost-hunting reality show where the team investigates reportedly haunted locations and film themselves searching for paranormal activity. Chase is one of the main investigators of the team, while Damien is his back-up. Damien also happens to be the son of the network owner. However, the show was abruptly canceled following the disappearance of the team as they went to film an episode at a haunted hotel in New York.

Collective Truth (Halloween Horror Nights)
The TAPS Team (Ghost Hunters)
Destination: Truth


Name: Stanley Jacobo

Series: Lady Spade’s Casino

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Appearance: Average height, athletic build, Caucasian, shoulder length blond hair slicked back with hair gel, blue eyes. Outfit includes black button-up shirt with snake designs on the front, blue jeans, black shoes, brown gloves, and a white mask with eyeholes but no mouth and black streaks coming down from the eyes.

Personality: Stanley is a charismatic person with a calm and cool demeanor and a quick wit. He is also observant and quick to take advantage of opportunities. He has used these traits to talk people into doing whatever he wants, especially over time.

Abilities/Equipment: He carries a small pocket knife and a larger dagger, but aside from that, no weapons or abilities.

Background: Stanley is the leader of the Divine Blade, a cult based in Aurora, Colorado. He tells his followers that he can predict the future and can sense when a person is evil and claims that with his connection with the powers above he can help save all of them. In truth, this is all just an elaborate hoax for Jacobo to gain power over a large number of people, so they can do whatever he wants. The effectiveness of his methods is made gravely clear when his followers descend on a local high school dance.

Charles Manson
Jim Jones
Billy Lee (Bad Times at the El Royale)
The Strangers
Purgers (The Purge)
Michael Myers (Halloween)
DCH Characters Part 16
Another batch of characters to add to the DCH roster.

Added 10/23/2018: Luis Cabrera (Club Hype), Dusty Dave Swampwater & Argent Bluebell (TimeZone Arcade)
Added 11/08/2018: Daher Seyrin, Koli Shabata, Steve Gonsalves, Damien Everett, and Stanley Jacobo (Lady Spade's Casino)
Not sure why I haven't said anything about this before now, but I have a blog I've been running for a long while with a bunch of articles I've written. Link here if you want to look -->
The Walker Rangers are S.K. Duggan’s elite squad of private enforcers, made of former military personnel equipped with special weaponry or given new abilities through experimentation. He calls on them whenever a special task needs to be done and he can’t count on local law enforcement to handle the job. They also handle some of the more underhanded jobs that Duggan wants kept under wraps.

Codename: WR-01 “Armstrong”
Appearance: Average height, slim build, Caucasian, black hair, hazel eyes, has robotic arms. Main outfit includes black beret with blue diamond emblem on front, black coat with green buttons (closed up, sleeveless), black slacks, and brown ankle boots with grey laces.

Abilities/Equipment: Armstrong has two cybernetic arms that can strike with incredible strength and can extend several feet forward due to cables built into the arms. This allows the hands to be used as grappling hooks or throwing powerful punches at a distance. The arms can also be charged with electricity for added damage effects.

Charlie Hesketh (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)
Spring Man (ARMS)
Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)
Dhalsim (Street Fighter)
Assassin No. 1 (Jet Set Radio Future)


Codename: WR-02 “Dynamite”

Appearance: Average height, slightly overweight build, Caucasian, messy shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, arms red with orange veins (molten appearance). Main outfit includes black sleeveless trenchcoat with blue diamond emblem on front left side, Kevlar vest over black turtleneck sweater with sleeves ripped off, black and green wrist guards, black sweatpants with green stripes down sides, and brown boots with grey laces.

Abilities/Equipment: Through experimentation, Dynamite was given the ability to supercharge his body with energy allowing him to heat parts of his body to extreme temperatures, generate fire in the air, or create violent explosions from his own body without damaging himself.

Aldrich Killian (Iron Man)
Gambit (X-Men)
Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)
Bomberman (Bomberman)
Nitro (Captain Marvel)


Codename: WR-03 “Warhead”

Appearance: Tall height, muscular build, tanned Caucasian, dirty blond hair, brown eyes, large slash scar across chest. Main outfit includes black armband with blue diamond emblem on left arm, black cargo pants with brown belt, and black shoes. Barechested.

Abilities/Equipment: Warhead is an expert at close-quarters combat, trained in grappling and kickboxing. While not immediately obvious from his appearance, his body is cybernetic, protected with skin-colored armor plating and his arms and legs given robotic implants that increase his striking power.

Winter Soldier (Captain America)
Bryan Fury (Tekken)
RoboCop (RoboCop)
Franky (One Piece)
Akuma (Street Fighter)


Codename: WR-04 “Trickster”

Appearance: Below average height, slim build, appearance of bipedal humanoid rat with grey fur and pink hands, feet, and tail, orange eyes. Main outfit includes black bandanna tied around top of head, black sneaking suit covering all but head, hands, feet, and tail, tactical vest with blue diamond emblem in center, green elbow pads and kneepads.

