Big city girls

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a girl in the city -2- by cangurgel Autumn Joy XIV by CarpeSav
Better than drugs by vejitatoja a girl in the city by cangurgel
Zakrevskaya by BigboyDenis sweet escape by nowaryesblack
The Summer Wind by NyYankee: E L I T -3- by cangurgel
Agata No 45 by franekchrzonszcz:thumb127625211:

they might say they know
the way you are to spend your time
they might try to keep you down
they said: c'mon girl
we know the names we should protect you
from burnin' love that rips your heart

Walkgirl by sneakazz 14022010 VIII by arslanalp
Shattered by femketje Mould by burcumbaygut
City angel by Cambion-Art:thumb118220625:
A frozen memory by AnjaRoehrich Filmstills III by wwit
over you by lost-intranslation City Lights_3 by Katarinka
ghf by lunariya old town girl by last-trick
Miroslava in Kiev by psychiatrique Everytime I see your eyes by MotyPest

one day you're strong enough
to find yourself forever
now you follow the blue fast car lines
back to your big city lights

:thumb149196717: A quoi tu pense? by angievercetti
echo, my mind by completedifferentleo Beste.unreal17 XVI by jazzrail
Dorothy.. by emilola the girl who can't be moved by curlytops
Windy by thedaydreaminggirl ME by Lesley-Jade
street.. by Lesley-Jade Corina, II by prunku
Music of city by LonelyPierot city noise. by 6Artificial6

let them know about your
each-night-lovely runaways
make them read that from your eyes
a thousand mornings when
you're feeling bad & sad & lonely
like thousand trains calling at your room

PRL by BudhaBar Olive Oyl by martasmarta
foreign signals by Domken je suis fou de toi by johnberd
ever, lasts forever. by juliatrotti ontha bus by agent-86
Alice by dragonfly-alix 28 by dim-baida
Girl with a Dog by daliscar That's London by Hadcorp

dirty eden's dream
that you would like to dream
but there's only water
at the bottom of your heart
it's your big city spleen

stories from the city. by indiae last night by wakemeupinlondon
:thumb116621461: take me away. by hip-possible
on the road by dargeg life in technic colour by SaLaTiK
my blueberry nights by SaLaTiK Bad news by thedaydreaminggirl
andy by KalifBanane i wanna be alone by dorguska
:thumb155280848: rainy sunday to do by arslanalp

one day you're strong enough
to find yourself forever
when you follow the blue fast car lines
... you're the big city girl

Nonchalance - 3 by matmoon Maddie W by HannahHavoc
you look so fine by deliberated Some girl by Neoskrim
rain with love by phutugenique<da:thumb id="130739321"/>
crazy feeeet. by koji-the-freak vera 17 by suo-me
:thumb124601847: time takes a cigarette by kuzminphoto
happy hours by nowaryesblack r e d i a l by nowaryesblack

All these artists deserve some feedback :heart:

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agent-86's avatar
glorious images
dragonfly-alix's avatar
firegirl27tx's avatar
WOW this feature is fantastic!
JOe-AWESOMEness's avatar
they are soo beautiful.
Paniya's avatar
something new with huge great shots, thanks
umayumay's avatar
thank u so much:heart:
my new gallery:iconumayumay:
jazzrail's avatar
diva2072's avatar
wow...this is something new and perfect too!!
Neoskrim's avatar
Very good collection!!! Tks!
Svsillyart's avatar
its amazing
all the different women
in diferent situations
same place: city
hiding something about themselves, trying to find something,
maybe themselves again

well, this is inspirating
xXTheLolipopMoogleXx's avatar
Man, this is one of my favorite features, thank you for making such a wonderful article. oAo
last-trick's avatar
:kiss: thank you dear :kiss:
LadyKylin's avatar
Good and awesome collection, it's be really cool if you did another one of country girls :)
WingDiamond's avatar
:sing: Big City ... Big City Nights!
Barbarella91's avatar
One of the best collections which I've seen on DA's news! :hug: I love such kind of photos, because of they're spontaneous, colourfull and full of real emotions :)
fl0c0n's avatar
In the third group, second photo, on the first line: It's a boy!!! xD
namenotrequired's avatar
maidenofwar's avatar
beautiful feature :heart:
fl0c0n's avatar
I just adore this collection!!! Many thanks ^^
completedifferentleo's avatar
amazing article and thank you for the feature!
deepcalm's avatar
great article, thanks for adding my work :)
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