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it´s been 15 months since I wrote my last journal. Thought it was time to write a new one and ordered a new subscribtion as well. I was more or last active over the months, but in a silent way. I still answered comments, or leave some, but not as usual. Life is busy, that´s why most of the time I let my pictures speak on deviantart. But I noticed every comment, fav or feature. Of course I´m thankful. Heart

Over the years deviantart was always full of inspiration and a bless for people like me who love art. To keep it short, here are a few of them. ;) (Wink)

                sunlight in her eyes by DarkGomo  *** by oprisco  <da:thumb id="344900235"/>

             Retroleben 2 by DavidSchermann    The power of imagination. by Gingershots   day 20/365 by HQheart
              <da:thumb id="355974212"/>  Home by the sea. by Moosiatko  <da:thumb id="339845365"/>

Self promotion
             Scared to be alone by thedaydreaminggirl  Human nature by thedaydreaminggirl  A Friendly Reminder by thedaydreaminggirl 

Warm regards, Daniela.

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I love the picture, specially the ones concerning the golden hour... it's just my passion. Thank you so much for including my work amongst these great pieces of art! :heart:
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I´m glad you like them. Your so welcome. :heart:
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Certainly inspirational! :love:
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Aww I´m glad you like them as well. :hug:
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thank you very much for the feature! :) <3
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Daniela! It's been a while :hug: How've you been?

Beautiful features. :D
thedaydreaminggirl's avatar
Smart Bart :hug: yes it´s been a while. Thank you, I´m glad you like it.
I´m totally fine. What about you?
Is life treating you good? :heart:
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Yes, I'm good thank you! :) I spent 3 months with my girlfriend this summer, which was lovely, but now I miss her. :P getting back to the daily swing of university now. What do you do? ^^
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Aww I´m so happy for both of you. :heart: The best part of missing someone is to know the person you are missing is someone special. Hope you will see each other soon.

Right now I´m soooo lazy. I´m spreading my ankle. So there isn´t much I can do. But I make the best of it. Waiting for my boyfriend to come home. :D In the meantime I cook something and read a book. Sounds not that bad haha.
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Thank you :hug:

Oh I hope you'll be well soon :hug: Yeah, being lazy is nice for a bit :P
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