Abilities/Equipment: Trickster is a master of stealth, able to sneak in and out of locations undetected or fit into some small spaces that are too small for a normal sized human to enter. He is also very agile and slightly faster than a normal human, with enhanced senses of sight, smell, and hearing. He is also equipped with different varieties of chemical gases, ranging from smokescreens, to tear gas, to poison gas, to a hallucinogenic gas that can cause victims to see terrifying images.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear)
Twitch (League of Legends)
Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Mukotsu (Inuyasha)
Scarecrow (Batman)


Codename: WR-05 “Rollout”

Appearance: Average height, average build, tanned Middle Eastern, short black hair, brown eyes. Main outfit includes black leather jacket with green stripes and “ROLLOUT” printed across the front in green lettering with blue diamond emblem on the right sleeve, black t-shirt, blue framed sunglasses hanging from front jacket pocket, black jeans, and black and blue sneakers.

Abilities/Equipment: He drives a muscle car called the Renegade (based on an early 70s Dodge Charger, black with green racing stripes on sides) which can travel at high speeds, accelerate quickly, and drift effectively at turns. It is also armed with hidden weaponry including machine guns, rocket launchers, EMP spear launchers, and a chargeable laser cannon.

Barricade (Transformers)
Needles Kane/Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
Boogie (Vigilante 8)
Mad Max (Mad Max)
The Green Hornet (The Green Hornet)


Codename: WR-06 “Deringer”

Appearance: Tall height, average build, Caucasian, black hair, brown eyes, thick mustache. Main outfit includes black cowboy hat with blue diamond emblem on front, black suit coat, blue button-up shirt, black necktie, black pants, black belt with silver star belt buckle, and black hard shoes.

Abilities/Equipment: Deringer is armed with two revolvers, both loaded with armor-piercing bullets, and a whip made of a special fiber that can superheat itself to cut through different materials like the plasma blades found elsewhere in Grind City. It can also be used as a normal whip as well as grabbing items from far away or grabbing onto ledges.

Agent Whiskey (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)
Whiplash (Iron Man)
Doctor Peace (No More Heroes)
Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)
Assassin No. 5 (Jet Set Radio)


Codename: WR-07 “Glitch”

Appearance: Average height, lanky build, African-American, brown eyes, brown hair in long dreadlocks. Main outfit includes black bandanna around neck with blue diamond emblem, black track jacket with green stripes down sleeves and sides, dark green t-shirt, black jogging pants with green stripes down sides, and black and blue canvas sneakers.

Abilities/Equipment: Glitch is armed with a large gun that can discharge large amounts of electricity towards its target and a submachine gun for a secondary weapon. He is a skilled hacker that can break through computer security systems to retrieve information and has special computer viruses that can scramble a computer system and cause connected technology to malfunction wildly or shut down.

Phantom Virus (Scooby-Doo & the Cyber Chase)
Cree Lincoln (Codename: Kids Next Door)
Sombra (Overwatch)
Jam Kuehnemund (Snowboard Kids)
Assassin No. 6 (Jet Set Radio)


Codename: WR-08 “Firebird”, WR-09 “Thunderbird”, & WR-10 “Snowbird”

Appearance: Three individuals wearing face concealing flight gear, all about average height, all about average build. All wearing same uniform including black and green flight helmet with goggles and face mask with blue diamond emblem on forehead of helmets, black heavy coat, arm mounted cannons on both arms (black and red for Firebird, black and yellow for Thunderbird, and black and blue for Snowbird), mechanical wings on back, black layered pants, and black boots.

Abilities/Equipment: All three of the Birds have mechanical wings with jet assistance that let them fly or hover in the air and the wings are amored to withstand a large amount of damage. All three also have their own elemental packs that fire different substances from their arm-mounted cannons depending on the user. Firebird has dual flamethrowers, Thunderbird has dual electric cannons, and Snowbird has dual liquid nitrogen guns to freeze targets. All three also have machine guns for when normal force is required.

Falcon (Captain America)
Vulture (Spider-Man comics/Spider-Man: Homecoming)
Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres (Pokemon)
Rosalina & Luma (Super Mario Galaxy/Super Smash Bros.)
Carl Clover (Blazblue)
Duggan's Walker Rangers
Here are short profiles for the members of the Walker Rangers, S.K. Duggan's elite group of special soldiers, at his beck and call whenever he really needs things to get done without worrying about police or the government getting in the way. When the Revolutionaries around the city turn out be more of a problem for him than he expected, he sends these guys to take them out.

With all the characters I've been writing up and commissioning art for, it seems like a good idea to provide some context for these guys. Here are some short summaries of the stories I'm currently working on with these and more characters I've been collecting, including what genre I'm aiming for and what I think their demographic might be. I used the submission guidelines for different comic publishers as a sort-of guide for writing these out. I have a lot of other characters posted on another site, but I'm thinking about posting them here too. If you have thoughts about any of this, go ahead and let me know.

