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everHappy 1.7 highscore+music

By thedbp
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I MADE A HIGHSCORE BOARD LIKE A BAWS!, now go break that record. it took about 39+ hours, but now it is done, :D


yeah, this is now with music!! and it is with AWESOME music :D the guy who made it also awesome, go check him out
[link] his soundcloud
[link] his twitter
[link] and his reddit

ok this version has local multiplayer suport, and maaaaybe I'll ad some automatic online highscore thing.
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Submitting the highscore doesn't work for me. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem.
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no, it doesn't work, that's why I put a link in the discribtion :T it can't acces the website database alocally, kinda sucks..
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It works now :D
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hi i like the game and would be interested in buying it so can you please email me a copy to see if any of my contacts want it and i can pay you upto 300 pounds or the equivelent in ur currency
and if you have any other games can you amail them to me as well
my email is
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it bugged out on me, the rocks came at me, but weren't showing
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it's fixed now :iconshaplz:
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yeah pretty wierd.. I'm looking into it.
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score 005 btw :iconwthplz: ...Wut kinda score is this
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PWES try again, now the highscore board is working 83
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Ye I`ll get 006 now or wut xD
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I DIED WAY TOO FAST :iconotlplz:
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I'm just about to upload a this game with a highscore board, try again with that 8D
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Looks like a fun game XD
But unfortunately nothing happens when I press w or s D:
I'm not sure if it's because the game just isn't finished yet, or if it's some kind of bug >A<
If it can be fixed, I would love to try the game out XD
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something happens with w, s, with everyone else :T have you gone in game before pressing those keys? you have to click through to navigate the menu
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