Along with that, I'm trying to make comics with some of these characters as well. That means a whole host of other things I'll need to think about, from writing out comic scripts to finding a good artist to partner with. It seems like a lot of indie comics need a consistent artist-writer partnership, which means finding a good artist and sticking with them. Good luck to me finding someone like that. If anyone knows about a good comic artist that may fit with the style of the characters I've gotten and the stories I'm putting them in, don't hesitate to let me know.


(stories aren't listed in any particular order)

D&M Meta Facility

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Superheroes

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Superhero Fans

After a freak cosmic storm occurs over a large city in California, several of its people develop superpowers or strange mutations. After the weeks of chaos resulting from it, the government sets up a facility where they can safely learn to control their new abilities.

TimeZone Arcade

Genre: Light Fantasy/Adventure

Target Demographic: All-Ages, Fantasy Fans

As the magical Lunia Islands open their borders to the rest of the nations of Earth, human pop culture has taken the island chain by storm. A music producer sees a great opportunity and forms a funk band with both humans and Lunia residents.

Kaitei Battou

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Adventure

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Epic Fantasy Fans

Heroes from across all five nations of the magical continent of Mehamewa deal with a corrupting blight spreading across the continent, as well as their own personal issues. They start off separately, but eventually come together for a final confrontation with the blight’s driving force.

Club Hype

Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi Fusion/Action

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Action Fans, Fantasy Fusion Fans, Anime Fans

In a futuristic version of Miami, with a scientifically-advanced humanity still adjusting to the integration of magic and magical creatures in their society, a gang composed of these creatures is running wild across the city. Both the police and people off the street decide to fight against the gang.

Hopada: Realm of Monsters

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Action/Monsters

Target Demographic: Young Adult, Action-Adventure Fans, Fans of Monster series, Transformation Fans

Hopada, a dimension of magic, chaos, and monsters, is looking for a new Grand Overlord and several opportunistic beasts are looking to grab this seat of power. Meanwhile, a group of unlucky humans from Earth find themselves stranded in Hopada, right in the middle of this power struggle.

Grind City Revolution

Genre: Urban Sci-Fi/Action

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Cyberpunk Fans, Hip-Hop/Street Culture Fans, Action Fans

Despite being a hub for scientific and technological development, Grind City, Michigan still has large problems with crime and gang activity. With the police and city council seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything about it, some of the citizens stand up to the gangs themselves.

Lady Spade's Casino

Genre: Horror

Target Demographic: Young-Mature Adults, Horror Fans, Short Story Fans, Mystery Fans

A college student’s investigation into her twin sister’s disappearance has her looking into different, separate stories of terror and misery, all tied to a run-down, abandoned casino in Las Vegas, and implications that the old owner’s wife is still alive and somehow causing all this.

Fortuna Metallo

Genre: Sci-Fi/Sports/Racing

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Sci-Fi Fans, Fans of car combat and futuristic racing series

The Fortuna Metallo GP is a popular futuristic race, where both drivers and runners race and battle each other to be the first across the finish line. With a large prize on the line and some promising newcomers qualifying, some shady figures seek to rig the event.

Isle of Warriors

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Martial Arts

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Martial Arts/Fighting series fans

With the recent reveal of magical creatures to humanity, a rich businessman decides to host a fighting tournament with both humans and “mythics” to bring them both closer together. However, some of the individuals he invites have darker intentions that the other fighters must stop.

Expedition: Maleo

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure/Space

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Adventure/exploration series fans, Fans of space stories/aliens

An intergalactic archaeologist is contracted to explore and catalog the ruins of an ancient civilization on a recently discovered planet. However, with rumors that a great treasure resides within the ruins, he must contend with greedy treasure hunters as he continues his exploration.

Vigilante Arcana

Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi Fusion/Action

Target Demographic: Teen/Young Adult, Sci-Fi Fans, Fantasy Fusion Fans, Anime Fans

There are two main factions fighting in the country of Norixium, one fighting for science, domination, and perfection, the other fighting for magic, chaos, and freedom. Different individuals within the country are increasingly pressured to choose a side or face the wrath of both.

Darkest Season

Genre: Horror/Survival

Target Demographic: Young-Mature Adult, Horror Fans, Survival Fans, Fans of dark atmospheres

An invasion of demons from an alternate dimension has left the city of Anchorage, Alaska in ruins. Now survivors are trying to escape the city with their lives, while those afflicted and changed by the demons’ corruption try to fight back without succumbing to madness.

The Golden Guns

Genre: Action/Crime/Thriller

Target Demographic: Young-Mature Adults, Crime thriller fans

The Golden Guns are freelance mercenaries hired by criminal groups through the Dark Web for duties including espionage, theft, assassination, and more. With the assistance of a former Golden Gun, the FBI puts together a task force to bring them down.

Project: Ulysses

Genre: Sci-Fi/Steampunk/Horror

Target Demographic: Young Adult, Steampunk Fans, Lovecraftian Horror Fans

In a steampunk alternate world, after a scientist’s experiments in dimensional exploration, a dark, maddening force starts whispering to the minds of different people, leading them to commit horrific acts, terrorize the populace, and eventually free him.


The Daniel City Heroes
Artist | Literature
United States


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